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Made from high-quality polyurethane leather with a beautiful felt interior, the Badiya Slim Waist Bag features intense attention to stitching, radiant colors, and a simple silver ring for flare. The bag is the miniature size (6.7 inches x 0.4 inches x 4.3 inches). It is perfect for those times when you want to be discreet and not let your purse steal the attention.

The belt can fit women’s waists from twenty-seven and a half inches in circumference to thirty-one and a half inches. This means they should fit women who wear a pant size between four and twelve. The belt can be detached, turning the waist bag into a handheld clutch.

The single pocket is big enough to fit select modern smartphones. You can also store your house key, credit card, and chapstick inside the pocket. The Badiya Slim Waist Bag is the perfect gift for yourself or any family or friends that could use a smaller carry-along bag from time to time.

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Quality Materials

Large Pocket

Great Price


Limited Brand Information

No Zipper


Information could not be found as to when Badiya was founded, or by whom. However, what is known is that the brand offers leather and PU leather products like purses, wallets, clutch bags, handbags, messenger bags, briefcases, and more; for both men and women. Their focus is to provide the best quality products they can at the most competitive prices to best serve the customers. You can find cleaner for leather products here.

Polyurethane Leather

This bag is made from PU (polyurethane) leather. This is a form of artificial leather. Some other forms of artificial leather are made from PVC, kelp, and even oak trees. The reason PU leather was chosen for this waist bag is that it provides the same feeling and appearance as leather does. The difference is that it’s achieved without using animal skin.

When PU leather is created, plastic polyurethane is applied to a fiber (polyester) base. It can even be combined with genuine leather to create a bi-cast leather. Bi-cast leather is sometimes covered in a PU or PVC layer as well.

PU leather looks and feels similar to leather, but it is more lightweight. This makes it less durable as genuine leather. It is less resistant to tears. However, it is resistant to cracks and fading due to UV light. Some genuine leathers are not. Here is something made from genuine leather.

Another benefit of using polyurethane leather, especially for clothing or accessory items, is that it’s easier to work with. PU leather can be created in a broader spectrum of patterns, styles, and colors. It’s also easier to give it a glossy finish. PU leather doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. In most cases, it can be cleaned off with a wet rag.

Those who are environmentally conscious can appreciate PU leather for the fact that it is more environmentally friendly than genuine leather. Because PU leather doesn’t use animals’ skin, it doesn’t need the tanning process. Tanning leather creates a large amount of pollution from ammonia and chromium, among other chemicals included in the process. However, PU leather isn’t as efficient at biodegrading as genuine leather is.

Polyurethane leather isn’t quite as breathable as genuine leather is. It is more breathable than other synthetic leathers like PVC leather. Real leather is known to become softer and look better over time. PU leather maintains its’ same feel and appearance throughout its lifespan. Perhaps one of the most important points to make is that PU leather is considerably cheaper than genuine leather.

Felt Interior

Felt possesses many properties which make it one of the most versatile and unique fabrics available to the industry. The benefits of this fabric are unrivaled by other materials. This fabric is durable and resilient. It can retain its properties and strength for many, many years.

Certain chemicals cannot damage it. It is flame-retardant and can even extinguish itself. It can even receive special treatments that will allow it to meet flame-proofing codes for safety. Even if your felt is synthetic - it can get the treatment to become more resistant to flames.

When felt is cut, it is able to be done so with a straight, clean edge. Even after cutting and use, it does not fray or become unraveled. It can be made to be tougher or softer, depending on its intended purpose. It can handle exposure to the elements and will last through wear.

Part of felts’ resilience is that it can handle being compressed and having the pressure released over and over and over without losing its shape. It can even work as a sound insulator, which could come in handy if you accidentally have your sound turned up on your phone in a meeting.

If you happen to spill something inside of your waist bag or have something inside of it that leaks, the felt will absorb it. It can retain even more than its own weight in moisture. It can also absorb vibrations. One of the best qualities of the felt is that it is environmentally friendly and renewable. Felt is great for keeping you warm; find some examples here.

The one disadvantage that comes with felt is that moths are attracted to it, especially when it’s become moist. The moths feed on the fabric and ruin the garment. Thankfully, the felt is on the inside of the Badiya Slim Waist Bag and will be more protected. Be sure to open the bag and let it air out every day.


This waist bag is considered to be of a miniature size. The dimensions are 6.7 inches by 0.4 inches by 4.3 inches. It is about the size of your typical clutch purse; making it very easy and convenient to carry along to parties, meetings, school, etc.

This small size will be less noticeable (more discreet) which is a feature to be appreciated by teenage girls who need to use the restroom without snickering classmates. It’s perfect to bring to a formal dinner, dance, or meeting because it won’t make more of a statement than you yourself do.

The pocket is the perfect size to fit certain models of modern smartphones. Some of these phones include iPhone 6, iPhone 7, and iPhone 8. The iPhone 6, 7, and 8 “plus” models are too large for the pocket. Check your personal phone’s dimensions to be sure it fits before purchasing this product. If you need more storage area, try this.


It is common for waist bags (fanny packs) to be lightweight because your waist wasn’t designed to carry weight. Having too much weight around your belt can cause you to have improper posture, leading to back pain. The Badiya Slim Waist Bag comes in at just over five and a half ounces in weight.

For comparison, an extra-large t-shirt typically weighs around five and a half ounces. You don’t notice too readily that you’ve got those five and a half ounces on your body, so that five and a half ounces around your waist won’t make too much of a difference, either.

However, keep in mind that with every item you put in that pocket, you are adding weight to your waist. You will at least double the weight of the bag when you put a smartphone in the pocket. Add your key ring and it could easily be an additional few ounces. Be mindful of the weight you’re carrying and try to only bring along the necessities. You could use an armband to carry your phone.


Like most things that can be worn around your waist, the belt on this bag is adjustable. At it’s tightest, the belt will span twenty-seven and a half inches. At it’s loosest, the belt will span thirty-one and a half inches in length. This length range falls into the women’s pant size categories of four, six, eight, ten, and twelve.

It can be assumed that women who wear these sizes will be able to use this waist bag. However, most of us know how the clothing industry works. So, be sure to measure your waist in inches if you are someone who is right on the edge of the spectrum. If you need a waist bag with more adjustability, check here.


There are advantages and disadvantages to everything. Some people prefer a sporty waist bag that allows for higher-impact activities and freedom of movement. Some people prefer a more dressed up look so that it can be used for more than exercising or amusement park visits. If you are looking for a sporty waist bag, check here.

This waist bag is one that is designed more so for those wanting a dressed-up look. It’s perfect for any social event, class, workplace or date night where you need to bring a few small items and don’t want to carry a bulky purse. You don’t want a big bag stealing the spotlight or getting in your way. And if you need to be discreet with feminine products - this bag is the answer.

What makes this bag unique from many others on the market? This waist bag doesn’t only have the option of being worn around your waist. The belt is actually removable. Simply detach the belt and you’ve got yourself a handheld clutch. How’s that for versatility? By turning it into a clutch you instantly dress it up even more.


We already know that the Badiya Slim Waist Bag is made with beautiful materials. The outside of the pouch and the belt are made with PU leather. The interior is lined with felt. These materials are used for their benefits, but also for their looks. Together, they complement each other perfectly and give you a simple, beautiful, sophisticated appearance.

The attention paid to the stitching detail results in extremely tidy lines. The leather is a simple and pure color tone. There is a singular silver ring on the front of the bag on the right side of the button to close it. This waist bag includes just one pocket. It is a very simple and slim design, making it ideal for discreet use.

This bag is closed by a single button in the front. This may provide adequate protection from most contents you’d be likely to place in your bag. However, a zipper would provide more dependable protection for your items. You may be able to find a zippered waist bag here.


The color schemes that are available in this bag go along with the idea of simple elegance. They are not offered in bright, loud colors. Instead, they are offered in earthy tones. The colors available are white, black, brown, red, and apricot.

Do you need a small, simple bag to take with you to a black-tie affair? To a play? The opera maybe? Grab a black or white waist bag and either add it to your outfit or detach the belt and use it as a clutch.

If you’re going on a date, to work, school, or walking around the city; your options are wide open. The variety of colors you can wear to all of these events is exponentially more than the colors you can wear to a black-tie affair.

So go ahead and choose your loud colors. The earthy tones of brown, red, and apricot will complement anything you have. And, if they can’t, you have trusty white and black to turn to. If you need a bigger variety of colors, check here.


If you’re shopping for Christmas, birthdays, back-to-school, graduation, etc and you’re stuck on the perfect present for that niece who’s so hard to buy for, why not get her a Badiya Slim Waist Bag? There are endless occasions in a teenage girls’ life that calls for needing a bag. Instead of lugging around a large purse, give her the option of taking this small waist bag that doubles as a clutch.

Any school dance she attends, she can take it. When her time of the month comes, she can have it in class. When she wants to go shopping, to dinner, or to the movies with friends, she can take her handy waist bag. And when she inevitably goes to a party, she can have it there, too.

It’s not just feminine products she can keep close to her, either. She can keep chapstick, her house key, a credit card, and her phone in it. Everything she may need can be kept in one small bag. And if she’s too cool to wear it as a waist bag, she can use it as a clutch until she is that “old”. This could help keep your belongings safe as well.

Bottom Line

Are you hunting for the perfect waist bag that gives you versatility, elegance, convenience, a great price and quality all in one? You may not have to hunt anymore. This waist bag combines beautiful PU leather with elegant flex lining to give you a simple yet sophisticated aesthetic.

The belt can be adjusted to fit women who wear a pant size from four to twelve. It can also be detached from the bag itself, leaving you with a handheld clutch that is even more dressed up. There is one single pocket that can fit some modern smartphones plus other essentials. If you need a bag that can get you to the staff meeting at noon, dinner at six, and the party at ten, the Badiya Slim Waist Bag has you covered.