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The Ayla Reece shoe by Clarks cloudsteppers is a stylish, practical knit sneaker full of layers of comfort. The uppers of the shoe are breathable, flexible knit fabric, which will stretch with your foot; allowing for a secure but forgiving fit. The inner lining is a soft fabric to provide you with extra physical ease and lack of pain or constraint. Fabric lining is also moisture-wicking, which will keep your feet dry. There is a removable Ortholite footbed that provides fantastic cushioning, helps absorb impact, and is moisture-wicking. The outsole is flexible, durable, and supportive EVA (which is ethyl vinyl acetate). Because of the material used for the uppers and the outsole, these shoes are also incredibly lightweight. The Ayla Reece sneakers possess three eyelets and a heel tab, giving the shoe a classic look with a much appreciated practical design.

These shoes can compliment your jeans, dresses, and/or yoga pants! They can also be worn to so many different kinds of get-together’s and events, work, exercising class, etc. Obviously, they are not formal wear, but still extremely versatile in the rest of life. No need to panic if you get them dirty! Just grab a microfiber cloth or a soft bristled brush and gently scrub away any pesky dirt.

For a great casual shoe, there are so many reasons to try the Ayla Reece by Clarks.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Feather light - perfect for exercise
  • Great flexibility for rigorous activity
  • Comfortable for extended wear
  • Great ventilation
  • Casual (but trendy) look provides versatility
  • Not impressively durable because of mesh material
  • Thinner, lightweight material means less support for the ankle/top of foot


Almost 200 years ago, in 1825, Cyrus and James Clark began their legendary footwear journey when they geniously used sheepskin to make slippers. This was a ground-breaking achievement of invention and craftsmanship. They then went on to make the first foot-shaped shoe. Now, every pair of their shoes is produced using advanced construction techniques, technology, and modern materials. One example of a technology that Clarks utilizes is Ortholite. Shoes with Ortholite footbeds benefit from long-lasting cushioning and moisture-wicking technology. As a bonus, they even have a stylish design. The Ortholite footbed will help keep your feet fresh and comfortable all day. If the footbed isn’t something you’re interested in having, that’s fine! It is removable!

Clarks is set apart because they think about and do things differently. Beginning with the slipper and moving on to the first foot-shaped shoe and ending up where they are today; they didn’t get here without being innovative and keeping up with the ever-changing demand in the footwear industry. They offer their shoes in whole sizes, half sizes, and an array of widths. It is tricky to find companies that offer so many size options. Clarks has a state-of-the-art iPad foot gauge to help find the perfect size for you. They have innovative underfoot cushioning, rapid prototyping, and 3D printing. Brilliant ideas are no stranger to this company. Clarks has more than 22,000 styles of shoes that have inspired a revolution and renewed the imagination.


There are multiple features to these shoes that contribute to an outstanding level of physical ease. As you’ve read above, they have Ortholite footbeds in them, which provide immense amounts of comfort and keep your feet dry, thus providing even more comfort which will relax your body. The lining of this shoe is a soft fabric that will feel smooth against your skin all day long. It is also moisture-wicking, and dry feet mean cozy feet. The uppers are made with knit fabric material; and therefore are breathable and flexible, providing additional comfort. The soles are made from EVA, which is flexible and lightweight. There are only 3 eyelets, so the laces won’t be tied tight against the top of your foot as much.

The Ayla Reece is the kind of shoe that you would want to wear every single time you leave your house. You could even wear them around the house if that’s your thing. Throw them on to walk your kid to the bus, go to the coffee shop or grocery store. Wear them to work, to exercise, to go to dinner and a movie. You will want them everywhere you go so that you never have to be standing somewhere, away from home, with throbbing feet from uncomfortable shoes, wishing you had your trusty sneakers.


The Ayla Reece shoe is very lightweight because of the materials it is constructed with. There are many huge benefits to wearing lightweight shoes. First of all, they are more breathable! Nobody wants to wear a shoe that makes your foot feel cramped and hot. Wearing lightweight shoes also gives you maximum support for a comfortable walking/running experience for all of you who enjoy your exercise! The great news about the style is that you don’t have to sacrifice it when choosing a lightweight shoe. The Ayla Reece was designed with sleek style that can match any attire while being light enough that you can be more active in them. Lightweight shoes provide maximum comfort. Nobody wants to walk miles in heavy shoes. Lightweight will cause less pain and discomfort when you’re in them for prolonged periods of time.

Sporting a quality pair of lightweight shoes means healthier feet. It is worth the investment to make your feet free of bruises, discomfort, and sweat.


The Ayla Reece shoe ranks high in breath-ability. It’s almost like every detail they put into designing this shoe was with ventilation in mind. If you’ve got sweaty feet, or you just like to exercise a lot, you’re in luck! Let’s start with the uppers of this shoe. The upper material is a knit fabric. Knitted uppers allow moisture to pass through and evaporate. This way you won’t end up with sweaty, clammy feet. The lining of the Ayla Reece is fabric. Fabric is the most common material for shoe lining. Cotton and viscose, being used most, are both extremely breathable and absorb moisture well. This means the shoe is more comfortable and sterile. The Ortholite footbed is moisture-wicking which will keep your feet dry as well.

Breathable material is a key factor for foot health. When air is allowed to enter through the shoes, it will make the legs relax, allowing for a more pleasant experience altogether. On the contrary, if the air can not move through the shoe, your feet will heat up and sweat. When your feet sweat in your shoes and you wear them for a longer period of time, you are more likely to have an odor. You may also be more prone to diseases caused by fungi and bacteria that love to hang out in damp, warm places. If you are someone who sweats in their shoes-make sure you buy a shoe that is breathable! The Ayla Reece is exceptional in this area.


The outsole of the Ayla Reece shoe is made from EVA, which is an elastic copolymer similar to rubber. EVA is considered an environment-friendly material because it does not use chlorine in its production and can easily be recycled. This material is beginning to become a must have in vegan shoes for that very reason.

EVA is quickly becoming prominent in the production of most running and casual shoes. Even a few big name companies in the shoe industry, like Timberland, Teva, Keen and Patagonia have begun using EVA for their soles.

Benefits of using EVA thermoplastics in shoe production: This material is resistant to water and corrosion, and can stand up to cold temperatures, all while keeping its flexibility. EVA is also UV resistant and lightweight. It is easy to work with (cutting, gluing, pressing and laminating). EVA is considered anti-vibrant, meaning it has good tensile strength and shock cushioning with high toughness. EVA materials are commonly used for the insole, midsole, and outsole for all kinds of shoes.


Knitted footwear is starting to boom all over. Part of this is because of the fact that it is environmentally friendly. But there are other advantages to knitted footwear! Knit fabric is more flexible, meaning they can provide a more comfortable fit, especially for an active person. The shoe will be able to move more intimately with the curve of your foot to help your pace, not hinder it. Knit fabric also extremely versatile in how you can make it look. The possibilities for colors and patterns is endless. The material is also feather light, which is fantastic for not only active people, but everyone alike! If you have stairs to get to your apartment or home, you can appreciate a lightweight shoe!

There are, of course, disadvantages to knitted footwear. While having a thinner upper gives soccer players a closer touch on the ball and better control over their kick, it is not advantageous to hikers and other rigorous fitness activities. With activities with notable lateral stress on the foot, the knitted encasing offers very little stabilization for the ankle. In rock climbing, the lightweight factor is extremely desirable. However, the knitted material would need to be able to stand up to abrasion. So make sure you are buying the right type of shoe for the right activity/lifestyle.


The outsoles on these shoes allow you to explore many different types of terrain. There are also disadvantages to the EVA soles, of course. It is up to you to decide what qualities you NEED in your shoes for the activity you plan to do in them.


EVA is softer than rubber, meaning less padding and more flexibility. Flexibility comes in handy when you are running or climbing. If you’re traversing hard ground, EVA is the ideal choice. EVA has a low thermal conductivity than rubber does. Therefore, if you’re spending a lot of time outdoors in the cold - your feet will stay exponentially warmer in EVA shoes. Since the upper is knit fabric, it allows your feet to breathe and your sweat to evaporate, so these shoes are great in all seasons. EVA is also much lighter, which allows the manufacturer to increase the thickness in the sole without adding weight, which also contributes to it’s insulating ability. Customers have claimed to never want to go back to regular soles after spending a season or an adventure in these shoes.


EVA does not provide as much traction as rubber and deforms easier. When the ground is soft or wet, rubber ultimately provides the better grip. The upper of this shoe is knit fabric, so it does not protect as well against cold and moisture as the outsole.
Bottom Line

Bottom Line

The way that this shoe is constructed-the materials used, the colors, the details; it all comes together to form a beautifully simple, trendy, comfortable, casual shoe. You may pay a little extra when you choose the Ayla Reece, but the cost is justified. When you choose this shoe, you choose:

Flexible, breathable, comfortable knit fabric uppers
Plush, moisture-wicking fabric lining
Relaxing, moisture-wicking, removable Ortholite footbed
Flexible, recyclable, tough, lightweight EVA outsoles
3 eyelets and heel tab

Be sure you consider all factors before choosing your shoe. Remember, these shoes are not incredibly durable in certain environments. Also keep in mind that they do not have good ankle support or protection for the top of your foot. While these shoes are perfect for certain activities, there are always exceptions.

At the end of the day, if you decide that these shoes will fit your needs, then reviewers agree that they are worth the cost!