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If you’re an active parent looking for a stroller that can keep up with you whether you’re walking, jogging, or running, the Bumbleride Speed could very well be your treasure. This stroller is built specifically to handle various speeds and terrains.

The durable, yet soft fabrics that are used in the construction of this stroller are one hundred percent made from recycled PET. PET stands for Polyethylene Terephthalate and is most widely known for the clear plastic that is used in the production of soda and water bottles. This material is lightweight, safe, and flexible. Since 2011, this material has kept a total of more than five hundred thousand bottles from ending up in landfills.

Automatically included with your purchase is the bumper bar that is foldable, an air pump for the tires, a wrist strap for safety, and a bell. Optional accessories include car seat adapters (only certain models including Nuna, Peg Perego, Nuna, Cybex, Chicco, Maxi Cosi, and Graco), a parent pack, a rain cover that isn’t PVC, a pack for snacks, a footmuff for cold weather, a travel bag, a bassinet that fits in the stroller, and seat and footmuff liners. You can also purchase a reversible version of the seat liner.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Three speed
  • Safety measures
  • Quality construction
  • Trusted brand
  • Tons of storage
  • Expensive
  • Doesn't fit all car seats


The birth of Emily and Matt Reichardt’s first baby, Ella, is what inspired them to start Bumbleride from their San Diego home in 2004. They both led active lifestyles and wanted to be able to continue those lifestyles, even with children in tow. Recognizing the impact that more active lifestyles will have on the products they design, they choose only the best and most functional materials in the construction process.

Bumbleride products are designed with a purpose. They are constructed to perform, and this means whether you’re walking through a store, jogging down the street, or running on a trail. The company uses feedback from consumers who have purchased their products in order to continuously provide top of the line stuff. Every element of the construction is designed in house from start to end.

They carefully choose materials (aluminum, plastics, and textiles) based on function, safety, durability, and environmental impact. Manufacturing can be dirty and pollute the atmosphere a lot, so Bumbleride tries to specifically choose suppliers who are working to conserve water, save energy, and reduce the amount of waste stacking up in landfills.

Matt and Emily want you to be able to continue doing the things that you love. They want you to be able to live an active life without being held back by children in strollers. They want you to be able to explore the while being aware of the impact you’re having on the environment around you.


We’ve already established that the company has your best interest, and the earth’s best interest, in mind and at heart when they’re designing and constructing their products. Therefore, they use recycled, non-toxic materials. They are even certified for being free of harmful chemicals and having a revolutionary process for dyeing their black colorways. Their process saves about twenty-five to forty gallons of water for every stroller made. It not only helps conserve water, but it also reduces the pollution that is created when the dying process is executed.

The fabric used is PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate). It is known as being the plastic that is used for soda and water bottles. It is petroleum-based and is recognized as being flexible, lightweight, and safe, as well as being one hundred percent recyclable. About twenty-eight already used bottles are recycled in the making of one stroller and provide a soft texture.

The frame is made from aluminum. Aluminum is a silvery-white metal that is a chemical element. The material conducts electricity efficiently, can be worked with easily, is resistant to weather damage, and just so happens to be the most abundant metal that exists in earth’s crust.


Even if you’re a parent that doesn’t live an extremely active lifestyle, any parent can fully appreciate a product that is designed for convenience. This stroller is focused on just that, from top to bottom.

The stroller includes a large basket that has a capacity of twenty-nine liters and includes a specific space for storing the tire pump (which is included in your purchase). The five pockets are easily accessible and there is even a holder for a sippy cup. The stroller is compatible with certain car seats to make life a little easier, especially if the baby is sleeping and you don’t want to disturb their nap (your peace and quiet).

The way this stroller is designed as far as the folding up process and ease of storage is all to help keep your day running as smoothly as possible. The break down of the stroller is done in one simple step. There are even an assisted hinge and an auto-lock feature, as well as a comfortable handle to grip. The bumper bar is foldable to give you even more compact storage.

When folded up, it is only fifteen and a half inches tall and can be stood up or laid down for storage. The handle is adjustable and is made from TPR, which is a thermoplastic rubber that doesn’t have PVC or foam. Having a TPR handle can come in handy because it is slip-resistant material, even when your hands are slippery or wet.


An important part of any stroller is the canopy. You want to be conscious of protecting your child from the sun, rain, and any falling debris from overhead. The canopy on the Bumbleride Speed is considered to be oversized and it has a UPF (ultraviolet protection factor) of forty-five. This means that the canopy only lets one forty-fifth of the UV rays to pass through the polyester material of the canopy.

They canopy includes an extendable pop-out feature. It easily zips off of the stroller to allow more airflow. There is a mesh window for you to view the baby while you’re moving. The window can be closed via the magnetic closure. The window will also serve as a tool in keeping your child calm as well. If they can look up and see you they’ll be more at ease and make for a more enjoyable outing.

And, most importantly, what parent doesn’t worry about safety when it comes to their kids and anything they do? The great thing about this stroller is that even if you’re caught in low-light environments or out in the dark, you’ll still be visible to vehicles. The canopy includes reflective areas to help keep you safe.


For the parents with the more active lifestyles, you’ll really love the fact that this stroller was designed to be able to handle three different speeds and to trek more terrain than just concrete. When you are simply walking with the stroller, the wheels will swivel three hundred and sixty degrees. When you run with the stroller, the wheels like lock up at thirty degrees, only allowing a partial swivel to help you navigate small turns and curves. When you are running with the stroller, the wheels will be locked forward.

You can enjoy the benefits of the three speeds along with the fact that you can take the stroller on more terrain. Thanks to the suspension throughout all of the wheels and the fact that the tires are air-filled, you’re going to experience a much smoother ride. The suspension helps alleviate the pressure put on the stroller and your body while you’re going over bumps, also helping to keep the baby calm and comfortable.

Tires that are air-filled do take more maintenance than foam-filled tires. You’ll need to top off the air occasionally with the pump that is supplied with your purchase. To some, that’s no big chore at all, but some would rather not be bothered by it. You can repair or replace your tires that are air-filled if they are punctured, however that’s another hassle that some people don’t want to be burdened with.


One of the greatest things about Bumbleride products and the company itself is how focused they are on being environmentally friendly every chance they get. Bumbleride is Class 1 Certified by Oeko Tex Standard 100 to have fabrics which do not contain any harmful chemicals. They are also phthalate and PVC free, without any fire retardants, and no PU (polyurethane) foam.

The fabrics that the company uses to construct their products are all made one hundred percent from used soda and water bottles. Each stroller actually uses twenty-eight bottles. The plastic of the bottles is PET, which means polyethylene terephthalate. It is lightweight, safe, and flexible, as well as being one hundred percent recyclable. It is actually the most recycled plastic worldwide.

Also, their innovative process for dying their black colorways works to save about twenty-five to forty gallons of very important water per each stroller made. Not only does it conserve water, but it also reduces the pollution that typically comes from dye processes.

The great thing about aluminum is the way that it affects (or rather doesn’t affect) the environment. It is one of the least harmful production processes out of the mining and metal industries. Also, it can be recycled repeatedly without losing its special properties.


A very important factor when shopping for any item is how long it’s going to last. Especially on high ticket items. And when it comes to strollers, jogging strollers are high on that list. Therefore, you can only expect the best of the best with a stroller that you’re going to invest so much into.

The frame of the stroller is constructed from lightweight aluminum that is welded together for extra support and strength. The wheels have suspension all the way around. The tires are sixteen inches tall in the rear and twelve inches tall in the front and they are air-filled.

Having larger wheels/tires will give you a smoother ride. They can handle rougher terrain and jogging or running. The air-filled tires can also be repaired and/or replaced, which will save you money in the long run by prolonging the life of the stroller itself.

You won’t even have to worry about the polyester color fading too quickly thanks to the improved color overlays to prevent fading in the sun. The UV protection plays a huge part in this as well.

If your product is not up to standard, you do have a warranty on it. There are guidelines and limitations to it. You also have lifetimes access to customer service that is dedicated to treating you as a friend.
Satisfaction Guarantee

Satisfaction Guarantee

Everybody is busy these days. The hustle and bustle never end. Bumbleride wants their products to be able to roll right along with you seamlessly. However, if the products don’t, the company will be your partner to support you and provide the best quality service.

If your stroller was purchased through one of the authorized dealers, your stroller frame will be eligible for a three-year warranty and lifetime access to a friendly support staff that will make sure you love your product for many years.
The fabric, inner tubes, and tires are all guaranteed for one year after the day the product was purchased to not have any manufacturer defects. Damage caused to these components from typical wear and tear can be replaced or even repaired at a decent price.

Returning a stroller and/or accessories is free so long as your order totals one hundred dollars or more. This is if the products were purchased on bumbleride.com and are only applicable for thirty days after you purchase it. The product must still have all of the materials included as well as being in new condition still (Alaskan and Hawaiin customers excluded as well as parts orders). The stroller may be tested indoors, but can not be used outdoors if you want to return it. When returning parts that are replacements, you will be responsible for your shipping costs.

There is a form that must be completed and included in the package with your returned items or else the warehouse will not accept the return. It is available at https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/2341/8943/files/Return_Form.pdf?1602754176870394440.

Bottom Line

Some key points to remember are that the canopy has excellent UV protection, rain protection, a mesh window that can be closed magnetically, and reflective details to provide you with extra safety in low light conditions.

The large air-filled tires are going to give you a wonderfully smooth ride over concrete or grass or dirt and whether you’re walking, jogging, or even running. The auto-lock feature helps keep you and your baby safe during each pace.

You don’t have to be extremely active or plan to be going on any beaches anytime soon in order to reap the rewards you get from the Bumbleride Speed stroller. With a satisfaction guarantee, what do you have to lose?