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The old saying goes… It takes a village to raise a child. It’s true. But in this modern day and age, that village got a little bit bigger in scope. And a hell of a lot modernized. Today’s baby carriages feature all kinds of different features that make the lives of the new parents a little bit easier. They’re a lot lighter as well, and the additional accessories make them so versatile and fun.

That’s right; there has been a significant improvement on the state of the baby carriages since they were first invented. In fact, the first stroller was invented by an English architect. William Kent. But around that time, The Duke of Devonshire’s children were in need of an easy way of transportation, and he commissioned Kent to make him a stroller. The strollers were instantly popular and even Queen Victoria bought 3 for her children. The rest is history.

But for now, let’s take a closer look at the Expedition stroller by Baby Trend. This is a highly innovative company that offers reasonably priced and high-quality childcare products. The Expedition stroller is just one of those products. Just more affordable than most.

What are the pros and cons of the model? What makes it so great, and is there a way to improve the item? You know, in order to provide the best possible experience for the parent and the child? Scroll down to find out. Hope you’ll like this review and this item.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Three large tires

Parent tray

Rubber handle

Folding done with a trigger


Slight wobbling has been recorded


Made out of synthetic canvas with a suede like-material finish, the Expedition is your standard and easy to clean transportation item. The same material is used on the sides, but the padding that’s been added under the seat is very skimpy and it does require a lot more of the padding in order for the baby inside to be more comfortable.

The padding is omitted on the sides. However the canopy is quite large and it covers a significant area of the child, thus providing the best protection possible. Also, the canopy has a great rotation selection; it’s adjustable and thanks to the fantastic sunroof it provides a great deal of protection from the sun.

On and the canopy has a very practical peek-a-boo style of a window made out of mesh. It closes with a 2 separate in loop and hook connections, and it allows you to peek inside the stroller and check on your baby once in a while. Just to make sure if your baby is OK or simply to say hi. The frame or the entire construction if you will, is made out if very lightweight and durable steel and last but certainly not least, there’s the presence of the 3 fantastic tires.

Made from the good old rubber he tires are filled with air (just like standard bicycle tires) and with different dimensions. The back 2 tires are 16 inches in diameter, while the front solitaire tire measures 12 inches. We’ll get into the specifics of the tire later in the post.


It’s easy to say that the materials are the sole culprits but in a baby carriage, it’s not so simple. Plenty of things play a significant role in providing comfort. But the thing is, in this particular model the comfort isn’t solely applied for the baby that’s been transported. This is a specific jogging style of stroller that requires the comfort to be present for both the baby and the parent that’s doing all the pushing. That’s where the ergonomic handle comes in play.

Because this is a jogging stroller, and extra force is required of the pushing, the handle is extra wide and made out of rubber. You’ll need the extra wide size, as it makes for a better fit, and the handling of the entire stroller is done in a much efficient way. There are the reflectors for resting the foot of the child, and both for the child and the parent, there are two separate trays. That’s right. Both the parent and the baby each get a tray, that’s large enough to fit all the necessary things.

Mobile phone, keys, and wallet for the parent on the upper tray, next to the handle, while the lower tray is located in front of the child. There’s plenty of space for toys, food and a bottle for the baby as well. The comfort even extends to the trays yes.


Although the exact speed that’s achieved by the Expedition stroller is not specified, you can safely say that this is a fast type of stroller. It’s a jogging type of carrier, after all, it’s fairly lightweight (as it weighs only 25.71 lbs unloaded) and the jogging can be done on all types of terrain. So, yeah, it’ safe to assume that the speed that it reaches is quite high. Several of the moms that have bought the Expedition model praised the front 12-inch wheel as a great adjuster of balance.

The front wheel is called the swivel wheel, and it does precisely that. It swivels. It helps you navigate the entire construction with ease and smoothly glides through any type of obstacle you might find on your jog. But there’s no way of forgetting the lock on the swivel wheel. Yes, that’s the smaller front wheel. The lock helps you to navigate the stroller when you’re on much rougher terrain, without the added worry of losing control over the product.


Just like with any type of jogging stroller, the practicality is actually double. It applies both to the parent that’s in charge of maneuvering the item, and for the baby that’s inside. The Expedition model allows you to target great distances and on all types of terrain without even endangering your safety or your child’s safety.

The maneuvering, the balancing and the pushing of the item are easy to do, and the brakes located on the back wheels will keep things firmly in place when you’re in desperate need of a break. It delivers a smooth ride on all kinds of terrains. Yup, it’s designed to keep you and your child satisfied, relaxed and bonded together.

And what about the seat? That’s part of the practicality as well. Yes, the seat is great. It’s lightly padded (although the sides are not re-enforced with padding), and big enough to accommodate a child up to 6 months. The harness, however, is fully adjustable and re-enforced with a tether strap. It’s worth mentioning that the harness has safety in all 5 points, and it will keep your child safe and well protected.

Notable features

Although we mentioned some of them in other sections of this review, let’s lay all of them here. Yes, the trays are a fantastic addition both for the parent and for the child. Each of them (along with the additional compartment storage) is positioned in a great attitude so it becomes easier for the parent and the child to grab the items that are located on the tray.

Made out of durable plastic, the trays are lightweight and easy to clean, and very very practical too. The storage capacity of the treys is sufficient enough, and you’ll be using it every single day. The canopy is another fantastic notable feature. It’s adjustable, and with a covered and highly practical sunroof ratchets. The sunroof has also a fantastic peek-a-boo and mesh made window and you can sneak a quick peek at your baby at a moment’s notice.


Let’s talk about two different types of storage. The storage that the storage basket that’s located underneath the seat and the storage that the entire construction has to offer when it’s not in use. Let’s focus on the basket. Located under the seat, the basket has an extra-large size, and it allows a load with 5 lbs max. The bucket’s weight limitation proved to be one of the small flaws attributed to the Explorer, as many of the comments in the comment section demanded that the weight limit be increased. 5 lbs are just too small when babies require so much more extra load.

Folding the stroller is very easy, but plenty of the parents that have purchased the product complained of the weird shape that it takes after it’s folded. It requires plenty of storage space, thanks to the weird shape and when folded it has a size of 12,463 cubic inches. It’s not a perfect size, but considering how lightweight and practical it is, it’s truly a non-issue. It will fit nicely in just about every car and will unfold very quickly when you decide to use it.


For a much affordable item, this is a very durable and versatile model. But the price isn’t always an indicator of quality, and the Expedition is the perfect example of that. Yes, the use of materials affects the durability greatly, there’s no denying about that. But over here the ingenuity and the design are much bigger factors. Because this is a running type of stroller, it’s almost a fact that you will encounter plenty of different terrains and obstacles.

And in such cases, the tires are always to feel the pressure. Don’t panic. They’re air-filled tires that can be easily inflated back into their original size and shape. All you have to is use your standard bike pump. It works here too. The durability is one of the most praised assets among the comments in the comment section as well, and it's one of the many sources of pride for the company.


Because of the synthetic materials, and the fantastic design that was implemented in the creation of the stroller, it’s, in fact, easy to clean and to maintain. The adjustable canopy can be cleaned in your standard washing machine, but remember to use low-temperature water.

Going above 30 degrees Celsius is not recommended as it could ruin the quality of the material. The trays can be cleaned with a simple wet towel, and although there’s no mudguard on the back wheels, they’re easy to maintain as well. All you have to do is inflate them once in a while and brush them with a wet towel. The steel construction will not get damaged by the moisture that’s for sure.


The Expedition’s only accessory is a rain cover. Because the material used in the making of the item is not waterproof, a rain cover made out of poly-vinyl is attached on the top of the item in order to keep your baby dry and safe from the rain. The rain cover is otherwise stored in the pocket when in not in use. If there are bones to pick with the company, this is one of them. Stroller like this demands a lot more accessories that both the parents and the children can benefit from. The rain cover is a great start, but sadly not enough to make the experience of running with this model more enjoyable and fun.

Bottom line

Here’s a fun fact about the Expedition stroller by Baby Trend. It has over 80% positive response on the official’s website. That’s right over 80% of the parents gave it a 5-star review. Plenty of them praised the maneuvering and the comfort of the stroller and singled out them as one of the biggest assets that this item contains.

It’s affordable, easy to transport, easy to maneuver and with 2 separate treys on two locations. It’s a unisex stroller that will hold children up to 50 pounds in weight and has a harness with all 5 points of safety. The canopy is very adjustable and highly practical, and it’s a great addition to the daily routine for the parents that love to stay active but don’t want to be away from their kids.