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If you love your outdoor runs and don’t want the drop in temperature, preventing you from getting out there, then you may want to think about using the Brooks Cascadia Vest. It’s going to help keep you nice and warm even when the weather isn’t. The vest will keep your core toasty while still preventing you from overheating. It does an excellent job at balancing warmth and breathability, keeping you cool when necessary and warm when it’s freezing. 

The Brooks Cascadia Vest might have a higher price tag than you’re comfortable with; however, it’s an amazing investment. The durability is phenomenal, so this vest is going to be part of your cold-weather gear for quite some time. There is no need to replace it any time soon. 

Customers love the look and feel of the Brooks Cascadia Vest. It has a simple style that fits in just about anywhere. Whether you’re running errands or running around the neighborhood, this vest will keep you warm and comfortable.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Fits true-to-size

Amazing insulation


Lightweight and compact



Pockets aren't perfect

High price tag

Limited color options


When you want to get outdoors and enjoy a nice workout but don't want to let a little cold weather stop you, then you are in luck. The Brooks Cascadia Vest does a fantastic job at keeping you warm so you can get out and enjoy your run without getting too cold. The vest will keep your core warm and toasty without restricting your movements, allowing you to move freely.

Whether you are running, walking, or participating in any other outdoor activity, the Brooks Cascadia Vest will give you what you need to keep you cozy. It's wind and water-resistant so you can't use the weather as an excuse for staying inside anymore.

Of course, you don't have to be an avid runner to enjoy the use of the Brooks Cascadia Vest. Some customers might choose to wear it as their everyday outerwear. It has a simple design that looks great for most occasions.


Consumers can agree that the Brooks Cascadia Vest is super comfortable. It has an excellent construction and soft materials that feel pleasant along your skin, giving you a great experience while you're out and about.

Just because it's cold outside doesn't mean that you have to be miserable and uncomfortable. Let the Brooks Cascadia Vest keep you at the perfect temperature. The 80gm-polyfill insulation does a phenomenal job at keeping you warm enough without causing you to overheat. It offers fantastic temperature control so you can focus on your workout.

The Brooks Cascadia Vest has a stretch construction that moves with you while you're on the go. The flexibility is amazing. You aren't going to feel like you're restricted at all while you're running. It's always nice to know that your jacket will move around with you.

Just because the temperature outside is uncomfortable, doesn't mean that you have to be. Let the Brooks Cascadia Vest keep you comfy and cozy.


Brooks uses a blend of materials in the construction of the Cascadia Vest. The body of the garment is 100% polyester for ultimate protection and comfort. The sides, however, use a mixture of 77% nylon and 23% spandex.

Polyester is standard in most athletic apparel. It's hydrophobic, meaning that it hates water. It's not going to absorb moisture easily and when it does, it will evaporate quickly. It's ideal because it's going to aid in keeping you dry while you're on the go. Whether sweating up a storm or running in a light mist, the Brooks Cascadia Vest will keep you dry.

Since the side panels are a blend of spandex and nylon, you will be able to get a flexible and stretchy feel for added comfort. The vest will move along with you, giving you an unrestricted experience while you're active. This adds to the overall comfort level, giving customers a more pleasant wearing experience.

In addition to the outer materials, the Brooks Cascadia Vest uses 80gm-polyfill insulation inside the vest to keep you warm and comfortable. The filling is thin but packs a decent punch, enabling you to stay warm enough in the cold without overheating.


It is important in all of your athletic apparel, including your outerwear, that you find something that will offer a decent amount of ventilation. Yes, you want to make sure that your jacket or vest can keep you warm enough when venturing out in the colder temperatures, but you also want to make sure you aren't going to overheat.

Thankfully, the Brooks Cascadia Vest does a really good job at keeping you warm when you are cold while still preventing overheating. The 80gm polyfill is thick enough to prevent freezing but thin and breathable enough to keep you from getting too hot. It makes for reasonably decent temperature control.

If you find yourself getting too warm, even though the breathable materials, you can unzip the vest a bit and allow some more air to flow through. It's super easy to cool yourself down in a pinch.

In addition to the ventilation offered by the Brooks Cascadia Vest, it is also water-resistant. Just because air can flow through the vest doesn't mean it has to allow water through it. In fact, it does a pretty good at keeping you dry. Whether you're sweating up a storm or there is a storm brewing, you can rest easy knowing that this product will keep you relatively dry, cool, and comfortable.


When you're enjoying the great outdoors, you need to make sure you are staying safe and protected. The Brooks Cascadia Vest can offer a little protection from the outside world, although not as much as some of the competitors.

This vest doesn't offer any kind of reflective detailing. Please keep this in mind if you're heading out in low light conditions, as you'll want to make sure you're taking proper precautions. If you are heading out in low visibility conditions, you are going to want to make sure you are pairing the Brooks Cascadia Vest with some reflective gear so you can prevent unnecessary accidents.

That said, the Brooks Cascadia Vest can offer you some protection from the elements. It is both wind and water-resistant so you can make sure you are staying warm and dry while you're out on an adventure.

Do not let the weather stop you from getting outside and doing what you love. Just because it's raining a little or cold outside doesn't mean you should stay inside. Thanks to the Brooks Cascadia Vest you can get out and enjoy the outdoors while staying protected from the harsh weather around you.


The Brooks Cascadia Vest has a great style that customers can appreciate. It is relatively simple and doesn't stand out which many people love about it. The vest has a sleeveless design (as it's a vest) with a full-length zippered closure. The stand-up collar helps keep the back of your neck warm while you're adventuring in the cold.

The Brooks Cascadia Vest does come with three pockets for storage. However, some customers aren't too pleased with the pockets. They have stated that they are in awkward positions, which makes it challenging to use while they're on the go. Additionally, the pockets are smaller than anticipated, making them almost useless to some runners.

The Brooks Cascadia Vest does have a straight hem and a semi-fitted cut. It looks great on, contouring to the curves of your body without being too tight, allowing you to wear additional layers under the vest.

There isn't a vast selection of colors that you can choose from when purchasing the vest. Some consumers mentioned that they'd have liked to see a wider variety. Overall, however, customers were content with the choices they had available.


The way your clothing fits your body is crucial to your overall comfort level. This goes for your outerwear as well. You want to make sure that you are finding apparel that fits your body size and shape properly; otherwise, you're going to be extremely uncomfortable.

The Brooks Cascadia Vest is running fairly true to size, according to most customers. This should help significantly when it comes time to place your order.

The vest is semi-fitting, which means that it should contour to your body and fit snuggly. However, the Brooks Cascadia Vest should be a little loose on your body so you can wear it over your other clothing.

Overall, consumers are happy with the way the Brooks Cascadia Vest fits their bodies. It gives them unrestricted movement and exceptional comfort.


When you are spending decent money on your running gear, you want to make sure that it's durable. You do not want to waste your money on an inferior product. Thankfully, the Brooks Cascadia Vest is not going to let you down.

Customers love the durability they get with the Brooks Cascadia Vest. There are no complaints on the longevity of the vest, which is impressive. You will not have to worry about premature wear and tear when it comes to this product.

Whether you run every day or just occasionally, you can rest easy knowing that this vest will be able to keep up with your lifestyle. It can be frustrating to pull your vest or jacket out of the closet just to find a hole or tear in it. At least, that isn't a problem you'll have to deal with when using the Brooks Cascadia Vest. The materials are strong enough that they'll stay intact, no matter what you are doing.


If you are going out for a nice long workout the chances are that you're going to get sweaty, it is just something that happens. Your active apparel will suffer and start to smell if you aren't regularly and adequately washing it. The same goes for your outerwear. A lot of people think that just because they're wearing it outside of their clothes that you do not have to wash it as often, but that isn't necessarily true. You want to make sure the Brooks Cascadia Vest is staying clean and smelling fresh.

The good news is that the vest is machine washable, so it isn't too much of an inconvenience to keep it clean. In fact, Brooks recommends that you give it a quick wash, separately, before you wear it for the first time.

When washing throwing it in the wash, you will want to try to keep it with like colors. You are going to want to avoid using bleach and fabric softeners when cleaning the Brooks Cascadia Vest.

The vest go in the dryer as well. You can tumble dry it, on low heat. There should be no problems with the Brooks Cascadia Vest shrinking in the dryer, so you are safe when it comes to that.


The Brooks Cascadia Vest has a pretty high price tag. It's not as bad as some of the other high-end vests, but it is still up there in price. Keep in mind that you get what you pay for. Yes, you can find cheaper running vests out there that will keep you warm and get the job done, however, they probably won't last you nearly as long.

The Brooks Cascadia Vest is durable and will stay with you for quite a while. You aren't going to have to spend any more money for a while to replace the vest. So, yes, you're going to pay a bit of money upfront, but you'll save more in the long run.

Even though the cost is high, customers still believe it's a good value. You will get an excellent product that will last you a long time.

Bottom Line

You should not let cold weather stop you from getting out and doing what you love. Thanks to running vest like the Brooks Cascadia Vest, you don't have to anymore. This product is going to keep your core nice and warm while you're out in cold temperatures so can continue to get out and adventure.

Don't let the higher than average price tag scare you away. It's well worth the higher cost thanks to the longevity of the vest. You won't have to replace it for quite a while, making it the ideal investment.

There aren't a lot of colors to choose from, but that's OK. Customers love the vest anyway. It has an amazing fit and simple design. You can wear the Brooks Cascadia Vest just about anywhere for almost any reason.