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If you’re a woman living an active lifestyle, you may have found yourself wishing that you had a workout shirt that could give you everything you were looking for. The best thing about the ChinFun Women’s Running Top is that, besides providing you with numerous benefits, it offers a wide range of styles to suit your needs.

This running top is available in short sleeve, long-sleeve, and hoodie/thumbhole styles. The hoodless tops feature a modest scoop neck. If you need a shirt just for the gym, you may be attracted to the short sleeve style. If you’re going to be in the sun or chilly weather, you may be more drawn to the long sleeve styles. It simply depends on your needs.

Whichever style you choose will be able to give you great moisture management with breathable material that wicks moisture away from your skin, but doesn’t absorb it, dring quickly. This will help keep your body temperature regulated. It will also protect you from odors caused by the bacteria that are attracted to your sweat.

The ChinFun Women’s Running Top is tagless and constructed with flat seams. These small touches make a big difference to your skin. No more chafing, no more irritation, no more itching. The long sleeve versions can also provide you with UV protection (UPF 50+). All of this can be yours at a very affordable price.

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UV Protection

Many Fit Options


Moisture Management


Clingy For Some

Sizing Troubles


This running top is made with polyester material. It is a manmade fiber that is resistant to wear and tear (even after many washes) and is less susceptible to fading, shrinking, and wrinkling easily. All of these qualities make it durable.

It’s also harder to stain polyester because it doesn’t absorb much moisture. It is breathable and has moisture-wicking capabilities. Because it doesn’t absorb the moisture it wicks up, it is able to dry quickly. This moisture management can help protect you from more than a wet shirt.

As durable as polyester is, it is still vulnerable to pulls and runs in the fabric. Another downfall is that, when it’s wet, it tends to stick to your skin. It is also heat-sensitive, meaning you need to use extra caution with drying and screen printing. Don’t iron it.

People with sensitive skin may want to steer clear of polyester material. Opt for a softer fabric, like cotton. Many people with skin sensitivities do not like the feeling of this fabric against their skin. One thing you can do to help your sensitive skin during workouts is wearing a cotton bra. You can find one here.


Activewear has become popular because of the current workout craze; so popular, in fact, that activewear is now a fashion trend. People are taking their gym clothes in the streets. Why not? They’re comfortable, flexible, breathable, and look great.

Each style of the ChinFun Women’s Running Top is equally versatile. They can be worn for virtually any sport, including basketball, football, biking, golfing, running, and biking. They’re also great for outdoor activities like fishing, hiking, camping, climbing, and boating.

When you’re outdoors, the long sleeve models will protect you from UV rays and bug bites. When you’re indoors, each style is capable of giving you comfort and moisture management. Or, if you want to just lounge around in a comfortable running top for the heck of it, that’s perfectly fine too.

Moisture Management

Whether you’re active or not, moisture management is important in your clothing. No matter where you are, you could break a sweat. Walking one hundred feet to the mailbox and back could make you sweat. Sitting at work can have you sweating. And, of course, working out will make you sweat. If you need moisture protection from rain, try a waterproof jacket on top of your running shirt.

It only makes sense to expect that your clothes help control that moisture, and the odors that can come along with it. Because the polyester is able to wick the moisture from your skin and dry quickly, you’ll stay drier and your body temperature will be better regulated. You’ll be glad for this feature the first time you sweat in this top.

With moisture management comes odor control. The body odors that commonly occur during and after a workout are caused by bacteria, not your sweat. However, the bacteria are attracted to your sweat. They will feed on it, leave waste in the form of acid, and the acid goes on to cause the odor.


The ChinFun Women’s Running Top is durable because it is made from polyester. But, that’s not all that makes it durable. This top is sewn in the neck, sleeves, and at the bottom hem via double-needle stitching.

When you use a double-needle (AKA twin needle) method, you can achieve two perfectly parallel lines with just one row of stitches. On top of the fabric, you see the two lines side by side. On the back of the fabric, the thread creates a criss-cross (zigzag) pattern.

The zigzag pattern allows your threads to be able to stretch more. This keeps them from breaking when you stretch your fabric. Some lower quality stitching will rip just from putting your top on over your head or putting your arms in the sleeves.


Itchy seams and tags need to be a thing of the past. Many companies (including ChinFun) have gotten with the program and done away with tags altogether. Instead, the label information is printed directly onto the fabric where the tag typically would be. They also have put effort into making the seams flatter without sacrificing strength and durability.

These measures are in place to keep you comfortable and to protect your skin. There’s nothing worse than finding a top that you absolutely adore just to find out you can’t stand the feeling of the seams and tags. You don’t have to worry about that issue with this top. Take it a step further and invest in a seamless bra too.

Style Options

Some people are happier with fewer options because it makes shopping quicker and easier. However, others want to have more options so that they can take home an item that they’ll actually love. The ChinFun Women’s Running top comes in a variety of styles and colors.

This top is available in a short-sleeve style, a long-sleeve style, and a long-sleeve style that features thumbholes and a hood. The benefits you can enjoy from the long-sleeve styles are extra protection from the sun and bugs. The short-sleeve style can be more comfortable during more rigorous workouts.

The colors that are available (in each style) are black, light grey, white, and sky blue. The colors may not be extremely flashy, but they are flattering and very versatile. Each color is subtle and attractive; perfect for virtually any occasion and outfit.

Range Of Motion

This running top was designed for active women. One of the ways that this top caters to the woman in motion is in the sleeve design. They are sewn in a raglan style. This style of the sleeve has stitching that starts at the collar and travels diagonally to your underarm, instead of starting at the top of your shoulder and extending straight down.

Because of this unique stitching pattern, this sleeve is better able to flow with the natural movements of your arms. Raglan sleeves are commonly seen in winter clothes, casual wear, and sportswear because of the increased range of motion they provide, the extra room in the shoulder area, and ease of donning and doffing.

There are drawbacks to this sleeve design. The drawback that women tend to care about more than men is that the sleeve has less of a tailored fit. The looser material in the underarm can create bulk in that area; an appearance not many find flattering on themselves.

Because this top is less form-fitting, your body type will determine the experience you have as far as how the shirt fits, how comfortable it is, and how much range of motion you get. You can find another running top with raglan sleeves here.

UV Protection

This shirt is rated UPF 50+ UV protection. The polyester fabric, being tightly knit, protects your skin from UV rays. It’s actually capable of giving you protection from 98% of the harmful UV rays.

UV rays include two different wavelength rays; each with different effects. First is UVA light. This light has longer wavelengths and makes up about 95% of the UV rays that reach our skin. UVA rays are more of a threat to our health because more of them are able to reach Earth’s surface.

UVA rays don’t have peak times or peak seasons. They are out whenever the sun is out. Whether there are clouds in the sky or not, UVA rays are still there. That’s why it’s important to always wear sunscreen, even when it doesn’t seem like you need it.

The other UV rays are called UVB. This is the light responsible for skin damage, including sunburns, sunspots, and skin cancer. These rays are more intense depending on where you’re at geographically, what season you’re in, and what time of day it is.

Protecting your skin from these rays will guard you against more than just a sunburn. You’re keeping your skin from developing permanent damage. Don’t simply count on your running top to protect you from the UV rays, though. Always wear sunscreen. Don’t forget to protect your eyes too.


The ChinFun Women’s Running Top is available in sizes small, medium, large, extra-large, and extra-extra-large. Clothing sizes range from brand to brand and product to product. Therefore, it’s important to pay attention to the sizing chart (even if you’re certain you already know your size).

Size small is equivalent to a US size extra-small. The bust circumference is between 33 and 35 inches. The waist circumference is between 27 and 29 inches. And the length from shoulder to waist is 25 inches.

Size medium is equivalent to a US size small. The bust circumference is between 35 ½ and 37 inches. The waist circumference is between 29 ½ and 31 ½ inches. The torso length is 26 inches.

Size large is equivalent to a US size medium. The bust circumference is between 37 ½ and 39 ½ inches. The waist circumference is between 31 ½ and 33 ½ inches. The torso length is 26 ⅔ inches.

Size extra-large is equivalent to a US size large. The bust circumference is between 40 and 42 inches. The waist circumference is between 33 ½ and 35 inches. The torso length is 27 ½ inches.

Size extra-extra-large is equivalent to a US size extra-large. The bust circumference is between 42 and 43 ½ inches. The waist circumference is between 35 ½ and 37 ½ inches. The torso length is 38 ⅓ inches.


When put to the test, this running top got a decent score. Consumers report that it is, in fact, lightweight, breathable, effective at wicking moisture, and gives efficient protection from the sun and bugs. Consumers have worn this top boating, hiking, and during workouts in the gym.

Some customers claim that this top runs small. However, most people just assume their size, so make sure that you consult the size chart and take your measurements before ordering; even if you swear you know your size.

Bottom Line

Whether you’re a runner, biker, hiker, or lounger, you can benefit from this top. It can offer you lightweight comfort, premium breathability, moisture management, and UV protection. It is durable, versatile, and chafe-free (flat seams and tagless).

The raglan sleeve design allows more range of motion in your shoulders. Double-needle stitching gives the thread more stretch and strength. It is available in three styles; short-sleeve, long-sleeve, and long-sleeve with a hood and thumbholes.

The only negative reviews report that the top runs small and the material is itchy for some. Consult the size chart and take your measurements before ordering to ensure you have the right size. And if you have sensitive skin, you may want to avoid this top due to the polyester material. If the ChinFun Women’s Running Top does have everything you’re looking for, it’s well worth the (very affordable) price.