Columbia Women’s Saturday Trail II Review

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The Columbia Women’s Saturday Trail II capris are an excellent choice for those looking for affordability and quality. They have an average price tag but stellar durability. Combine that with the fact that from a well-respected brand, then you have yourself a pretty good pair of pants.

Customers can agree that the capris offer a great fit. They are made with two-way stretch materials and a partial waistband so you can customize the fit. The articulated knees and drawstring cuffs also help contribute the overall fit and feel of the pants. As an added bonus, the bottoms run true to size, so make sure you get what you need just became a little easier.

If you want a versatile style that both looks great and is functional, then these are the right product for you. These capris are definitely a must for your next outdoor adventure.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Adjustable fit

Lots of pockets


Versatile design



Not available in petite

Inconvenient washing instruction


The Columbia Women's Saturday Trail II pants have a versatile style and design so you can wear them for a plethora of activities. They are ideal for your outdoor adventures, whether hiking, fishing, or camping. However, you can wear them for so much more.

The pants offer decent functionality that you can take advantage of when you are going on adventures. There are pockets galore so you can store all the small necessities with you when you're out and about. The two hand pockets on the side have hook and loop closures, and the back pockets are secure enough to keep your belongings safe and sound. Of course, if you don't want to shove your essentials in your pockets, you can always pair your attire with a running belt or armband.

They have a casual style so you can wear them for just about any casual occasion. Some consumers might even opt to wear them to work if their dress code allows it.

The comfortable fit even lets you wear the pants as loungewear. Whether you want to wear them while you're spending a lazy day at home or doing your house or yard work, the comfortable fit and feel make them the ideal choice.


The Columbia Women's Saturday Trail II knee pants are made out of an Elastane and nylon mix that ensures you are going to stay cool, dry, and protected while achieving optimal comfort. That is a lot to ask for in the materials of your clothing, but they offer that with ease.

The capris feature Omni-Shield protection so you can remain clean and dry, no matter what you are doing. Columbia challenges you to try to get these things dirty, as it is almost impossible. The materials resist the absorption of any kind of liquid, whether from your sweat or something else spilled onto it.

The benefit of the stain resistance of the pants is that it also ensures that you are going to be able to stay nice and dry while you're out and about. If you are hanging out in the heat or heading out for a long hike, you can be sure that your sweat will not soak into the pants and you will remain relatively dry for the duration of your day. If for whatever reason, some of the moisture happens to soak into the materials, it will evaporate quickly so you can dry fast and stay comfortable.


When you are heading outside, under the sun, or an adventure, you want to make sure that you are protected from the sun. Yes, you will probably wear a pair of sunglasses and apply sunscreen to your exposed skin, but what about the skin under your pants?

Most people don't realize that the suns rays can penetrate their clothing and cause damage. The good news is that the Columbia Women's Saturday Trail II bottoms offer sun protection of their own so you can rest easy knowing you are protected.

The pants feature UPF 50 sun protection so can stay safe from both UVA and UVB rays while you are adventuring under the hot sun.


When it comes to your pants, comfort is key. You want to try to make sure that you are wearing something that is comfortable; otherwise, you run the risk of being miserable throughout the day.

Thankfully, the Columbia Women's Saturday Trail II capris offer exceptional comfort that customers can appreciate. Whether you are lounging around the house or heading out for a hike, you know that your pants won't be the thing that will cause you discomfort.

The materials of the pants feature a two-way stretch that helps give you a more comfortable fit that will move around with you when you move. The flexibility is one of the most significant contributors to the comfort level since you won't have to deal with the irritation of having your movements restricted.

The capris feature a partial elastic waistband as well as articulated knees that can help give a more personalized fit and feel to optimize the comfort level. These features help contribute to the overall flexibility of the pants so you can move freely and comfortably.

In addition to keeping your comfortable, the bottoms can also help prevent discomfort. Since they are both breathable and water resistant, you won't have to deal with the annoyance of feeling overly hot or being stuck in a pair of damp pants. Customers love this feature, providing them with all-day comfort.


When it comes to your active apparel, you want to try to make sure that you are wearing something that offers you a decent amount of breathability. When you are outside under the hot sun, or you're pushing yourself during a workout, you don't want to feel like you are suffocating and overheating inside of your clothing.

Thankfully, the Columbia Women's Saturday Trail II capris can offer you some ventilation, so you don't have to deal with feeling too hot while you're out and about. Nylon is generally breathable by nature so the air can get flowing freely to keep you cool and dry.

As mentioned above, the pants offer an Omni-Shield coating that will help keep you dry and stain-free while you're wearing them. This means that no only will you be able to remain cool from the ventilation, but then you'll stay dry as well.


In order to get the most out of the comfort level of your pants, you want to make sure you are getting the correct fit. Nobody wants to get stuck in an ill-fitting pair of pants, and with the help of the sizing chart, you won't have to be. If you aren't sure what size you need for the perfect fit, take a look at the chart, it comes in pretty handy. According to most customers, the pants are running true to size so that is going to come in handy when determining what will work best for you.

One of the better features about the bottoms, however, is that it helps give you a more customizable fit. The partially elastic waistband has a little give to it so it can fit you perfectly around the waist.

Additionally, the knees are articulated for a better fit and optimal comfort. This means that the knees will mimic the normal anatomical shape of your legs to allow for flexibility and comfort. Most customers appreciate this design far better than the ones with a standard, straight knee.


The Columbia Women's Saturday Trail II bottoms are available in a plethora of sizes so they can try to accommodate as many consumers as possible. The pants are available in standard sizes 2-16. However, they also have plus sizes available. You can also purchase the capris in sizes 18W-24W.

Regardless of the size you choose, the pants have an inseam of 18-inches, allowing them to sit just below the knee for optimal comfort.


The Columbia Women's Saturday Trail II bottoms have a versatile style and design that customers love. They can easily be worn for many different events or activities, whether spending a lazy day at home or heading for some outdoor adventures. The pants look fabulous no matter what you are doing or where you are going.

Customers love the pockets. Who doesn't like clothing that features pockets? The two back pockets feature a hook and loop closure, so your belongings stay safe, but they are easily accessible. The pants offer two hand pockets as well as a zippered side pocket. You can easily bring along all the necessities, like your smartphone, cash, and ID without fear of losing them on your trip. Of course, some consumers might still opt for the use of a running armband or belt to keep their essentials safe.

The pants feature a partial elastic waistband but also has a double button and zippered closure. They do have belt loops if that is something that you are looking for in your capris. Additionally, they feature a drawstring closure on the legs so you can adjust them as you see fit.

There are a handful of colors that you can choose from when you order these pants, so you are sure to find a pair that best suits your personality and style. You can pick from deep Madeira, black, British tan, flint grey, pond, India ink, grill, nori, tusk, or night shadow.

As mentioned above, the Omni-Shield finish on the pants helps prevent stains so you can stay looking great, even if you spill a little something in your lap while you're out and about.


When it comes to your clothing, you want to make sure that you are getting something with a decent amount of durability. After all, you don't want to be out and about and have your pants rip or tear on you, causing frustration and embarrassment.

Thankfully, most customers can agree that these capris offer a decent amount of durability, so this shouldn't be an issue. The strong construction and high-quality fabrics ensure that they will stay intact, even on your roughest adventure.

It is not just rips and tears that you don't have to worry about. The fact that they are water and stain-resistant help increase longevity as well. You aren't going to have to deal with the hassle of stain removal as they won't be able to soak up the stains.


If you want to get the most out of your pants, you are going to want to make sure that you are cleaning them properly. If you aren't following the care instructions on them, then you run the risk of speeding up the wear and tear process.

Most customers will opt to either hand wash the pants or throw them in the machine and use cold water. Additionally, the majority will hang them to dry. They are very fast drying thanks to the Omni-Shield, so it makes that process a little bit easier and not very time-consuming.


Nobody wants to spend an arm and a leg on their apparel, especially when it comes to their athletic clothing.

Thankfully, for the most part, you are going to find a reasonable price for the Columbia Women's Saturday Trail II capris. They are about average on the spectrum when it comes to similar products. That said, they are a stellar quality, so the durability alone makes them a great value. Throw in the fact that they are from a well-known and respected company, and you have yourself a winner.

If you want great quality with a budget-friendly price tag then the Columbia Women's Saturday Trail II bottoms are perfect for you.

Bottom Line

If you want value, then you have come to the right place. The Columbia Women's Saturday Trail II capris can offer you that is spades. The affordable cost, high durability, and name brand make them a great choice for those looking for adventure.

Customers love the versatile style and great color options. Many consumers opt for more than one pair so they can have multiple options. Whether you are hiking, boating, or simply spending the day at home, these are great options.

The capris offer exceptional comfort and a customizable fit. They are even available in plus sizes for those who need a little bit of extra room.

They are the perfect option for outdoor enthusiasts of types. Customers love them, and they come highly recommended.