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If you’re an adventurer, a runner, a hiker, a busy mom, or someone who simply could benefit from being hands-free in a world where we literally always have something to hold; Bandi Phone Belt might be just what you need. You can bring your essentials with you without having to carry anything in your arms or hands. In fact, you’ll hardly notice they’re with you at all.

This storage belt is lightweight and with the stretchy, contouring fit of the spandex, it will feel right at home on your waist. It has a buckle closure with an adjustable belt that can fit waists from twenty-eight inches in circumference to forty-two inches. In other terms, it can fit sizes extra small to extra large.

There are two storage pockets. The main pocket is divided to conveniently hold your phone in one section and cash and cards in the other. It is seven and a half inches long and three and a half inches tall. Make sure your phone will fit these dimensions before purchasing. You can also store your emergency medical devices and car/house keys in the large pocket, or in the four-inch pocket that is off to the side. 

Wear it over or under your clothing. Wear it to work, a business meeting, on a date, to the park, on a hike, or at a marathon. The perfect solution for travelers worried about pick-pocketers. It comes in seventeen gorgeous color schemes to hopefully suit the style of virtually every customer. 

The Bandi Phone Belt is made in the United States from a small brand owned and operated by two women. It is offered at a competitive price, and with a money-back guarantee, you have nothing to lose.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Comfortable Stretch

Easy Main Pocket Access

Hands-Free Experience


No Bounce


Spandex Slips On Some Bodies

Pockets On Small Side


Bev and Beth started the Bandi brand when, in the midst of their busy lifestyles, they realized that they didn’t have a convenient way to store their essential items. Between the two women, they participated in hikes on the weekends, taxiing their kids around, shopping, and running. And neither one liked to have to lug around a purse or attempt to hold their phones and essentials in their pockets.

Most of us have wished on occasion that we had a better way to store the things we want to have close to us. When traveling it’s annoying to have to carry bags and purses. When running, it’s easy to drop your phone and break it. When you’re shopping, you want to be able to use both of your hands to pick up objects. With a purse, it’s hard to do that. It just slides off your shoulder every two seconds.

Yes, handheld clutches and fanny packs were already invented, but the women wanted to produce something new that could be convenient and sleek at the same time. After eighteen months of focused hard work, they perfected their fashionable, functional belt. Upon its’ completion, the Bandi brand was launched in May of 2012.

Instantly, the company began receiving positive reviews from happy customers. Everybody loved the unique, patented fold that safely protected their products while providing convenient ease of access to their items. You can find other pocket belts here.


The main material used in the construction of this belt is spandex. This material is used strategically for its many beneficial properties. Spandex is what gives the belt its stretch. That’s what makes it great for running and working out. It stays in place and moves more naturally with your body.

When your belt isn’t bouncing around all over the place, you can focus more on your goals and less on your waist. You also won’t have to experience any skin irritation that would come from the belt bouncing and creating friction with your skin.

Spandex is special because it conforms to the shape of your body to give you a customized feel but it can also stretch to as much as six hundred percent its original size. This gives you a large range of motion without sacrificing on the contoured fit. Spandex snaps right back into place once it’s done being stretched. Because of this, it’s a very durable material.

There are secondary materials used in the making of this belt. For the printed color schemes, the other material used is polyester. For the solid colors, nylon is used. If you’re looking for a belt without spandex, check here.


Because everyone’s body is built differently, it can be difficult to find a belt that works perfectly for yours. The Bandi Phone Belt tries to accommodate as many body types as possible. The founders of this company are passionate about serving a wide demographic so that everyone can enjoy a hands-free lifestyle.

This belt is secured with a single buckle and the belt is adjustable. It is designed to sit on your high hip and will fit hip sizes between twenty-eight and forty-two inches in circumference. This means they fit anywhere between size extra-small and extra-large.

There is even an extender included that can add nine to twelve inches to the belt if you purchase from Amazon. If you purchase on Bandi’s website, the extender is sold separately. It still adds up to the same price, though.

The spandex material used in the construction of this belt will provide a snug, stretchy, comfortable fit that is resistant to bouncing while you move. You can find other bounce resistant belts here.


The amount of storage you can expect from a pocket belt is going to be much, much less than you have in your purse. And that’s kind of the point. Pocket belts are designed to help you be hands-free while still having your most important items near you. The pockets in these belts are designed to be able to carry your essentials.

The main pocket is seven and a half inches by three and a half inches. This is plenty big enough to fit most phones (check your dimensions before purchasing the belt), your cash and credit cards, driver’s license, and/or an EpiPen. There is even a divider in the pocket so that you don’t pull out your cash and cards at the same time as your phone. That’s a good way to lose important things.

There is another pocket off to the side which is only four inches long and three and a half inches tall. This pocket is perfect for chapstick, a lighter, your car keys, or even an inhaler. You can find other storage solutions here.


One great thing about the Bandi Phone Belt is how easy the pockets are to access. They aren’t zippered and they don’t have clasps. Which causes you to think, naturally, that they’re not secure. However, the patented fold provides double protection. You open the top flap and pull out the second flap to access the pockets.

This ease of access is extremely important for people who have medical conditions that require emergency supplies like an inhaler or an EpiPen. It’s also great for quickly answering the phone or calling 911. Teenage girls can even use this belt under their clothes to discreetly carry feminine products to the restroom. Here is another very convenient pocket belt.


One of the best qualities of this belt is how versatile it is. Not only do you have seventeen colors and patterns to choose from, but you can wear it on top of your clothes or under your clothes. You can show off the beautiful designs or you can discreetly keep essentials safe under your clothing.

This belt is suitable for any occasion. Carry your passport and ID for quick access during traveling and vacationing. Carry your emergency items to work and on hikes. The possibilities are endless. You can even carry an emergency energy source in the large pocket.

Moisture Management

When it comes to moisture protection in a pocket belt, you want to make sure that your items are protected from moisture and that your skin be protected from moisture where the belt touches it. Thankfully, the Bandi Phone Belt is made with spandex material.

Spandex has special properties that make it capable of being highly breathable, being able to wick up moisture, and being able to quickly dry. All of the qualities are good news for you. If outside moisture comes in contact with the belt, it will be able to absorb the moisture and dry before harming your items (to an extent).

The spandex will protect your skin from excess moisture buildup where the belt is in contact with it. If you perspire underneath the belt, the spandex will wick away the excess moisture without increasing its weight. You can even use deodorant in these areas to help with sweat.

Odor Control

There isn’t a technology in place to specifically control odors in this belt. However, there are measures in place to control moisture. Moisture is the component needed to create the odor in the first place.

When excess moisture collects and is left to sit, bacteria are attracted to it. Once they feed on it, they produce an acid which they leave behind on our skin. It is this acid that creates the too-well-known body odor we’ve all smelled a time or two.

By working to decrease the amount of moisture left to sit on your skin, this belt does actually help to control odors; even though it’s not designed to. Odor sprays can be used too.


In the 1990s when Fanny Pack’s were all the rage, they were available in an endless variety of bright colors and intricate designs. Everyone could express themselves their own way. With the modern-day “Fanny Packs” on the market, you’re more likely to find black, white, and maybe a few drab colors. If that’s what you’re looking for, try looking here.

However, the Bandi Phone Belt is offered in seventeen different colors and patterns! The solid colors that are offered include black, grey, and navy. The patterns are as follows: black hatch, colorful hatch, black paisley, blurred lines, confetti, electric indigo, indigo garden, shadow garden, watercolor garden, painted ikat, seaside, strata blue royal, strata black/grey, and strata fuschia violet.

Environmental Effects

For those who care about the environment - which should be all of us - it’s important to know that spandex is not environmentally friendly. Spandex is made from oil, which is harsh to the environment itself. When water is polluted by oil, it blocks the oxygen supply to the animals and plants underwater. If it’s destructive in that form, it can’t be the best idea turning it into spandex.

When spandex material is washed during manufacturing and at home after purchase, there are microfibers of plastic that get released into your water. These fibers then get rinsed through the drainer and into rivers. Yes, most wastewater is filtered and treated before being released into the rivers, but these microfibers tend to make it through, sending them out into the ecosystem.

Spandex is also not biodegradable, which is bad news. Yes, it can be recycled. But every time it is recycled it is made into a lesser form of plastic. If you’re looking for environmentally safe products, check here.

Bottom Line

Convenient pocket belts have been a thing for a few decades now. However, they were never as sleek and discreet as they are now. So discreet that they can be easily hidden under clothing. So sleek that they can be shown off on top of clothing.

Enjoy a morning jog with a comfortable stretch, a lightweight feel, no bouncing, ease-of-access, hands-free experience. You’ll even have some moisture control for the sweat you work up. Use it to go to the grocery store, to attend a staff meeting, or to do yoga. Keep in mind that the pockets are meant only for essentials, and are therefore small. With the great price and a money-back guarantee, why wouldn’t you try the Bandi Phone Belt?