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If you’re someone who’s got sensitive skin or hates the feeling of scratchy seams, the Champion Seamless Sports Bra may be just what you’re looking for. It consists of ninety-four percent polyester and six percent spandex. The perfect blend to bring you what you need most from your bra – support and comfort.

The Champion Seamless Sports Bra has spaghetti straps that come together in the back for a racerback style and have the option for adjustments in the front. There is an inner bra knit-in for additional support. Being seam-free, this bra will give you more resistance against chafing. However, for some, it comes too close to the armpit, creating discomfort.

Stay cool, dry, and comfortable during your Yoga class with the moisture-wicking, transferring, and evaporating polyester material. The Champion Seamless Sports Bra is machine-washable, just be careful not to use hot water. 

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Medium Support



Trusted Brand


Moisture Management


Runs Small/tight

Too Close To The Armpit



An America clothing manufacturer that specializes in sportswear, Champion is a brand currently owned by Hanes. It has actually become their second best-selling brand name. The only brand ahead of it is Hanes itself. Hanes owns other well-known brands like Outer Banks, Zorba, and Playtex.

A pair of brothers, named Feinbloom, established Knickerbocker Knitting Company in 1919. It didn’t take long for them to grow successful enough to begin producing uniforms for college sports teams like the Michigan Wolverines.

The 1930s brought a name change, making them Champion Knitting Mills, Inc. During that time, they specialized in sweatshirts that even the United States Military Academy was interested in. They used them for their physical education classes and training exercises.

Champion was acquired by Sara Lee Corporation in 1989. Just because the company switched hands doesn’t mean that it stopped what it was doing. Champion went on to continue producing uniforms for college teams as well as teams in the NBA and NFL. In fact, it still does, to this day; even under the ownership of Hanes. Here are some products from this company.


It can be a difficult process; looking for a sports bra. How do you even know where to begin? The first question you want to ask is, “What is it made of?” Find out if the material will be comfortable, durable, breathable, flexible, etc. This will help you tremendously in the long run.

The Champion Seamless Sports Bra is made with ninety-four percent polyester and six percent spandex. Is polyester a desirable material in a sports bra? Cotton may be a naturally occurring fiber, be decently breathable, and hypoallergenic; but, it is also flammable, expensive, easily shrunk, worn-out more quickly, and holds onto moisture for longer.

Polyester is strong and durable, yet flexible. It is less susceptible to wrinkling and shrinkage. It is a cheaper alternative to cotton. It has the ability to dry much quicker. Polyester never gets sticky. It is, however, sensitive to temperature. This means you have to be careful when washing, drying and ironing your garment. Polyester isn’t super breathable and is vulnerable to dye migration.

Polyester is perfect for sportswear because it dries quickly, keeping your clothes from sticking to your sweaty skin and causing irritation. It is also very effective at moisture-wicking and is lightweight.

Polyester isn’t the only material, though, and not the only one of importance. Spandex is also used to make the Champion Seamless Sports Bra, and for good reason. Spandex has a lot of useful properties. It provides durability, shape retention, support, and flexibility. Thanks to spandex, you’ll be able to enjoy a more proper fit from your Champion Seamless Sports Bra. Longer. If you’re looking for other products made with spandex, try these.


The way a garment fits is crucial to how you feel about the said garment. The hardest part of online shopping is trying to figure out sizing and how something would fit on your body. The Champion Seamless Sports Bra is made for women who have cup sizes ranging from A through D and chest circumferences from thirty-two inches to forty inches. If you need a larger cup size, try here.

It has been reported by consumers that the Champion Seamless Sports Bra does run a bit small, making it feel tighter than they’d prefer. It is recommended that you order a size up in the circumference. What doesn’t help the tightness issue? The fact that the Champion Seamless Sports Bra is a pullover; making it unadjustable.

You can make adjustments in the straps, however. They are spaghetti style straps that come together in a racerback detail in the middle of your back. The band that goes around your chest to your back is thick, which some people love. However, some people are having issues with the band coming too near their armpits and causing skin irritation and a limited range of motion.


Sports bras aren’t limited to being used for sports or exercise. In fact, ones like the Champion Seamless Sports Bra have actually made their way into the fashion world. They are designed to look like a crop-top camisole and are used as so sometimes. It’s common to see women wearing a sports bra paired with just leggings or shorts.

The Champion Seamless Sports Bra is also racerback style, which provides extra support as well as keeping your straps in place on your shoulders. It is a full-coverage bra, so it will keep your cleavage, or gap, hidden; making it perfect to wear under a low-cut top.

The fact that the Champion Seamless Sports Bra (shockingly) doesn’t have seams, it is perfect to wear under tight or thin clothing. It comes in two colors. They are mystical green/crystal blue and citrine/white. If you’re specifically looking for camisole style bras, try this.

Moisture Management

Even if you’re not physically active, it’s very easy to break a sweat. And when you do, you’ll appreciate it if your garments can handle it well and keep you as cool and dry as possible. The Champion Seamless Sports Bra works hard to make sure you stay comfortable, whether you’re in a hot climate, hard job site, or a tennis match.

Polyester may not be extremely breathable, however, it is great at keeping you dry. It does not absorb moisture, so it will not retain moisture. Instead, it moves the moisture through the fabric and onto the surface, where it can more easily, and quickly, evaporate and dry. If you’re looking for other products to keep you dry, these could come in handy.


When you’re in the Yoga studio, at a tennis match, or on a morning walk, support in your bra is important. Even if you’re just lounging around at home, your breasts can benefit. When you support your breasts, you can significantly improve your posture, slow down the sagging of your breasts, and even decrease the pain and discomfort you may otherwise experience from too much movement of the skin and ligaments.

When a woman of any size performs a physical activity, the breasts will bounce in all directions. However, bras that are designed like the Champion Seamless Sports Bra were made specifically to help reduce bouncing. Your breasts may not have muscles, but the skin and ligaments are susceptible to breaking down, becoming weak, and eventually sagging. Once this happens, it can’t be undone.

The Champion Seamless Sports Bra provides support for medium-impact activities like Yoga and walking. The thick band will help keep you in place. There is an inner bra knit-in specifically to give you extra support. The straps are spaghetti style, meaning they may be less supportive than thicker straps. However, they are adjustable and do come together into a racerback criss-cross for a little extra stability.

The Champion Seamless Sports Bra is a pullover, so it will provide less support than a bra with a hook and eye closure. If you need the support of a hook and eye closure style bra, try this.


The Champion Seamless Sports Bra has all of the ingredients needed for all-day comfort, so long as you have the right body type and get the right size. It has been reported by some consumers that the Champion Seamless Sports Bra runs small, and if you get the wrong size, you will feel very restrained. The flexibility will be limited.

Because this bra has a thick band all the way around, and it runs small, it is a common complaint that the bra comes too close to the armpit. This limits range of motion and is a breeding ground for chafing.

If you do find the right size, you could be just fine! The straps are adjustable so that you can give yourself more or less support. It has great moisture-wicking capabilities to keep you cool, dry, and comfortable. For other bras geared toward comfort, try here.


There are aspects of the Champion Seamless Sports Bra that give it extra durability, and there are aspects that take away from the lifespan of the bra. What will help to keep this bra going with you longer is the spandex material used in the construction of it.

Spandex brings a certain amount of strength and resilience to the table. It allows the Champion Seamless Sports Bra to have enough stretch to move naturally with your body while still providing enough support to keep your breasts from bouncing all over the place. The spandex will help your bra to keep its original shape as well.

Polyester is also a durable material. Because it doesn’t absorb moisture, and instead will transfer it to the outer layer to be evaporated, it will be able to stay in good condition longer. The only thing that this bra could really use to help with durability is a hook and eye closure and maybe some wider straps. If you’re looking for wider straps, try this bra.


If you’re looking for a bra that will disappear under your shirt or dress, the Champion Seamless Sports Bra can do just that. If your nipples or skin are sensitive to seams, or you just can’t stand feeling them, the Champion Seamless Sports Bra could work for you. The cups in this bra have been knit-in so that there won’t be any annoying seams. The cups are molded for extra support and shaping.

This sports bra is made for women with cup sizes between A and D. If you’re a full-busted woman, this one won’t be the fit for you. However, there are other seamless options for you. Really the only reason one would have for not being able to wear a seamless bra would be if they need a specific bra due to medical necessity.

If this type of bra does work for you, you can utilize it fully by wearing it under clothes that are form-fitting, clothes that are clingy (satin or silk), clothes made with thin fabrics, and simple t-shirts.


While the spandex gives the bra enough flexibility to be able to move when you do, it may not be enough flexibility for certain women. The Champion Seamless Sports Bra runs small and tight, so if you get a size that is already snug on you, the spandex won’t help enough in terms of flexibility.

Another issue with the sizing is that the band can easily annoy the skin in and around your armpits. If you get the right size, there’s a chance that there is enough adjustability in the straps to keep the bra from irritating your armpits. If you need a bra with a better fit, and flexibility, check here.


An area in which the Champion Seamless Sports Bra is sorely lacking is adjustability. For many women, it’s very important to be able to adjust the fit of their bras; even from one day to another. Some days you want a more taught fit. Some days you want to be more relaxed.

With the Champion Seamless Sports Bra, you do have the option to adjust the tension on the straps via the front of them. This will adjust how much tension is being used to hold your breasts up. It will not adjust how the bra fits on your back, though.

This is where a hook and eye closure would come in handy. It would also provide more support. However, this bra is a pullover style. For a hook and eye closure bra, look here.


Customer satisfaction is Champion’s mission, always. The company understands that there is no way to please every single customer, especially when you’re producing clothing. Everyone’s body is different, and everyone’s preferences are different. There are so many variables. If you are, for any reason, dissatisfied with your item, you do have the option to send it back (unused) within ninety days of purchase.

Champion will give you a credit for your item when they receive and process the return. Find the packing slip that came with your item, fill out the form on the back of it, and include it in the package with your return. There is an EZ return service available at an additional cost if you’ve lost your packing slip.

Bottom Line

If you’re a cup size A, B, C, or D, need a sports bra for medium-impact activities, prefer a pullover style, have skin that’s sensitive to seams, need a bra that will disappear under your clothes, and could use a little moisture management, the Champion Seamless Sports Bra could be perfect for you. With such a great return policy, it’s worth the cost to finally have the perfect bra for your morning walks, yoga class, or loungewear.