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If you’re a woman on the move and you want to be able to be active in style without sacrificing comfort and functionality, you may have found what you’re looking for. The CityYoung Women’s Running Jacket can offer you all of the qualities needed to get through your day/exercise routine. You can even enjoy these benefits from the comfort of your living room sofa if you wish.

Stay cool with the lightweight material. Stay dry and keep a regulated body temperature via the breathability, moisture-wicking, and quick-drying properties of the polyester. Stay safe with the reflective bands incorporated into each sleeve. Stay comfortable with the stretch of the spandex.

Some features of the CityYoung Women’s Running Jacket that you may appreciate include a convenient kangaroo pocket, thumbholes, and a half-zipper. Keep in mind that this jacket is designed to fit very snugly. If you want a relaxed fit, you need to order a size or two larger than you usually do. This jacket is offered at a competitive, fair price.

Editor's Pros & Cons


Reflective Bands On Sleeves

Moisture Management

Kangaroo Pocket


Great Price


Very Small Fit

Unsatisfactory Stitching Integrity


90% of the Cityoung Women’s Running Jacket is made from polyester. This is a manmade fiber that offers durability. It can handle normal wear and tear and many trips around the washing machine without shrinking, wrinkling, or fading as quickly as some other fabrics.

Polyester is less susceptible to stains because it doesn’t absorb a lot of moisture. It is breathable and can wick moisture away from your body and dry quickly. Keeping your body drier means keeping your body temperature more regulated.

If you’re sweating too much too quickly and the polyester can’t keep up with moisture control, your shirt could become saturated. When this happens, it tends to stick to the skin. This, understandably, is an annoying feeling. Not to mention, it’s not good for your skin. Your sweat will attract bacteria and that just spells trouble.

The other 10% of this jacket is made with spandex. When combined with polyester, it brings all the right components into play. Between the two, you can expect comfort, breathability, flexibility, shape retention, and durability.

Spandex has the special ability to stretch more than 6 times its original size. Not only can it stretch, but it can also bounce back to its original size - repeatedly. The more you move, the more your clothes move. It’s frustrating to spend money on clothes just to have them wear out quickly because you’re active. Keep your gear working with you longer by making sure it’s got some spandex in the composition.


Having a lightweight running jacket is a good idea for many reasons. Many people get warm easily or exercise often. These people appreciate what a lightweight jacket brings to the table. You can wear this jacket on an early morning jog in fall or on a run through the park in spring.

Lightweight jackets are more comfortable and more functional than regular weight jackets. There’s nothing worse than going through your day with clothes that weigh you down. You shouldn’t have to spend your time noticing every piece of skin your clothes are touching. You should be able to focus on what you’re doing. Keep your clothes lightweight from head-to-toe and invest in some lightweight running shoes.

The polyester used in the construction of this jacket provides a few benefits. It is lightweight, creating a less noticeable presence. It also doesn’t absorb a lot of moisture, instead, it wicks it up and quickly dries. This will keep your jacket more protected from saturation, keeping it lighter. Your skin will also be more protected from irritation due to wet material.

Moisture Management

Some people love being soaked with sweat when they’re done with a workout. However, not everybody shares the excitement. Many people would prefer to stay relatively dry and comfortable and be able to worry less about possible body odor.

The Cityoung Women’s Running Jacket works to control the moisture in your shirt, thus assisting in regulating your body’s temperature. Your body sweats in order to cool your temperature down. When the sweat is left to sit on the surface, it confuses your body and throws your core temperature off.

Because this jacket is made with polyester material, it will offer breathability, wick moisture from your skin, and dry quickly. Because of these qualities, and the fact that it doesn’t absorb much moisture, it will help to manage your moisture and temperature. Managing moisture means you’ll also be managing your body odor.

We don’t have body odor simply because we sweat. It’s not the sweat that causes the odor. However, the bacteria that cause the odor are attracted to the sweat. They will gather to feast on your sweat and will leave their waste behind in the form of acid. It is the acid that produces body odor.


The general fit of this running jacket would be considered very form-fitting/snug. The style helps to accentuate your figure. It will appear as though it was designed just for your body. The trick is finding the right size. If you want it to be very tight, order your regular size. If you want it to be slightly snug, order a size up. For a relaxed fit, order two sizes up. This running shirt has a more relaxed fit, to begin with.

The fit of the sleeves is called “raglan”. Instead of stitching the sleeve to the shirt in a vertical line from shoulder to underarm, the raglan sleeve is stitched in a diagonal line from the collar to the underarm. This design allows your shoulder to have better range of motion.

Raglan sleeves are commonly found in casual wear, sportswear, and winter clothes. The sleeve style is popular because it has extra breathing room (for layering), an increased range of motion, and is easier to put on and take off.

The raglan sleeve may cause your underarms to appear bulky because of the extra room provided. When your arms are at your side, the material will collect at your underarm. For some, this could create a bulky appearance. It all depends on your body shape and how the shirt fits your body (fitted or relaxed).


This running jacket is packed with features to make your day more convenient, comfortable, and functional. Whether you’re exercising, working, dining, or lounging, you can enjoy all that this jacket has to offer.

This jacket offers raglan sleeves with thumbholes in the wrist of the sleeves. The raglan style sleeve allows an increased range of motion in your arms/shoulders. The stitching to attach the sleeve to the torso of the jacket extends from the collar, diagonally, to the underarm. The thumbholes are convenient for those who need to keep their sleeves down, need a little protection from a chill or wind, or those who simply find thumbholes in shirts to be comfortable.

This jacket is a pullover style with a half-zip closure to make it easier to put on and take off. You can also use the zipper to adjust the amount of ventilation you’re getting. There is also a kangaroo pocket in the front that is convenient storage for your phone or keys. Or you can use it to keep your hands warm.

The one thing that this jacket is lacking, that many people desire, is a hood. A hood is great protection from a drizzle or some wind. Women, in particular, like to use hoods to protect their hair. You can find a running shirt that has a hood, pocket, and thumbholes here.


One of the biggest fads in today’s fashion industry is bringing gym clothes to the streets and couches. Whether you’re active or not, you can appreciate the comfort and convenience of workout clothes. Not to mention, workout clothes are a lot more aesthetically pleasing than they used to be.

The Cityoung Women’s Running Jacket is built for exercise. It’s designed to set you up with comfort, safety, and functionality. Wear this jacket when you go for your morning jog. Wear it on the tred mill. Wear it while you play tennis.

Keep your mind open and you’ll be able to wear this jacket for a lot more than exercise. Wear it for your kids' sporting events. Wear it to go out for breakfast. Wear it when you’re lounging around the house.

It’s also super easy to make an outfit with this jacket. Pair it with jeans, capris, leggings, or shorts. You can wear it virtually anywhere for anything.


This running jacket is available in six colors (total). Where you purchase the jacket is what will determine which colors are available. Depending on the retailer, you could find any combination of colors including black with grey sleeves, deep grey with black sleeves, grey with black sleeves, blue with darker blue sleeves, magenta with deeper pink sleeves, and mint with deeper green sleeves.

This running jacket is available in sizes extra-small, small, medium, large, and extra-large. Although we were unable to find a size chart, we were able to locate the measurements for a size small. The chest circumference is 33.07 inches. The sleeve length is 28.15 inches. And the length of the jacket from shoulder to waist is 25 inches.


If you’re wearing clothes that have a bit of stretch, you may be wearing them simply because they’re comfortable. You may be wearing them because they are good for your self-esteem. But if you’re an active woman, you will want the stretch for a different purpose.

When you lead an active lifestyle, you’re most likely jumping, running, biking, climbing, etc. When your body is in motion, you need your clothes to be able to allow your body to move naturally. Your clothes need to be able to move right along with you, without losing their shape.

Because 10 percent of this running jacket is made with spandex, it is equipped with the ability to stretch, over and over, and still retain its shape. The material will spread away from whatever part of your body is in motion, allowing you more range of motion. Another running shirt with stretch can be found here.


It’s not just runners who should worry about safety measures. The safety measure we’re referring to in regard to this running jacket is the reflective bands on the sleeves. These can come in handy for anyone, runner or not.

You could find yourself caught in the dark, outside, at any time. If you have reflective material on your person, you’ll be thankful for it in case of an emergency. The more visible you are, the better; whether it’s day or night.

Distracted driving is more of an issue today than it’s even been. There are a plethora of actions people decide to perform while driving, including doing makeup, texting, changing CDs, and eating. Obviously this is extremely dangerous for everyone in the vehicle. But, it’s also extremely dangerous for everyone outside of that vehicle. Be more visible with the reflective bands on this jacket.

If you’re going to be outdoors or on the streets for any reason, it’s a good idea to be safe. While having reflective strips and/or bands on your jacket will be helpful, you could benefit even more from additional reflective touches. You can try a reflective storage belt.


Customers have spoken their opinions of the Cityoung Women’s Running Jacket. The general verdict is positive. One negative comment is that the jacket is too thin to wear in weather below 60 degrees. Keep in mind that everyone feels differently at different temperatures. What is too cold for one could be just perfect for another.

Many customers are upset that the fit is so tight. We want to make it absolutely clear to you that this jacket is meant to fit very snug. If you do not want it to be snug, you need to order at least 1 size up, if not 2.

One customer advises choosing a jacket with a darker body and lighter sleeves. She says it gives a more flattering look. At 125 lbs, a height of 5 feet and 4 inches, and a chest circumference (preference) of 40 inches, she chose a size large and is happy with the fit. She claims there is plenty of stretch, the material feels nice, and the jacket doesn’t look too tight.

Another woman who is 120 lbs ordered an extra-small and proclaims that the sizing is accurate so long as you’re looking for a fitted look. She also reports, though, that the zipper doesn’t have a protective lining on the inside. This makes the zipper rub the neck skin, even if it’s unzipped.

Bottom Line

Whether you plan to lounge around, go to dinner, visit family, go to work, hit the gym, or run the bike trail, this jacket can be your most treasured accessory. Keep one in the closet at home and one in the car. You never know when you’ll need a bit of warmth or the safety of the reflective bands.

Keep the sleeves in place and keep your hands a little warmer by using the thumbholes to turn your sleeve into a half-glove. Enjoy increased range of motion from the raglan style sleeve and expect a drier eperience with the moisture management properties of the polyester material.

Keep in mind that the fit of the Cityoung Women’s Running Jacket is intended to be snug. It is very form-fitting and retains it’s shape thanks to the spandex. If you like snug jackets, order your regular size. For a regular fit, order a size up. For a more relaxed fit, order two sizes up.