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Brooks has built a reputation for knowing the ins and outs of a runner’s needs. Their shoes and apparel designs are generally just what the doctor ordered when it comes to running approved gear. You don’t have to be an athlete to appreciate Brooks when it comes to such awesome ease of wear. These Chaser shorts are a great pick for anyone looking for clothing to feel phenomenal in. With accessible storage and varying lengths, the Brooks Chaser is ideal for those picky about what they put on for a run.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Fittie Award Winner
  • Durable Materials
  • No Chafing
  • Hidden Slits
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Two Hidden Pockets
  • Runs Small
  • Non-Adjustable Waist
  • Barely Any Reflectivity

Additional Storage

It is always awesome to find that your favorite shorts have pockets, and even more so when they are close to the body as to not get in the way of getting active. The Chaser by Brooks has pockets in the waist to ensure you can stash your valuables. One problem with these pockets is that reviewers found that they were maybe not as spacious as advertised. A few said they struggled to fit their phone if they were able to at all. If you have a phone with a large screen, as many do, you may not be able to use the pockets intended for the phone when wearing these shorts. Two pockets in the waistband allow for even more storage than one will get from most athletic wear. One of the pockets is even sweat-resistant, perfect for electronics, assuming they are not too large to lay flat against you during your workout. Though this waistband is a source of complaint about some of the wearers, many did still appreciate these pocket options put in for convenience regardless.


Drawcords are relatively standard when it comes to any athletic wear. You want to ensure that your bottoms will stay up, no matter what you are doing at the moment. Unfortunately, there is no drawcord on the Brooks Chaser, which eliminates any chance at adjustability for the short. Reviewers found that this caused issues with them staying in place and secure while wearing. Brooks believes that their wide and flat waistband will prevent slippage or the fabric falling down on the hips, but reviewers felt much differently. If you hate the possibility of having to constantly be adjusting and pulling up your pants during a workout, a more customizable fit would work a lot better for you than this Chaser. Putting additional items in the waistband pockets could help to keep it closer to your body when wearing, but it really shouldn’t be necessary to do that to have something fit you correctly, nor is it very practical when really considering how inconvenient that may be. Plus, having a bulky waistband will take away from the overall streamlined appearance these shorts intend to achieve.


These are priced relatively well for an athletic pair of shorts. With many athletic brands, you end up paying for the brand name along with the item you are purchasing. This is an unfortunate side-effect of the popularization of great brands. Surprisingly, this Brooks Chaser is actually affordable when it comes to the brand's pricing in other regards. Coming in at below retail compared to many other big-name athletic items, the Chaser is cute and affordable for those looking to get a cute pair of bottoms to add into their workout gear. If you have been wanting to try out an item from Brooks, but have been waiting for a more accessible price, this pair by them could be an option for you!


This pair of shorts actually won the Fittie Award, so you know they are going to be cute and well-designed. The Fittie Award is an award given by a group called the Fit Bottom Girls. This group awards fitness products with “Fitties” and food products with “Noshies” that they consider being the best items available currently in both health and fitness. The Chaser won the top award, for cuteness, quality, and performance. This is a pretty impressive award for any women’s fitness item to receive, so the Brooks Chaser is a pretty serious pair of shorts. Most people probably never get the chance to wear something that has won awards, so this is as good an opportunity as any! Their design is low rise on the hips, but also is cut at a three-inch inseam, making it pretty short as well. This gives a large range of motion and really great comfort. If you are looking for a short designed for a woman’s body that works perfectly with you, this could fit the bill, depending on how comfortable you find Brooks gear to be. Their mesh brief liner will, at the least, keep you dry and secure despite issues with sizing.

Ease of Care

These days, it can be increasingly hard to just find an article of clothing with simple care. Couple that with all the highly advanced fitness technologies that brands are constantly pumping out, and it can be really hard to maintain and clean any of it. Brooks, luckily, takes out the struggle of caring for your favorite workout clothes. All Brooks asks is that you tumble dry on low heat and try to avoid fabric softeners, as it could damage the integrity of the fabric. That is pretty simple if you ask me! Plus, it may even help you save on dryer sheets. The material allows these to be relatively resistant to stains and sweat, making the care process even simpler for those of us who aren’t invested in personally hand washing every single article of clothing we own, as many fitness brands expect of us. These are quick drying and have incredibly durable materials, which means they will hold up well for long periods of time, even with excessive wearing and washing. Athletic wear is frequently using specifically engineered materials, but this Brookes Chaser is back to basics with resilient fabrics and simple maintenance.


Reviewers weren’t thrilled with the fit of the Brooks Chaser, which doesn’t bode well for them due to having no adjustable waistband. There were a couple of issues that were brought up with the fit of this pair of shorts. One of them was the fact that these are relatively low rise. The inner liner kept this a bit restrictive on the lower body. Though the waist is decidedly very stretchy, it didn’t do much to help these from running very small, especially since their fabric isn’t necessarily stretchy or accommodating, similar to the fabric of most women’s running shorts. If you do not like low-rise bottoms, especially for athletic wear, then these Brooks are not going to work for you at all. Even with the longer inseams, this is an option that doesn’t come up past the hips. A great fit is a true asset when challenging yourself physically. Even reviewers who loved the fit remarked at the rise, so this is definitely going to be a factor to pay attention to if you have strict preferences for the rise of your shorts.


With a three-inch inseam, these Brooks are a fantastic length to afford you a full range of motion, but without the chafing that can come with a smaller length of short. If you hate chub rub but also don’t want to have to wear a seven-inch or longer short, something like the Chaser will be a great fit for you. Their length hits at a spot to protect your thighs, while also having hidden seams which allow for unrestricted motion and less chafing, which is always appreciated. Due to their hidden seams, these don’t appear to be too tiny. That dreaded stretching and creasing that you tend to get on athletic bottoms that can make it look like what you’re wearing are too-tight is diminished here thanks to their inseam and the hidden slits. This length is ideal for those who want to keep it comfortable without feeling like they’re nearly wearing capris. Reviewers found this to be their favorite length of the Chaser available currently, with many switching to this size from the five-inch inseam option.


Part of the reason the Brooks Chaser won the Fittie Award is due to the high-quality material used on them. While many running shorts have virtually no give at all, the Brooks includes spandex in the body of this Chaser. The polyester and spandex blend allows for some leeway when it comes to movement, and this won’t feel like it is in the way of any activity you chose to do when wearing them. The liner is fully polyester, which has its advantages. Polyester fabric is really strong and durable, it can hold up to serious wear and tear. Additionally, making the liner fully polyester helps to keep the fabric quick-drying and moisture-wicking, a must for any active wear. The waistband of this has no drawcord, as mentioned, so it requires a bit more stretch than the rest of the Chaser. The waist utilizes a higher ratio of spandex to polyester, keeping its moisture-wicking properties while adding a bit more stretch to the fabric. Reviewers still struggled a bit with materials regardless of their thoughtful implementation. Some found their “true” size was a bit too small, but sizing up causes stretching which made the shorts hard to fit. Overall, it seems that Brooks may need to add an adjustable element to reduce the problems that the wearers of this bottom seem to be having.

Safety Features

Running shorts pretty much require safety features, or it kind of limits when and where you can wear them. While some of the five-inch inseam options had a reflective patterned material you could get, the three-inch inseam does not. The only reflective material on this Chaser is at the side of the leg, where there is a small reflective logo placed. That simply isn’t enough for a running short, in my opinion, since many people run in areas highly trafficked by motorists. This won’t affect someone who regularly works out indoors, nor will it have an effect on someone who is a daylight runner, but so many people are not either, so it needs to be mentioned. If you run outside of daylight hours, you will need to find another way to increase your visibility than the Brooks Chaser. As mentioned, this really isn’t a huge issue for those who do not need to maintain visibility, but it would have been nice considering that Brooks is a running brand to have put reflective materials in all the patterns of these shorts.


The materials are so fabulous when it comes to this Brooks Chaser because of what they are capable of, more than what they are. Brooks won their Fittie due to their really lightweight and breathable fabric. Reviewers raved about how it almost felt like these shorts weren’t even there while running. The materials themselves are so thin, yet strong, that they feel seamless and light as a feather when being worn. Being non-constricting enhances the quality of the workout but being breezy and soft is just as appreciated in your downtime.. This Chaser is a fantastic way to avoid thigh rub and discomfort on long runs. Chafing is a common complaint when it comes to running shorts, and reviewers found this pair by Brooks fully avoided any problem with inopportune rubbing. Lightweight clothing is necessary when you’re trying to move fast and with purpose. The Chaser ensures that all your goals are within reach, with nothing slowing you down, especially not your outfit choices.

Bottom Line

Runners trust Brooks due to their attention to detail. This pair of shorts isn’t perfect, as it runs small and lacks an adjustable waist, but it is still adorable. Winning the Fittie Award was well-deserved, thanks to its elimination of the problem of chafing and two storage pockets in the waistband, with one even being sweat-resistant. Fans of running who want to turn heads will happily and enthusiastically rock this Brooks Chaser without even a second thought.