Copper Compression Elbow Sleeve Review

  • The longer style of the Copper Compression Elbow Sleeve provides more support.
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Compression gear is often expensive, especially if using materials like Copper in the fabric. Look no further than Copper Compression when you are looking for a fantastic deal. This versatile elbow sleeve works beautifully when used for athletics. If you aren’t the athletic type, it is versatile enough to wear at rest, as well.

Copper Compression is not the most consistent, snug fit but that aids in its flexibility and comfort. Copper keeps odor at bay while the design staves off aches and pain. This Copper Compression Elbow Sleeve provides the support to put your arms at ease. 

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • 88% Copper Nylon 
  • Breathable
  • Non-Slip
  • Affordable
  • 24/7 Wear
  • Odor Resistant
  • No Compression Measurement
  • Inconsistent Sizing


Though many brands claim to have high copper contents, few can compare to Copper Compression. They boast the highest copper in the industry but that isn’t the only reason to love them. While other brands make products to help ease soreness and stiffness, Copper Compression fully commits to it.

This Copper Compression Elbow Sleeve is a fantastic example of the brand's true purpose. Their compression wear is guaranteed to work for you. Every item they make, like this Copper Compression Elbow Sleeve, is required to meet a certain compression and comfort standard. Though this may seem like a hard goal to achieve, the brand remains highly rated and well-received among many different demographics.

All of their wear, from their socks to their Copper Compression Elbow Sleeves like this one, can be worn for around-the-clock comfort. You won’t have to worry about falling asleep in your compression wear and waking up without circulation. Copper Compression ensures that their items can be worn day or night, in vigorous activity or during downtime.


One of the most uncomfortable woes when trying to find compression gear is how hot it can get. Underneath compression wear, it can get downright damp. This decreases friction and can cause excessive rubbing and discomfort. This Copper Compression Elbow Sleeve is made from breathable material so this won’t be a problem when wearing it.

Since the Copper Compression Elbow Sleeve decreases inflammation and sore, achy muscles, there is more room for your limbs to breathe when wearing it. The fabric is made in a woven design so it can release heat. This is still going to be a fantastic cold-weather option as well. when layered. Reviewers liked this for a variety of different temperatures thanks for its ability to regulate them.

Reviewers said that the material of the Copper Compression Elbow Sleeve even felt cool to the touch, making for a refreshing feel when working out. Even if you are not wearing this for performance, the cool feel of it can help invigorate you for your day of relaxation as well. From looking at the inside of the Copper Compression Elbow Sleeve, you can see its copper threads and may think it would be heavy or uncomfortably insulating. It is surprisingly light and easy to wear with its breathable fabric.


The Copper Compression Elbow Sleeve wouldn’t be very useful if it didn’t provide meaningful compression. Compression fabrics intend to reduce swelling and pain, all while more rapidly repairing strained or damaged muscles. Compression sleeves help to do this by helping blood, primarily deoxygenated blood, to circulate back to the heart more quickly, increasing the speed of healing.

The Copper Compression Elbow Sleeve will also improve circulation just in general. Compression garments are usually sorted by their level of compression. You can find measurements of pressure in different sizes or kinds of compression sleeves. The Copper Compression Elbow Sleeve doesn’t advertise a certain level of compression. This can make it hard to find if you are in the recommended range for your injured or strained elbow.

When compression fabrics are recommended, it usually comes with a level of compression. Without knowing the pressure of the Copper Compression Elbow Sleeve, it is much harder to choose when compared to options with more technical information. Reviewers did think it had a firm and comfortable level of compression but it can be hard to measure when you’re new to wearing sleeves.

Copper Content

Copper Compression boasts that they have the highest copper content on the market. There is a slew of different compression sleeves with copper in the threads but their copper content isn’t always as advertised. Many will say that they have a high level of copper and have none at all. The Copper Compression Elbow Sleeve has a real copper and nylon blend, they don’t advertise one thing and then sell you another. This has 88 percent of copper-infused nylon! Other brands have contents that pale in comparison.

Copper has debated benefits. Science isn’t convinced of copper’s benefits but the ongoing debate hasn’t stopped people from seeking items such as this one. The claim is that copper accessories essentially allow it to be absorbed into the skin. Once it absorbs, it can help rebuild cartilage.

These claims don’t have meaningful support within the scientific community. People who have used copper products do tend to stand by their benefits, however. Even if you aren’t sure that the Copper Compression Elbow Sleeve delivers healing benefits from copper alone, there are other benefits it can bring. Copper is antibacterial, so its high content and breathable fabric will keep your sleeve feeling and smelling as fresh as the first day you tried it on.


Compression wear has gotten to be pretty affordable across the board. Lower in price can often mean lower in quality though, especially in this category. This Copper Compression Elbow Sleeve won’t break the bank but there are lower-priced options available. This is probably the best value you will get for a true compression garment. It is about forty percent higher in price than similar but less effective compression sleeves on the market.

A large reason for this price is due to the real copper in the material. Copper, especially when genuine, is going to be much more expensive than fabrics. That being said, this is an affordable choice for copper compression gear. Their name ensures they will be one of the first results when searching for such products, while their price ensures that you’ll want to give them a try.

If you are not sure about the hype concerning items like the Copper Compression Elbow Sleeve, these are affordable enough to try guilt-free. This is amazing for anyone who doesn’t want to commit to a brace but needs more elbow support. You might discover you love the feel of it and they will end up being your new compression brand. At such fantastic value, it is hard not to justify giving the Copper Compression Elbow Sleeve a chance.


Reviewers had mixed opinions on the fit of the Copper Compression Elbow Sleeve. One thing to note is that they do have multiple size options, this isn’t a one size fits all type of garment. That makes it inclusive for any gender and easily able to fit a wide range of bodies. While this is great, there were issues with the sizing regardless.

Some reviewers said that the Copper Compression Elbow Sleeve was too tight and snug. While compression wear is supposed to be relatively tight, it shouldn’t be uncomfortably restrictive. These reviews are probably in part due to customers not knowing what to expect from a compression sleeve. However, many customers found there were inaccuracies and inconsistencies within their sizing regardless.

They thought that multiple sleeves of the same size of the Copper Compression Elbow Sleeve fit differently, with some not aligning with the size chart’s dimensions. This is not only frustrating but inconvenient. Anyone should be able to order multiple Copper Compression Elbow Sleeves without concern about them all fitting the same.

Other reviewers said that the Copper Compression Elbow Sleeve was looser than expected. They ordered it and were surprised at the lack of pressure they felt while wearing it, even after following the size chart. This makes it hard to advise whether to size up or down, but it still seems like a good rule of thumb to follow the size chart. There is no charge to exchange the Copper Compression Elbow Sleeve if you do run into a size issue.

Odor Resistance

Braces and compression garments can become incredibly smelly with wear. A lot of these sleeves are intended for pretty frequent use, as people need to keep up with their body’s needs daily. That being said, not many people will be able to clean their Copper Compression Elbow Sleeve every day.

This can lead to a pretty smelly compression garment, which is unpleasant for the wearer. Thankfully, one of the verifiable benefits of copper in compression wear is that it is incredibly odor resistant. Copper threading is not a great environment for bacteria to thrive, so there is a reduced chance of getting funky odors caused by bacteria.

The Copper Compression Elbow Sleeve is machine washable as well, making care easy and keeping smells at bay. Reviewers frequently hand washed it, as well, with equally odor-free results. The maintenance is simplified thanks to Copper’s natural resistance to bacteria.

Range of Motion

The Copper Compression Elbow Sleeve boasts a full range of motion for its wearers. Reviewers loved how it didn’t restrict them during any activity. Many full-time truck drivers and laborers thought the Copper Compression Elbow Sleeve was a true miracle for their joints. Flexibility is incredibly important in general. But it is especially important in compression wear for a few reasons.

A lot of compression materials can fail to still allow unrestricted movement. This damages the muscles and joints further. Without a full range of motion, you can further weaken the muscles surrounding the joint causing worse long-term effects than not using a sleeve at all. The Copper Compression Elbow Sleeve ended up being a great option for any day, all day thanks to its flexibility and range of motion.

Another issue too-tight and inflexible compression gear is circulation interference. Not allowing for all your muscles to move is one thing, but not allowing blood to flow to the area further hinders the healing and restoration of that body part. This Copper Compression Elbow Sleeve has the perfect balance between snug support and easy-to-wear comfort.

The full range of motion you have with the Copper Compression Elbow Sleeve is part of what makes this such a versatile piece. This is fantastic for sports or downtime because it won’t get in the way of any of your natural movements. Reviewers even said they were able to wear this overnight without discomfort! Keep in mind that doing so may more rapidly loosen the fabric though.


Reviewers agreed that this offered excellent support for them during their time of need. So many buyers felt in awe of how much better their elbows and arms felt when using the Copper Compression Elbow Sleeve. A large factor in the support you will get from this is its great fit. These will stay on the arm without rolling up or down.

The perfect placement allows for you to get support exactly where you need it. Keep in mind that reviewers thought that wearing this all the time did reduce the amount of support is provided. Compression garments do stretch, but they can stretch so much to the point of ineffectiveness. That is what you want to look out for.

If you are a full-time compression sleeve wearer, it would be wise to get two Copper Compression Elbow Sleeves. Alternating them while washing in-between wears can help to maintain the fabric for longer, so it stays snug enough to give you proper support. If that isn’t an option, try to avoid wearing this through the night if you can. If you need it to aid discomfort and pain through the night, just be prepared for it to lose some of its pressure with a lot of wear.


The Copper Compression Elbow Sleeve is such a versatile item. People from all walks of life reviewed and loved this product. So many of its phenomenal qualities help it to be a truly versatile option on the market. If your elbows are working overtime at work, the Copper Compression Elbow Sleeve will improve your endurance thanks to easing muscle and joint strain.

If you are a weightlifter or dedicated athlete, the Copper Compression Elbow Sleeve doesn’t interfere with even the most extreme movements. Those trying to live their everyday life without joint pain will love how seamlessly this can layer under their different outfits. Not only does this work to be a perfect companion during all activities, but also all seasons. The Copper Compression Elbow Sleeve will keep you comfortable in any temperature too!

Bottom Line

Those on the fence about copper compression garments will have hit the jackpot with the Copper Compression Elbow Sleeve. This affordable garment works in so many situations, at a price that won’t give you buyer’s remorse. Their awesome support and breathable material transitions perfectly from work to play. Though there are some inconsistencies with the fit, this is overall a fantastic product for anyone new to compression looking for elbow support!

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