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Are you looking for thick, warm, comfortable, supportive, breathable socks that will keep your feet dry and free from odors? The Carhartt All-Season socks can deliver in all of those areas. 

These socks are made from cotton, polyester, nylon, and spandex. The main material is cotton, which is breathable, soft, strong, and absorbent. Antimicrobial properties are included in the Carhartt All-Seasons in order to fight odors. 

They have targeted protection with arch support that will provide support and stability all day long. Don’t worry about your socks bunching up or falling down, because they are designed to be snug.

The Carhartt All-Season socks are reinforced with extra yarn in the toe and heel areas in order to protect your high impact spots and increase durability. They are made to last as tall as your boots so you know they’ve got you covered. Carhartt products are made in the USA, and these socks are machine washable. 

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Fights odors


Too snug for some

Easily worn out


In 1889, Hamilton Carhartt founded his company, which started out producing overalls with just two machines with weak motors in a loft in Detroit. In the early days “Ham” had a hard time getting the business off the ground. So he decided to do a little research to figure out what the consumers were after.

Ham spoke with railroad workers and then went and produced products that were tailored to their needs specifically. The new Carhartt bib overall hit the shelves, and from that day on, Carhartt would be known as the standard for workwear that will last.

By the year 1910, Carhartt opened mills in Georgia and South Carolina. There were also sewing facilities opened up in Dallas, Detroit, San Francisco, and Atlanta. Carhartt even made it out of the country to Ontario, Vancouver, Liverpool, and Toronto. Later, a facility opened in Paris.

When Ham, the founder, passed away in 1937, Wylie (his son) took over the presidency. The presidency was passed down from hand to hand, until finally in 2013, the role was assumed by Linda Hubbard, who was the first president to be from outside of the family.

Carhartt now offers everything from underwear to footwear. Their boots are of high quality, like Timberlands. And the Carhartt All-Season socks are just as well-made.


The Carhartt All-Season socks are built to be durable. They are to provide support to the people who work overtime and are on their feet all day. They have been reinforced with extra yarn in both the toe and the hell in order to give more protection to those high impact spots. The hope is, that will the added protection, the socks will live as long as your work boots do.

There are many customers who have raved about the durability of these socks. Some customers end up ordering more of them. They say that the extra protection in the heel and toe really make a difference and claim that they work perfectly for men who work long hours in steel-toed boots.

There are also some customers, however, that claim their Carhartt All-Seasons’ develop holes rapidly. If this happens to you, you do have a time period that allows you to return the product. Sometimes products just end up as “duds” because something didn’t go one hundred percent to plan in the production process. It happens to everyone. If you’d like to look into a different sock, check here.


Obviously one of the most important things you’re looking for when shopping for socks is whether or not they’re comfortable. Who wants to have something on their feet all day that is going to be itchy, sweaty, loose, tight, or uncomfortable in any other way? Hopefully, the answer is nobody.

If you happen to be one of those people who wish to be comfortable, you may want to look into the Carhartt All-Season socks. With every stitch and detail, Carhartt worked hard to make sure that this sock could provide comfort to the person who dons them.

The cotton material used for these socks will provide you with breathability, strength, and softness. The cushioned cotton will work all day long to absorb sweat and keep your feet dry, cool and comfortable. The breathability is especially important for the summer-time and it is what helps these socks be suitable for all seasons.

The extra support and padding that is integrated into the Carhartt All-Seasons’ will also keep you comfortable throughout your workday. The protection from sweat, odors, and bacteria will keep your feet happy. The support in the heel and toe will help keep your typically high impact spots free from pain and discomfort more than other socks would.

If the thickness of the sock will be too warm for you, you could check out these socks.


When it comes to the fit of any sort of clothing item, some people will absolutely love it, some will tolerate it, and some will hate it. The story is no different with the Carhartt All-Season socks. They are designed to provide a lot of support and protection for people who are on their feet all day.

They are thicker, more durable socks than your typical fruit of the loom. There are consumers who don’t like how tight they fit. Others say the fit is absolutely perfect. There are customers who say they are too thick. Others say they provide the perfect amount of cushioning for all-day comfort.

At the end of the day, you know what your preferences are. All you need to do is conduct the research necessary to decide what socks are for you.


The Carhartt All-Seasons are made from multiple materials that all play their part in giving you a positive experience. The materials used in the production of these socks are cotton, polyester, nylon, and spandex. The material most present is cotton.

The cotton provides soft, cushioned comfort as well as strength and absorption abilities. Absorbing the sweat that you produce will prevent your feet from producing odors and harmful bacteria. The cotton also provides breathability, which you’ll appreciate most on summer days.

Polyester comes in handy because it is strong, yet flexible. It dries quicker than cotton does, isn’t as likely to shrink and wrinkle, and is inexpensive. It is, however more likely to stick to your skin when you’re perspiring, that is why there is a much smaller percentage of polyester than there is cotton in these socks.

Nylon and spandex work together to keep the Carhartt All-Seasons in their original shape, keep a snug fit, and provide adequate arch support. The material is stretchy, so it will move with you with ease. If you’re looking for more socks that provide arch support, try these.

Fights Odors

Something that people commonly need, and are sometimes embarrassed about, is odor control in their shoes and socks. There are a lot of people that struggle with perspiration when their feet are blanketed by socks and shoes.

Carhartt is aware of this issue, and have come up with a solution. With the Carhartt All-Season socks, you get antimicrobial properties that will stop odors in their tracks and keep your socks fresh. Not only is it beneficial to have materials that wick away moisture and provide breathability, but when you fight the sweat and odors of your feet, you also prevent the growth of harmful bacterias that can lead to skin issues.

If you struggle with sweaty, stinky feet, you can look into products like this.


The Carhartt All-Season socks are designed to give you incredible arch support and stability. They won’t bunch up or fall down, though they will be just stretchy enough to move with you. There are many benefits to having socks with arch support, especially if you suffer from certain conditions.

These socks have the potential to help relieve pain from plantar fasciitis, get your blood circulating better, and encourage recovery from edema treatments and heel spurs. They can also help reduce inflammation and swelling.

With enough time spent in socks with great arch support, you’ll start noticing that you’re feeling less pain in your feet because they will help with your swelling and inflammation and support your feet all day long. For shoes to compliment your socks, check these out.


A lot of people deal with uncomfortable and painful blisters as a result of shoes and/or socks that don’t fit right. Blisters are fluid-filled sacs. There is a way to prevent these from developing, though. By making sure that your socks fit properly, in a way that will minimize the amount of rubbing and shifting of the sock. More measures to take would be keeping your feet dry and cool and checking your feet every day to catch problems at the very start.

The Carhartt All-Season socks have extra measures to keep your sock secure and comfortable to prevent chafing and blisters. It is made to fit snugly with a little give so that it can move with you. It also has extra yarn in the spots that are most susceptible to sores and blisters - your heel and toe area.

The cotton used in the construction of the Carhartt All-Season socks has the ability to wick up the sweat that you produce during the day. This will help keep your feet dry and cool in order to prevent odors and irritation as well as the buildup of harmful bacterias that can cause foot issues. If your socks to happen to become too wet, change them out for dry socks. You could keep a pair of these socks in your car as backup.


For those who are on their feet all day, those who wear steel-toed boots, those who put in a lot of miles, and those who work outdoors in all weather, the Carhartt All-Seasons are perfect. They are heavier weight to keep your feet warm, but not so thick they will suffocate them. The cotton will help keep your feet dry and cool. As long as your shoe has some sort of breathability, you should have no issues. If you’re someone who sweats a lot, keep extra socks around.


Carhartt is dedicated to customer satisfaction. That being said, you have sixty days after the date of purchase to decide you’re dissatisfied and request a return. Carhartt does not accept exchanges, so you will have to return the item and then re-order or purchase in-store.

Any item you choose to return must be in the condition it was when you bought it, with the tags still attached. You will be responsible for any costs accrued in shipping the item back. Make sure that you put the return copy in the package to make the process go more quickly and smoothly.

Returns are only accepted if you purchase the item from After the return has been processed, a credit will appear on your account within five to seven business days. The original cost of shipping cannot be refunded.

You can return items bought on to any Carhartt Store. All you need to do is take your item to the store and let customer service assist you in getting your return shipped to the warehouse without any fee.

Bottom Line

The Carhartt All-Season socks are made with breathable material that will wick away moisture, they are packed with measures that will give you the support you need to stay comfortable all day, especially if you are on your feet all day or work outdoors. They’d even be great for people who are hiking, hunting, or fishing.

If you suffer from foot conditions like plantar fasciitis, the Carhartt All-Season socks can help ease your symptoms. They can help with many other foot conditions as well. They are also infused with antimicrobial properties in order to prevent odors. Preventing odors is important because if you’re having foot odors, it can easily turn into harmful bacteria growing and causing more foot issues.

Like any product, the Carhartt All-Season socks have a few negative reviews. These come from people who claim that the fit is way too tight and they are easily worn out. These socks are designed to be snug, and for some people that can be uncomfortable. While others love the tight fit. This comes down to personal preference. The snug fit will protect you from blisters, too. For help with blisters, you already have, try this.

Over time, your Car-Hartt All-Seasons cocks may wear out. If this happens within a few months, contact customer service. This is a company dedicated to quality and they will want to walk their talk.

The Carhartt All-Seasons aren’t outrageously priced and are worth a try. After all, if you hate the fit, you can simply return them.