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Stiletto heels are revered as being the sexiest style for a woman to wear. Their sky-high spikes elongate the look of your legs and accentuate every curve in all the right ways making them a must-have for the modern fashionista. If finding the perfect pair is a pivotal moment for you than the Ella sandal from BCBGMAXAZRIA is just the thing to rock your world! It boasts an impressive four-inch satin covered spike and stunning metal chain hardware for an edgy vibe that is sure to impress. This powerful design commands attention and is a way for ladies to let their sensual side shine.

Keep reading below for my review of the best and worst aspects of the Ella sandal. I’ve thoroughly researched and spent hours reading through countless opinions from ladies who have worn them so that I could write the most accurate information possible. Let’s dive right into my review of the BCBGMAXAZRIA Ella, shall we?!

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • 4" Stiletto 
  • 1/2" Platform
  • Satin Upper
  • Chain Hardware
  • Buckle Closure
  • Pricey
  • Difficult To Walk In


The Ella sandal is one of those pairs that command attention when you enter a room. Metal chain hardware and a towering stiletto heel combine to make one stunning choice of footwear. It’s amazing how beautifully these heels match with a form-fitting mini dress or a flowing gown for a more elegant appearance. But, they aren’t the kind of shoe that you can only wear with a dress, oh no, they’re so much more! You can top off a more casual look with these too. Try wearing them with a pair of skinny jeans and a loose fitting blouse for a more casual demeanor that still oozes with sensuality.


What woman doesn’t fawn over a nicely accessorized pair of heels? The Ella literally boasts the most amazing metal chain hardware that gives off a look that’s red-carpet ready. This sandal looks like something straight out of a Hollywood starlets closet and makes the perfect addition to any fashion-conscious ladies wardrobe. If you’re in the market for a heel that you can wear for practically any occasion then this pair from BCBGMAXAZRIA is an excellent choice for you.


A towering four-inch stiletto heel makes this a smoking hot choice of footwear. The spike is covered by the same smooth satin fabric as the rest of the upper unit for a unison look that really brings the whole appearance together. Stilettoes can be tricky to walk in though so you should take that into consideration before deciding to wear these to any kind of event that might require you to move about too much. Though, some ladies are quite skilled in the art of meandering about in sky-high heels and won’t find that they have any trouble with this sandals spike.

If you’re anything less than experienced walking in a stiletto heel then it’s a good idea to practice at home first. That’s right, slip them on and stroll around your home before venturing outside so you can get a sense of your limits before you’re in the public eye. Just remember that walking on carpeting is an entirely different thing than the city streets or smooth flooring.


These heels have a synthetic sole that ensures there’s no clicking sound while you walk. This is important to some women who find that the constant sound that some heels make is a little annoying. The synthetic material is also non-abrasive which means that it won’t scuff or mark the flooring beneath your feet. Marking soles can be a big issue, especially if you’re headed to a fancy gathering and the location is all flooring!

The downside to these pairs sole is that its totally smooth. This means you don’t get any added traction or grip and can make them quite slippery to walk in. When you have that pattern on the sole it helps to make them grippier, whereas when a sole is flat you can run into trouble on slippery surfaces because there’s nothing to hold to the material beneath you.


Ladies love a shoe that’s crafted from high-quality materials and the Ella sandal offers just that! It’s made with a super-soft satin upper that looks incredibly elegant under any lighting. Satin in the kind of fabric that gives off an upscale vibe and is considered to be a classy choice. It’s also very breathable and helps to control excess moisture when worn against bare skin. This is important because no one wants to have sweaty feet, especially while they’re trying to maneuver gracefully in a pair of high heels.

Its metal chain hardware is made from jewelry grade materials so you know they’re last forever. This is a big deal because some of the lesser grade chain hardware can snap with little wear and that just ruins the whole shoe.


This sandal has a petite buckle closure system that lets you adjust the way it fits for enjoyable wear. Buckles are a great choice for this style of shoe because they’re dainty, feminine, and look perfect with the slender ankle strap. They’re also a secure type of fastener because they usually have three different notches that let you adjust how tight they fit so that you can customize them to best suit the thickness of your own ankle.


The Ella has a cute rounded open-toe design helps to make this pair even more stylish and really brings the look together. Having an open toe lets you show off your fresh new pedicure and makes it super easy to match your toe polish with the rest of your outfit for a flawless finish. It also helps to keep your feet cooler in warm weather so you won’t have to worry about feeling too hot or about having sweaty feet.


A smooth synthetic lining material feels great against bare skin and makes the Ella even more desirable. This material helps to wick excess moisture away from the skin so your feet don’t feel all gross and sweaty even after long periods of wearing them. When your feet get all hot and sweaty it can quickly cause unpleasant odors and can ruin your shoes by making them smell bad. Sweaty feet can also cause painful blisters because it makes the material rub against your skin causing friction.


While this pair doesn't retail for too steep of a price, it is a little more than your average pair of sandals. Despite the Ella costing a bit too much, it's a worthwhile pair that will make you feel great about yourself every time you wear them. You really can't put a price on looking and feeling your best which is why you should consider picking up a pair of these stunning stilettos. They're made with gorgeous detailing and a sultry silhouette that will have them as your go-to pair in a heartbeat. The way these heels look with practically any style of clothing and are surprisingly comfortable considering their four-inch spike.


The Ella heel fits fairly well overall and won't cause you too much discomfort despite its towering heel. But, some ladies found that the sizes ran a little small which is why some women had to buy a half or full size up from their usual size. The toe is also quite narrow so if you have wider feet you might also consider going up from your normal size. If you wear a shoe that's too tight or too small it can cause all sorts of aches and pains including painful blisters. When a shoe is too tight it rubs against the skin in certain areas causing friction, these spots get sore and often form blisters which can take weeks to fully heal. The best way to avoid this is by making sure that there is enough room to wiggle your toes freely and to fit one finger between your heel and the rear of the shoe.

Bottom Line

Overall, Ella sandal from BCBGMAXAZRIA is a fabulous choice of footwear for stylish ladies. It offers a four-inch stiletto spike and low rise 1/2-inch platform that makes it easier to walk despite the towering heel. If you enjoy looking your best then you'll fall head over heels for this sultry silhouette thanks to its gorgeous metal chain hardware and smooth satin fabric that covers both the heel and upper.

Ella's soft synthetic lining material feels incredible against bare skin and helps to wick excess moisture away from your skin for more enjoyable wear. I mean who wants to walk around with sweaty feet, it's not the most comfortable of experiences! Despite this pair costing a bit more than some women would like to pay, it's still a great value considering the sheer beauty of its design and is the perfect heel for ladies who enjoy looking their best.

One of the few downsides to this shoe is that it's a little difficult to walk in, though what pair of stilettos isn't?! It also runs a little small and women found that they needed to buy a larger size than they normally would have. Despite these issues, Ella is an all-around great choice and will make you feel like a million dollars every time you wear them.