CSI Performance Crew Socks

  • These CSI Performance Crew Sock comes in such fun colorways, like the one seen here.
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Athletes trying to take care of themselves don’t treat socks as an afterthought. These CSI Performance Crew Socks are for those who want to treat their feet like a priority. With a promise of cooling mesh and comforting cushioning, these work overtime so you don’t have to. For budding athletes or seasoned players, these are a fantastic everyday sock to add into their wardrobe.

In a large selection of cool colorways, the CSI Performance Crew Socks look as cool as they feel. The level of compression is ambiguous, but performance socks aren’t all about providing compression anyway. If you do require a lot of support, you might want to opt for a more serious pair of performance socks. Polypropylene is the key in this dry, durable crew cut sock but existing problems will need something more advanced.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Cushioned Heel

Compressed Arch



Reinforced Toe/Heel

True To Size

Color Options


Not Much Compression

Not Very Supportive

Material Not Soft


Performance socks are some of the most comfortable sock options out there. Many of them are designed to anatomically hold the foot. These CSI Performance Crew Socks are no exception. They are tighter in the arch for compression and support, as well as a full range of motion in the foot when running or playing.

There is additional cushioning on the ball of foot and heel that extends almost to the top of the foot. This helps any pressure be evenly distributed. Being made from polypropylene may put some people off due to it being a synthetic fabric. In the CSI Performance Crew Socks, it is used to keep the sock incredibly light while still having the ability to insulate to maintain healthy circulation.

There are no thick bands or seams that may irritate the skin of the foot. With the CSI Performance Crew Socks, you’re getting a comfortable, slim option you can wear with any shoe, that still provides support. The futuristic look may make some people doubt the comfort of this sock but looks can be deceiving. You can have a trendy performance sock option after all!

These things are all certainly positive but reviewers did mention that the texture of the sock was less than supple. These may not feel as soft as a competitors sock. For those who are picky about how some materials feel, these won’t feel plush straight from the package. There were no complaints that this detracted from the comfort but if you are sensitive to certain textures, you may want to avoid the CSI Performance Crew Socks.


Compression socks can change people’s lives. Those dealing with repeated injuries, pain, swelling, or varicose veins know and heavily appreciate the relief a great compression. These aren’t a true compression sock for people with those needs.

The CSI Performance Crew Sock does include compression in the design but that doesn’t mean they can provide medical-level support. There are far better leg options than this if you’re looking for real compression. That being said, you will still get some support and compression in an important area of the foot - the arch.

The arch of the CSI Performance Crew Socks is a bit tighter and thinner than the rest of the sock. This helps to encourage blood flow. Increased circulation helps to cut back on lactic acid. When wearing a performance sock that has compression in the arch, you will notice that cramping is greatly reduced. You should of course still remember to stretch and warm-up for a run but the CSI Performance Crew Socks provides some added protection.


The construction of these is very simple. The CSI Performance Crew Socks are almost like a dress sock in the way that they are made. They look very slim and fitted but provide padding and compression in key areas for superior comfort.

Reinforcements in both the heel and toe make for a stronger and more comfortable sock choice. If you like crew socks but the area around the ankle is too bulky for your tastes, the CSI Performance Crew Socks doesn’t have a bunch of excess fabric. They don’t get thicker around the ankle, so you can essentially wear them with anything.

These hit at just the right spot as well. Some crew socks are longer than you’d expect. The way the CSI Performance Crew Socks are constructed make them fit like a glove on most wearers! These are designed in a way that's practical for so many athletes.


Compared to other brands making similar products, the CSI Performance Crew Socks are affordable. However, if you are buying other big name brand socks in bulk, it will be much cheaper per pair than one pair of the CSI Performance Crew Socks. The price is reasonable and about twice the price of a cheap fashion sock.

If you get active every single day, one pair isn’t enough. It would be much easier to order sock packs from other athletic brands. However, if you do this, you will most likely be stuck with all white or all black socks. For the unique style and fantastic comfort you’re getting from the CSI Performance Crew Socks, the price isn’t discouraging at all.

These are less than full-on compression socks and look phenomenal with most sports uniforms. If you’re buying some pairs to match your uniform on game day, these are going to be far more affordable than other colorful, futuristic options. CSI Performance Crew Socks don’t break the bank at all, even if you can get cheaper pairs when buying in bulk.


When it comes to socks, you can have the same pairs for years if you care for them properly. Without durability, the chance of wanting to wear a year old sock is unlikely. Since we are hardest on our feet, socks can often split, tear, and stretch out before really getting your money’s worth. That won’t happen with the CSI Performance Crew Socks.

These are a relatively thick sock even though they are incredibly form-fitting. They do this by slimming the area of compression and having an anatomical shape so there isn’t space between the foot and the sock. You don’t have to worry about these tearing when you pull them on. Nor will they rip during a long inning at your first away game.

If you want something dependable that isn’t going to cost an arm and a leg, then the CSI Performance Crew Socks are an accessible pick. Other options from sporting good stores are much more expensive when buying a pair of socks of this quality.


Socks can be hard to get the perfect fit. Feet are different shapes regardless of size. Most people’s feet aren’t even both the same shape/size, let alone the same as another person’s. That makes it difficult for companies to make inclusive sock sizing. There is just so much variation to account for.

These were frequently bought for kids on sports teams thanks to their affordability and they fit beautifully. They weren’t too high or too tight. They didn’t slip down during game due to a more compressed arch. The toe box was roomy, comfortable, and reinforced.

Baggy or too tight socks are distracting during games. Before getting to the point where your game is affected, you should try an option that fits beautifully in your sneakers like the CSI Performance Crew Socks.


Polypropylene can sound scary, but it is often used by those with active lifestyles. Hikers, in particular, are very familiar with polypropylene, like that in the CSI Performance Crew Socks. It is made into liners for hiking in colder weather to add an insulating layer that wicks away moisture into an outer sock.

That doesn’t make it great for just cold weather though. Just because polypropylene works so well to wick moisture and insulate, that isn’t all it's great for. While most materials that are this insulating and moisture-wicking can be pretty heavy, like a wool sock. Though wool is wonderfully breathable and warm, it can feel a bit uncomfortable in really hot conditions.

An alternative is a less fuzzy and smooth polypropylene in the CSI Performance Crew Socks. They still wick moisture away from the foot and bring it to the surface to be evaporated. They just also can maintain a lightweight feel to the material. CSI Performance Crew Socks won’t make you feel like you’re stuffed into your shoes. You no longer have to settle for a supportive sock that isn’t quite right.

Moisture Wicking

Sweaty feet are a thing people don’t talk about. While it may be embarrassing, feet can have naturally pretty strong odors when not properly cared for. One of the ways this happens is by wearing socks that aren’t breathable enough to wick away moisture quickly and effectively. It doesn’t take very long for a sweaty sock to become a stinky sock.

Sweat and warmth from the body invite germs and bacteria to come to hang out in your socks and shoes. There are solutions to foot odor, but preventing it is much more practical. Keeping CSI Performance Crew Socks on deck ensure you always have a dry and breathable option to throw on before your workout.

In addition to odor, sweaty socks cause blisters. Blisters are a burden on anyone who gets them. There are some great blister prevention and treatment options on the market but they don’t work on their own.

Wearing socks that discourage moisture and friction is a huge step in the prevention of blisters without any additional products. You have to wear socks anyway when getting active! Might as well wear a performance pair like CSI Performance Crew Socks that work perfectly for you.


None of the big brands have designs and color selections like the CSI Performance Crew Socks. They are futuristic, bold, and colorful. There aren’t other options that look like these CSI Performance Crew Socks. If anything, they’re more similar to a superhero booties than they are performance socks.

The style is why they’re great for teens. There will be a color to match their favorite practice outfit or their uniform at games. So much diversity is super fun in a performance sock since they normally don’t venture beyond white, grey, and black. With compression in only the arch, these are also a lighter option that provides some ankle support, as opposed to a calf sleeve.

Their length makes them perfect for uniforms or casual workouts. This performance pair has visible reinforcement at the heel and toe that is incorporated into the design of the sock for a creative take on the classic performance crew. CSI Performance Crew Socks will feel cute and cozy when wearing it.


Performance socks tend to have both ankle and foot support. The CSI Performance Crew Socks offers some support, but not to the degree that similar brands may. Their ankle isn’t thick and ribbed. The thickest parts of the sock are under the heel and toe. While this will feel lovely on the foot, it won’t necessarily support you.

The compression in the arch doesn’t give arch support to tired and aching feet. This is more for daily comfort and maintenance or feet without existing pain. It will help cut on cramping but won’t be effective without additional arch support. A shoe with better support or some kind of insert can be used in tandem with the CSI Performance Crew Socks to get a more well-rounded effect.

Bottom Line

These CSI Performance Crew Socks are a cool and comfortable dream. You can find more targeted performance options on the market but these are a great value for budding athletes. Their colors and slim-fitting style can help spice up even your most boring fitness outfits.

Arch compression and a cushioned bottom take this from an attractive slim sock to a true performance pair. Polypropylene allows for moisture to quickly be wicked away from the skin to reduce blisters and odor as well! Breathable material at an affordable price is carefully constructed to create these CSI Performance Crew Socks.