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If you’re looking for a low-impact sports bra that is suitable to wear to bed, around the house, and on your morning walk, you may have found your match. You can even wear the Champion Racerback Sports Bra to work if you have a sedentary job. It is not a high-impact bra. So it does not provide as much support as those activities call for.

The Champion Racerback Sports Bra will offer comfort and support all day long. While some people think a pull-on sports bra too much of a struggle to wear, others prefer them. They appreciate not having hooks and straps to mess with. It all depends on your body shape, size, and what you need from your sports bra. 

Stay cool and dry with the moisture management technology in the Champion Racerback Sports Bra. Built-in mesh panels provide ventilation. And a knit inner bra works with the wide band at the bottom to offer a little more support.

The Champion Racerback Sports Bra is designed without seams to help minimize the skin irritation bras usually cause. This bra is stretchy to give you as much comfort and breathing room as possible. Champion’s Vapor technology helps wick sweat away from your skin and dries quickly so you stay cool and comfortable. 

This bra is thin and you may need to add a layer underneath or on top of it if you are nervous about anything showing through. The Champion Racerback Sports Bra is made of ninety-five percent nylon and five percent spandex material. You can wash it in a machine with cold water and on the gentle cycle. Air dry in order to avoid shrinking.

Editor's Pros & Cons




Great for walking/lounging


Moisture management


Not much support

Sizing is off


Champion, a clothing manufacturer owned by Hanes, specializes in sportswear. It has grown to be so successful that it has become the second best-selling brand owned by Hanes, second only to the trademark itself. Hanes also owns companies such as Zorba, Outer Banks, and Playtex.

The Feinbloom brothers established the Knickerbocker Knitting Company in 1919. Soon after, they landed a gig making the uniforms for the Michigan Wolverines. They got a name change in the 1930s and became Champion Knitting Mills. At that time, their specialty was sweatshirts. Champion’s products made it to the United States Military Academy to be used for their physical education classes and training exercises.

In 1989, Champion changed hands and became a brand under Sara Lee Corporation. They made uniforms for NFL and NBA teams during the 90s. Their brand could also be seen on many major college teams. The brand still works closely with many sports teams to this day. Find some Champion products here.


The Champion Racerback Sports Bra consists of ninety-five percent nylon and five percent spandex. The two materials will work together all day to give you the support, durability, stretch, stability, and comfort that you’re looking for.

Nylon brings strength to the Champion Racerback Sports Bra. It is a durable, man-made material that will protect your bra from bursting and tearing. It will even protect your bra from some chemicals. Nylon is great for air permeability and it also dries quickly. If you’re someone who lives in hot climates or you have large breasts, you’ll appreciate how the nylon works to keep you comfortable in your Champion Racerback Sports Bra. Keep in mind that if you have sensitive skin you could become irritated by the chemicals in nylon.

Although the is only a small portion of spandex in the Champion Racerback Sports Bra, it is there for a purpose. It has a lot to give, literally. Spandex is there to provide your bra with durability, shape retention, support, and flexibility. It will move with your body without leaving your bra stretched out. Spandex will help you have a more snug, comfortable fit; longer. For other spandex apparel, check here.


If you’re looking for a sports bra that you can wear for the gym or a run, this isn’t the one for you. The Champion Racerback Sports Bra is made with moderate support and should be used for low impact activities like sleeping, lounging, walking, and cycling.

If you have breasts that are larger than an A cup, you may want to look into a bra with more support if you plan on using it for anything more than sleeping or lounging. You will need more support to prevent pain and discomfort that could come from the extra movement of the ligaments in your breasts. Even though there aren’t muscles in your breasts, they still need to be supported because they will bounce in more directions than the rest of your body.

If you need a more supportive bra for exercise, check here. Otherwise, the Champion Racerback Sports Bra is perfect for everyday wear if you’re not doing any high-impact activities.


Even though this sports bra isn’t made for high-impact activities, it is still possible to sweat when you’re not overexerting yourself. Whether you’re an active person or not, typically people don’t like to hang out in clothes that are soaked with sweat. Luckily, the Champion Racerback Sports Bra is breathable because of its nylon material and added moisture management.

The nylon provides you with optimal air permeability, especially the mesh portions of the bra. It will also wick away the moisture from your skin to help keep you dry, cool, and comfortable. Not only will it wick the moisture from your skin, but it will also dry quicker than other materials would. This will also help protect you from odor-causing bacteria that are attracted to your sweat. For other breathable apparel, check here.


The Champion Racerback Sports Bra is available in cup sizes A through D. A is available for chests from thirty-two to thirty-eight inches. B is available for chests from thirty-two to forty inches. C is available for chests from thirty-four to forty inches. And D is available for chests from thirty-four to thirty-eight inches. Sizes are also categorized by extra small, small, medium, large, and extra-large.

The Champion Racerback Sports Bra is a pullover style. Some people prefer a bra with a hook and eye closure, to make it easier to put on and take off. If this is you, try this bra. The straps are thicker to provide more comfort and decrease irritation to the skin. They meet in the back to form a racerback. The band is thicker to provide additional support and comfort.

Full coverage is provided by the Champion Racerback Sports Bra. Don’t worry about the space, or crease, between your breasts being put on display for all to see. You can even wear this bra as a camisole under a v-neck shirt. If you need a workout top, try here.


Sports bras used to be pretty run of the mill. There didn’t use to be a lot of variation in shapes, sizes, purposes, colors, and patterns. However, now that sports bras have become so popular, there is a style and fit for just about everyone.

The Champion Racerback Sports Bra is a very laid-back style bra. It is a pullover. It has full-coverage to keep your breasts concealed. It has thick straps for comfort that meet together in the back in a racerback design. This style goes perfectly with a lot of workout tops.

The Champion Racerback Sports Bra comes in a range of colors. They include black, light blue, pink bow, white, asphalt, mystic purple, Naples yellow, vivid fuschia/indigo screen, aurora green, light blue/plaster blue, hot mint, and pinksicle.


Something a lot of people desire in a bra, even a sports bra, is room for adjustments. After all, we’re not all built the same. However, the Champion Racerback Sports Bra does not have adjustable straps or a hook and eye closure on the band. It simply pulls over your head. Some people do prefer this style.

There have been customers that have reported the straps being way too loose. However, some have also reported them being too tight. This just goes to show that everyone is shaped and sized differently. If you need an adjustable bra, check here.


Even if you’re not doing high-impact activities, even if you’re not large-chested, even when it’s snug and supportive fit you’re looking for; flexibility is important in your bra. Breasts benefit when their movement is limited, however, it is still important that they have the ability to move naturally with your body.

Since the Champion Racerback Sports Bra is made for low-impact activities, there isn’t much of a need to worry about not having enough flexibility. With less attention to support, and more attention to comfort, you’ll be able to move freely; so long as you find the right fit. If you need some extra support, you could use this.

There is a small amount of spandex in the Champion Racerback Sports Bra also which will help it keep its original shape as well as giving it enough stretch to keep you comfortable.


Some may assume that sports bras should only be used when you’re participating in sports, running, or working out. That may have been true at one point in time, but certainly not now. Sports Bras have made their way into the fashion industry and are worn often as crop tops to go with shorts, skirts, capris, leggings, etc.

Sports bras can also easily be used as a camisole under a v-neck shirt. They can also be used to add a pop of color to your outfit. You can wear a sports bra to play, run, walk, hike, travel, sleep, and even do nothing. For more relaxation clothes, look here.


While the Champion Racerback Sports Bra provides plenty of coverage for the space or crease between your breasts, it does not provide enough coverage for other parts of some consumers’ breasts. If you find that you have trouble with this, you may want to consider buying pasties (stickers that are safe to use on your breasts) or figure out another layer of protection.

The Champion Racerback Sports Bra doesn’t include any padding, which means there isn’t any extra bulk to protect your skin from showing. For a padded bra, check here.


Like most companies (hopefully), Champion creates all of their items with the hopes that their consumers will be happy with their purchases. However, in reality, you will never be able to please everyone, and not everyone has a body that is shaped the same. Therefore, there will be times that returns need to happen. Defects are something that happens sometimes, as well. In those cases, Champion will gladly take the return and issue a refund.

If you do find that you are not one hundred percent happy with your product, you may simply return it, unused, within ninety days from the day you purchased it. Champion will happily issue you a credit to your account once they’ve received the return. The packing slip that came with your initial package will need to be filled out on the reverse side. Fill it out and include it with your item in the return package.

You’ll want to be sure that your product is shipped in a secure package. You have the option to use the EZ Returns service to get a pre-paid label for $6.95. Simply put it on your package to be returned and that’s that. If you don’t want to ship your item for the return, you may take it to a returns department or a Hanes outlet store.

Bottom Line

If you’re someone who is after a sports bra that is perfect for yoga, walking, and lounging, you’ve come to the right place. The Champion Racerback Sports Bra is made specifically for lower-impact activities. It comes with less support and less bulk.

More focus is put on comfort when it comes to the design of the Champion Racerback Sports Bra. Between the breathability, moisture-wicking properties, tag-free back, mesh panels, etc you’ll be sure to stay comfortable through your movie, nap, walk, or yoga session. Be very careful when choosing your size, as some consumers have reported that the sizing is off.