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Do you know the origin story of the Bob Revolution? How it all began? Well, it all started back in 1994, when Roger Malinowski actually met Philip Novotny. The former was bicycle aficionado and sports nut, while the latter was a successful airline mechanic. They met in central California while on vacation and Roger was impressed with something that Philip had designed. It was called a Yak, and it was actually a bike trailer that Philip had custom made out of a regular bike.

So, Roger thought that this is a great idea for a business, and with a small financial investment, both of them started Bob Revolution. In fact, the original name of their company was Beast of Burden, but they changed it in the BOB Revolution. The acronym was easier to remember, it was short and oh so simple. When both Roger and Philip started having children, they used the needs of their children and incorporate into the designs. So, with the expansion and growth of their family, the merchandise grew as well.

But for now, let’s take a closer look at one of their best models. The Flex Duallie. What’s so great about it? What are the pros and cons of the item? You can find out by scrolling down in this post.

Hope you’ll like it.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Adjustable handlebar

Speedy stability

Cargo basket for storage

Easy to fold




The comfort is usually a mix of well-timed and well-designed features and it’s never attributed by one single thing. Yes, having great materials in the making of that item is a great start, but often times the design, the ingenuity, the style, and the practicality are a great help. And while we’ll get into the materials later in this post, the things that attribute for the comfort are sometimes big and grand, and sometimes small and seemingly insignificant. But they pack a lot of punch that’s for sure.

Let’s start with the seating position of the two seats. Yes, the stroller is designed for twin babies, but the totally upright position of the seat is truly wonderful feature here. The item can accommodate babies from the infant stage all the way up to the 50 lbs each, and in each and every stage, your children will have the best possible view. Oh and that seat mentioned before is ultra-padded with added ventilation, while the recliner adjustment can be done using just one hand.

It’s almost effortless to adjust the recliner using one hand, and you can do the adjustment in 9 separate positions. How cool is that?


Watch out for the materials, because they’re the ones that make this item so lightweight and easy to use. Let’s start with the frame of the stroller. Made out of high-quality aluminum alloy, the Flex Duallie is actually very strong, durable and lightweight because of that particular material. Secondly, there are two seats.

Made specifically for twin babies in mind, the seats are as just as comfy and durable as the frame. The seats are also ultra-padded and lined with two specific types of fabrics. The first is the Poly weave type of fabric, while the second is Dobby weave type of fabric. It’s the exact type of fabric weave that’s used in the design of the well-known Polo shirts.

Oh, and last but certainly not least there are the tires. Three of them with different dimensions, but the rims of those tires are made out of polymer composite. Why polymer composite you might ask? Well because this is jogging type of a stroller and the polymer composite will ensure that they can withstand the high impact of the terrain.


Unlike most of the strollers on the market, the Flex Duallie is actually designed to accommodate two children side by side. And that’s how the seats are designed in fact. Not, one behind the other, but side by side. That way the babies can have the closeness, the bond that the twins are known for and the parents can have better control of their activities.

But because this is a special type of three-wheeled type of stroller the fit is pretty excellent. It can be easily maneuvered through different spaces, terrains and the fit of the item will always be top notch. But what about the fit of the babies inside the seats? Well, that’s great too. The seats are spacey, roomy and comfy enough to provide the great fit of the children, but the handlebar is the true star here. Much like the seats, the handlebar is also padded and allows you to adjust the fit in 9 separate positions.


Let’s talk specifics. Having a roomy and practical stroller is great! But just how roomy it actually is? Let’s talk numbers. The height of the handlebar is adjustable from 33.5 inches all the way up to 50.5 inches (or 85 to 128.3 in cm). Which would make the entire item easy to grab regarding which parent is actually pushing it. The mom or the dad. Secondly.

The overall width of the stroller is 30.5 inches or 77.5.5 cm, while each of the interior seats is 12.5 inches wide. That would make it 31.8 cm wide when converted in cm. And because this particular model has an option for removal of the wheels when it’s folded, there are specific dimensions of each position. When folded with the wheels still on the stroller, the height of the Flex Duallie is 17.5 inches or 44.5 cm. But when the wheels are off, the height of the item reaches 16 inches or 40.6 cm.


You’re in luck. That aluminum alloy in the frame and that fantastic polymer composite in the rims of the wheels create on the highly strong, durable and very lightweight model. In fact, the overall weight of the Flex Duallie is 33.1lb or


This is a great, and highly useful stroller. Perfect for everyday use, and for high action jogging endeavors. The performance of the stroller is top-notch, but let’s talk about the basic use of the model. What type of specifics allows the use to be satisfactory for the babies and the parents as well? Well, let’s start with the little ones at the front of the stroller.

The padding on the seat gives them extra comfort, while the space in each of the seats allow them to move freely and without any restrictions. But what about the wheels? They’re a huge and essential part of the model, and in this particular model, the key player is the front wheel. The front wheel actually makes the use smoother and more relaxed for the parents, as it swivels nicely through the most difficult turns and tight spaces. The front wheel not only swivels, but it also locks forward pretty nicely in order to increase the stability of the entire item even in the rockiest terrains. You can rest assured that the use of the Flex Duallie will run smoothly, efficiently and comfortably.

The folding and storage are quite easy and convenient because it’s done in short two-step folding maneuver, and the entire stroller allows you to store it with and without the wheels. That’s right you with the specific design, you can easily remove the wheels if you don’t have enough space to store it with the wheels on. Let’s not forget the cargo basket underneath the seats. It’s extra-large and it can store the essentials for you and your baby with a 15% increase in capacity. Compared to the previous models.

Oh, and one very important note. The total weight capacity of the stroller is 100 lbs or 45.5 kg. It’s perfectly capable to withstand 2 babies plus the additional load from the luggage in the basket and the compartments, but excess weight beyond this limit is not recommended. It would render the model unusable and could get damaged fairly quickly if you exceed the limit for the load.


The versatility of the stroller is really characterized by one amazing feature, the adjustable suspension. It’s high quality and it allows the versatility of the stroller to shine regardless of which particular model you will select. And over there, the suspension system is truly a thing of beauty and practicality. Because of the high-quality suspension system, the adjustability of the entire system offers a whole 3 inches of fantastic travel support and the whole 2 stages of the fantastic weight support. Both of them offer a fantastic smooth ride on every type of terrain.


In terms of the protection, Bob Revolution doesn’t rely on solely one source. Why would they rely solely on one type of protection, when the safety and wellbeing of the children and on the parents is at stake?

No. The protection in this particular model starts with the parking brake. It’s foot-activated and it’s so easy to use. It secures the stroller when it’s not in use, and it will become any parent’s favorite item. The wrist strap is included to help with the safety while the parents are running, and when you’re done using it, you can actually fold it, and lock the entire model with a simple yet effective buckle. The two large and comfy canopies are great providers of protection from the harmful UV rays, and each of them offers 50+ UPF protectionfor the children.

But let’s not forget the main component in this particular section of the review. The harness. As you can expect there are two separate harnesses and there are two separate safety systems to protect each of the two children that are placed on them. The seats in the harnesses have the much desired five-point system of safety, which will ensure that both of the children will be snug as bugs in this particular stroller. Safe and well protected at all times.


Yes, the safety and the versatility of the Flex Duallie are exceptionally praised by most of the parents, but so is the durability. It’s not easy transporting two children at the same time. Especially if you’re planning on jogging when you’re actually transporting them. But each and every material and each and every part of the stroller is designed to withstand not just the weight, but also the activity for which this item is used. The aluminum alloy in the frame and the polymer composite in the rims of the wheels are directly responsible for the durability, but so is the padding in the seats and the padding in the handlebar as well.


Bob Revolution suggests that you clean the stroller with a mixture of mild soap and warm water. Use a sponge when you’re actually cleaning it, and make sure to rinse it well before you use it again. Don’t let any dried soap on the surface, because it might damage the fabrics and don’t use any heavy or abrasive detergents for the care and the maintenance.


The Bob Revolution offers 5 separate accessories for the Flex Duallie stroller. Each of them is purchased additionally and they include a tray, two different types of protective covers for the children, a fitness kit and a handlebar console. It’s truly unfortunate that a great stroller like this that is supposed to transport 2 children at once doesn’t contain an included tray for the kids or for the parents. It’s really sad that the tray is optional and added to the accessories part of the stroller, and not included in the package after it’s purchased.

Bottom line

Despite the fact that the tray is omitted in the official package, this is a fantastic item. Useful, practical and versatile for the parents, and the children this is a great investment for you and your precious little one. It’s roomy, spacious and comfy and it can hold up to 100 lbs of load, the Flex Duallie is a must have for every parent.