Columbia Benton Springs Fleece Vest

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The Columbia Benton Springs Fleece Vest is made by a well known and trusted company. Columbia is a brand that is known for making good sporting equipment and outdoor clothing apparel. They are so confident in their products that they offer a lifetime guarantee. This Columbia Benton Springs Fleece Vest is like every other Columbia product, made to be of quality.

A lot of money has been spent on the research and development of products at Columbia. This vest uses Polyester filaments, which are known to be softer and more flexible. This makes it more comfortable to wear. The vest is an ideal inner layer for people who are going to be training outside during the colder months.

Fleece is well known to be a good insulator. It can trap body heat and allow your body to reabsorb the heat. This ensures that no heat is wasted. Compared to other products on the market, this vest can keep your body warm and comfortable for long periods.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Premium quality materials

Great inner layer

Active cut design

Trusted Brand

Collared Neck


A bit bulky

Shapeless and unflattering

Inaccurate sizing chart

Active Cut

Many people are dedicated to their sport and spend time training all year round. Part of their training may require them to be outside during the winter months, thus dealing with adverse weather conditions. During these times, it is necessary to layer up and wear enough clothing to keep them both warm and safe.

The Columbia Benton Springs Fleece Vest is an ideal layer to wear underneath your outer jacket as it helps keep you warm. The vest also features an active cut design, meaning that your mobility will not be hampered. The Columbia Benton Springs Fleece Vest allows you to stretch and move comfortably without worrying about accidentally tearing the product.

The active cut is helpful so that you can bend and do your regular exercises without needing to take off the vest. The seams on the vest are reinforced so that they will not burst during your movements. You will be able to make large movements or twist without worrying that the seams will burst. There are also two main seams running down each side of the jacket that is raised and reinforced to ensure durability.

Anti Rust Zipper

It can be a major drag when your training vest breaks and you have to go purchase a new one. This means that you have to spend time at a store browsing for a new nice fitting vest. It also means that you have to spend money that you may have been saving up for something else on your sports gear. This is why it is important to purchase something durable and long-lasting.

Most people can agree to the fact that when a vest breaks, it is usually the zipper that no longer works. People who have purchased the Columbia Benton Springs Fleece Vest have been pleasantly surprised to know that the zipper on the product has been reinforced. The zipper has gone through a spray that makes it more rust-resistant.

Rust is usually one of the main reasons why your zipper degrades. Having rust repelling zippers on the Columbia Benton Springs Fleece Vest can significantly increase the integrity of the product. This ensures that the zipper will not be the first thing to break when your vest starts to become worn.


There are many reasons why people choose branded products. One of these reasons may be because wearing a specific brand brings out self-confidence or an assumption that their social status has been elevated. Another reason may be because the brand has been tried and true, delivering comfortable and reliable clothing. While the Columbia brand meets both mentioned criteria, they take their branding one step further.

Like all other Columbia clothing, the Columbia Benton Springs Fleece Vest comes with a lifetime warranty. This means that you can send it back to Columbia anytime you discover a manufacturing defect or any other issues. Having this guarantee provides people with peace of mind when they purchase the product. It is also a sign of confidence proving that the makers of Columbia stand behind their brand.

Columbia has been around for decades and has built a well-established brand over time. Presently, their products are known to be reliable and durable in all types of weather. The Columbia Benton Springs Fleece Vest is no different and works as a great inner layer to brave the cold.

Collared Neck

People who enjoy being outdoors in all sorts of weather know how important it is to dress properly. Despite being sunny outside, the weather can quickly drop to below freezing. The cold air and moisture also find different ways to enter and chill you to the core.

One of the ways the Columbia Benton Springs Fleece Vest protects you from the cold is having a collared neck. This means that your neck is fully covered by the vest so that no skin is exposed to the elements. This is ideal for when you are running outside in the cold. Having the extra neck protection can mean that cold air is not going down into your chest.

The Columbia Benton Springs Fleece Vest is designed to completely cover your neck, however, the length of your neck can affect that. When the vest is fully zipped up, the collar should end slightly above your jawline or right below it. This is to remove the need of wearing a scarf when you are outside during the winter, thus eliminating extra weight from your clothing.


It can be incredibly frustrating to purchase a product only to have to replace quickly. This often happens when the product purchased is of low quality. An ideal running vest is one that can accompany you while you train and keep you protected from the elements. One of the things that can accomplish that is simply searching to see the vest is made of.

The Columbia Benton Springs Fleece Vest is made with one hundred percent polyester, which is an ideal material for activewear. Polyester is one of the most durable materials on the market and does not rip or tear easily. This allows you to be as rough as you like without having aftereffects. Regardless of what position you may put the Columbia Benton Springs Fleece Vest in, it still won’t break.

After every training session, the fleece vest will simply revert to its original shape. This means that any twisting or turning motions will not damage or cause the vest to lose elasticity. The polyester material is also a very affordable material to the manufacturer, hence bringing down the price for the consumer.


When it comes to clothing, one of the most important things is how the product fits. Ideally, a nice fitting vest should provide you with complete mobility while covering all the areas that you want it too. Wearing a vest that restricts your movement can cut off circulation to different parts of your body.

One of the things that users reported with the Columbia Benton Springs Fleece Vest is that the size runs big on the sizing chart. This means that ordering the size you normally wear will result in getting a larger best. To prevent the vest from becoming too big, it may be beneficial to order one size down. Wearing a vest that is too large may result in fabric bunching up in uncomfortable places when you wear a jacket over it.

Some users also find the Columbia Benton Springs Fleece Vest unflattering as it lacks shape. This makes the jacket feel larger and bulkier compared to a tapered cut. It may also increase the chances of the vest shifting and swishing around as you move.


People who purchase clothes can attest to the fact that one rarely enjoys wearing heavy articles of clothing. This is because the weight of the clothes can tired people out and make them sore after wearing them for some time. This is especially the case for people who will be partaking in sports in their clothes. As an athlete, you want to be as streamlined and lightweight as possible.

The Columbia Benton Springs Fleece Vest was designed to be lightweight and comfortable. One of the ways they do this is through the materials used in making the vest. Polyester and fleece are both materials that are lightweight and do not add to the vest. The exact amount of materials were used to create the Columbia Benton Springs Fleece Vest so that no extra pieces are weighing you down.

Wearing a lightweight product is much more comfortable as opposed to wearing something heavier. It also allows training athletes to be fatigued through their training and not because of what they are wearing. This vest was designed to be comfortable and lightweight and will not serve as a distraction while you are outdoors.


Before purchasing any clothing product, the first thing people usually do is feel it. If the material feels rough or scratchy, there is a much lesser chance that people will purchase it. One of the reasons is because the scratchy material may irritate your skin or serve as a distraction throughout your day. This is why most people prefer to wear clothing that is softer and more comfortable.

The Columbia Benton Springs Fleece Vest is very soft and comfortable for a vest. The material is bendable and malleable, making it more easy to move in. This is done by upgrading the product which the vest is made with. Rather than just normal Polyester fibers, the Columbia Benton Springs Fleece Vest is made with a polyester filament.

These fibers are significantly thinner and more flexible, thus making the vest less rigid. When you wear the vest, the fibers bend to wrap around your body like a shawl. This provides you with an all-encompassing feeling of softness, making the vest very comfortable to wear. The layer of fleece covering the entire vest makes it extra warm and feels nice.


One of the reasons why people purchase vests is because they are looking for a good inner layer. While most jackets are warm enough, people often prefer to wear multiple layers. This is so they can shed each layer as they become too warm in the activities they are doing.

As the name implies, the Columbia Benton Springs Fleece Vest is made with fleece. This is a fantastic fabric is you want something that keeps you warm while being durable. There are air pockets found within the fleece that helps trap heat that is trying to escape. The accumulation of heat pockets transforms the entire vest into a layer of warmth.

The fleece was created to be used in clothing that protects you during severe weather conditions. This is why many of our ancestors that live in the north still use it today. The way fleece is constructed also prevents pilling, which greatly increases the lifespan of the product. Wearing a Columbia Benton Springs Fleece Vest as an inner layer while you are outside can protect you from the elements.

Zipped Pockets

People are usually unable to leave the house without needing to at least bring their house keys and their phone along. This is so they can get back into the house when they are done training and also be able to call people in the event of emergencies. During these times, people will opt to carry a small bag or backpack with them. However many others prefer to travel light.

The Columbia Benton Springs Fleece Vest features front pockets on each side. These pockets can be fully zipped, allowing you to store your valuables with peace of mind. This is ideal for people who will be exercising in their Columbia Benton Springs Fleece Vest as it prevents things from falling out. Once the items are zipped inside, no amount of moving will make your products drop.

This is especially useful if you intend to carry your phone with you. Most people put their phones in their pocket when they exercise, but the weight of the phone and banging on your thigh can be quite a distraction. Popping it into a pocket that can be secured will ensure you won’t feel it nor will you lose it.

Bottom Line

Despite the issues with the size chart, the Columbia Benton Springs Fleece Vest is a great product for most people. It is ideal for people who go on snowshoeing, trail running, or participate in winter sports. It works as a durable inner layer to keep you warm. The vest also features a collared neckline, which can help to retain extra heat within your clothing.

Both polyester and fleece material are known for their long lifespans, making this product very durable and hard to bring. It also features rust repelling zippers, which decreases the amount of wear and tear that will happen. The vest also has zipped pockets, meaning you don’t have to worry about losing items when you do your training.

This product comes in a plethora of different colors and sizes. Between the branding and unbeatable price, this is a product you do not want to miss!