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Anyone who leads an active lifestyle knows how important a good pair of socks can be. That’s where the Champion Double Dry comes in to play! These socks are available in both crew and low-cut lengths to suit every style and offer a ton of great features.

If you struggle with sweaty feet then these are an excellent choice to consider thanks to the built-in Champion Double Dry wicking technology that draws excess moisture away from the skin. No matter how intensive the workout these socks keep you cool, dry, and comfortable for hours on end.

Champion Double Dry socks have soft cotton yarn that maximizes airflow and feels soft against bare skin for all-day enjoyment. Built-in arch support lessens foot pain and fatigue in the lower limbs so you can push it harder than ever before without having to worry about recovery time. If you’re shopping on a budget then this is a great option that sells in an economical value pack so you get more for your money.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Moisture Control
  • Cotton Yarn
  • Arch Support
  • Crew & Low-Cut Lengths
  • Reinforced Heel & Toe
  • Limited Colors

Moisture Control

Champion Double Dry socks keep your feet nice and cool even while you engage in strenuous athletic activity. The secret is in the Champion Double Dry wicking technology that draws excess moisture away from the skin. This enables you to feel dry and comfortable for hours on end and is ideal for workouts and other high-intensity sports. Controlling moisture is a must for preventing painful blisters and friction spots that happen when your skin is too moist inside the sock. Damp material is more likely to rub against your skin causing irritation and is one of the main reasons for blisters and other issues.

Another issue you’ll see with damp socks is odors! Odor-causing bacteria thrive in moist environments that's why it’s so important that excess sweat doesn’t pool in the material. Once this happens it won’t be long before you notice your socks and shoes start to smell bad and once this happens it’s hard to get the stink out. If you have a pair (or two) of smelly shoes lying around the house try using an odor-eliminating sneaker ball to rid your kicks of any unpleasant smell, they work like a charm and are affordable too!

Arch Support

The arch is a delicate area of the foot that acts like a spring to support the weight of your entire body. As you can imagine, this gets pretty tiring after a while so it’s important to provide extra support to that sensitive area. Now, most people think their shoes are the only thing that supports their feet but this just isn’t true! The socks you choose to wear can make the world of difference when it comes to cradling and supporting the arch of the foot.

Champion Double Dry socks offer built-in arch support to stabilize your foot and protect that delicate area. This is a must for athletic activities to prevent foot pain and lower limb fatigue while you train. Exercising takes a toll on your body which is why it's essential to properly support delicate areas. By doing this you will lessen downtime and feel healthier overall while you workout.


Having socks that will last despite daily wear and tear is important. It’s also tough to find, especially for an affordable price. Champion Double Dry socks offer a reinforced toe and heel that makes them more durable than most other pairs. Reinforcing in areas of high-wear makes them last way longer than your average option and gives you more value for your money. This is a must if you plan on wearing them while you exercise because most socks just can’t withstand the wear and tear.

The reason so many athletes turn to Champion Double Dry socks is they last. This pair is resilient enough to wear for practically any demanding physical activity and are a comfortable choice to boot. Reinforcing in areas of high wear ensures the stitching won't come loose so they don't tear as easily. Everyone has those socks with rips everywhere and it ends up being a real pain especially if you're wearing them while you workout.


The most important element to any pair of socks is its materials. Champion Double Dry socks are a soft cotton pair that feel great against your skin. The supple cotton-rich yarns give you all-day comfort and are more breathable than other heavy fabrics. Having adequate airflow is a must while you exercise otherwise you will end up sweating too much. Having sweaty feet during your workout is terrible because it’s uncomfortable and will lead to blisters.

Champion Double Dry socks have stretchy ribbed tops that keep them from falling down throughout the day. Complete with Spandex in the tops, these socks won’t give you trouble with slipping or sliding and stay perfectly in place for more enjoyable wear.


Champion Double Dry socks are a stylish choice for both athletic and casual occasions too. They come in crew and low-cut lengths which means you’re able to pick the ones that best suit your sense of style.

It’s nice to be able to choose between the two lengths because when you’re wearing shorts and sneakers the last thing you want is to have to wear crew length socks. Likewise, when it’s chilly outside you most likely prefer to wear the longer socks because they keep you warmer and protect you from the elements better.

The low-cut style isn't too low that it exposes the heel so you don't have to worry about rubbing or blisters as you do with some options and the crew length sits nicely at the midway point up the calf. Overall, these socks have a stylish look that is streamlined and won't give you a bulky appearance even when you wear shorts.

They do come in a limited selection of colors so anyone who likes brighter hues won't be impressed with the Champion Double Duty, but if you don't mind the usual white, grey, and black shades then you'll do just fine with these.


No one wants to wear uncomfortable socks, especially while they exercise. Luckily, Champion Double Dry socks are anything but uncomfortable! This pair has extra cushioning, which takes the strain out of every step by absorbing the shock from impact. The cushioning is plush but not bulky making it ideal for athletic activities. Comfortable socks are hard to find which is why this pair is so refreshing. They keep you nice and cool during warmer weather and the crew length is ideal for wearing when it’s cold out.

Overall, most people find these socks are an enjoyable choice that delivers a comforting ride no matter what the occasion. The low-cut option is great to wear with shorts because they have just enough material to protect the heel so that you don’t end up with a blister. Most no-show socks don’t give you any protection in the heel which is why you end up with friction-related irritation and blisters.


A great feature with Champion Double Dry socks is their wearability. This option is super easy to put on and take off thanks to the breathable and lightweight cotton fabric. The crew length isn’t too tight in the calf as with other similar options so it isn’t too hard to pull them up. And the Spandex cuff ensures they don’t slip or slide down your leg no matter how intensive the activity which is ideal for running and other types of workouts.


Champion is a subsidiary of Hanesbrands and began in Rochester, New York. Established back in 1919, as “Knickerbocker Knitting Company,” Champion started out making uniforms for the Michigan Wolverines. It wasn’t until the 1930s that Knickerbocker Knitting Company rebranded to its current title, “Champion” and it’s been an upward climb ever since.

Champion is the brand behind the majority of NFL uniforms and has become a trusted household name for athletic apparel. With retail outlets worldwide and it being such a popular choice among celebrities and high-profile athletes, Champion has earned one of the top spots in its niche and won't be leaving anytime soon.


The Champion Double Dry is easy to care for because it's made from high-quality materials that make for effortless cleaning. You can simply toss these in with the laundry and they'll be just fine and you can even tumble dry on low without having to worry about your socks shrinking. Most pairs tend to shrink in the dryer but the Champion Double Dry will be fine on a low setting which is a really great aspect with this pair. If you aren't the kind of person who likes to fuss over their undergarments then this is a great option.

The socks you wear while exercising need to be easy enough to care for because you need to wash them so frequently. This is why it's important to choose an option like the Champion Double Dry that doesn't need any special treatment and can be blended in with the rest of the laundry at the same time.


When it comes to color, the Champion Double Duty isn’t exactly the brightest. It comes in the usual white, black, and grey hues but there’s nothing that really stands out. However, if you’re not concerned with color then these are a great choice. The good thing about the available colors is that they’re neutral and go well with practically any color of clothing. This makes it easy to match them with all of your gear.

Bottom Line

Overall, the Champion Double Dry is a good choice of sock for casual and athletic occasions too. It offers a breathable blend of materials that prevent overheating and has built-in moisture-controlling technology that keeps you dry and comfortable. The additional arch support helps to lessen foot pain and fatigue in the lower limbs so you can push it harder than ever.

I really liked the reinforced heel and toe because it makes the Champion Double Dry last longer than other options. This is ideal for all kinds of high-intensity activities like running and even walking. You can choose from two different lengths, crew and low-cut which makes them easy to style with any wardrobe. The low-cut is best for sunny summer days, while the crew length is best for colder weather. This is an enjoyable choice of hosiery that will keep you comfortable while you train and is ideal for almost any occasion.