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You need a breathable pair of shorts while you exercise and the Asics Cool 2-n-1 is just that pair. These shorts offer a lightweight structure that lets you reach your maximum speeds without feeling weighed down. They come in sizes ranging from XS to XL and are available for both men and women. The Asics Cool 2-n-1 is available in several different lengths so you won’t have any trouble finding the perfect style for you.

This comforting pair of shorts have reflective detailing that is easier to see in low lighting. This is a great safety feature that does away with the need for other reflective gear. The Asics Cool 2-n-1 has a perfect combination of materials which include polyester, Nylon, and Spandex. They fit well and allow for plenty of airflow around your skin which prevents excessive sweating so you can enjoy your workout routine all the more.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Asics C1 Technology
  • Reflective Detailing
  • Moisture-Wicking
  • 3-5.5" Seam Lengths
  • Athletic Running Shorts
  • Minimalistic Appearance


When it comes to running shorts, not just any design will do! Asics Cool 2-n-1 is the perfect companion for all your athletic activities thanks to its performance-enhancing design. These shorts come in various lengths to suit your personal preference which ranges from 3-inches through to 5.5-inches. While the men’s tend to have a longer inseam than the women’s there are several choices available for both guys and girls.

The Asics Cool 2-n-1 is an excellent choice for physical activity because it’s lightweight and breathable. Its materials won’t cause you any irritation and provide the kind of airflow you need to prevent excessive sweating while you train.

These shorts won’t feel restrictive but also offer a secure feel that is ideal while you’re on the move. No one wants to worry that their shorts will fall if they stride to hard which is why this is an excellent choice for this kind of activity. You can run with peace of mind and power through your routine at whatever speed you choose.


Don’t you just hate having a limited selection of sizes in the shorts that you love? This is a real problem because you like them and end up compromising with a size that might not end up fitting all that well. When you run the shorts you wear need to fit perfectly for them to be comfortable and to keep them from sliding down while you stride.

The Asics Cool 2-n-1 is perfect because it comes in an assortment of sizes ranging from XS to XL. This means that everyone can enjoy wearing them without worrying about how big or how small their frame is. I like this feature because it’s inclusive to all body shapes which we don’t often see with athletic gear.


The Asics Cool 2-n-1 shorts are one of the more comforting pairs that you can wear. They offer a built-in soft-touch mesh fabric that feels incredible against your skin. It also wicks excess moisture away so you don’t end up feeling damp your whole workout long. This is a big deal because damp skin will rub against the fabric and cause chaffing which is painful and unpleasant. But, when the moisture is wicked away it prevents the unnecessary irritation and saves you the discomfort of chaffed skin while you run.

The many sizes available make it super easy to find the perfect Asics Cool 2-n-1 for you. This is a must while you train, otherwise, you will end up with your shorts falling down mid-stride which would be downright embarrassing. No matter what size or shape your body may be, these shorts will fit well and be a comforting choice to wear while you’re at the gym or out for a run.


The Asics Cool 2-n-1 shorts offer a comforting combination of materials that enhance your performance in every way. Made with athletes in mind, this pair will keep you feeling your best even during the most intensive of workout sessions. The mixture of polyester with Nylon and Spandex ensures they stay perfectly in place no matter how hard you push it.

Polyester is an incredibly low-maintenance fabric that can be machine washed and dried without shrinking or distorting. This is a must-have for athletic gear because you will be washing it more frequently than some of your other clothing and don’t want to have special care instructions that are time-consuming, not to mention irritating too! Your Asics Cool 2-n-1 will keep you running on schedule, on and off the track.


Exercising gets you hot and sweaty which is why you need a breathable pair of shorts. The Asics Cool 2-n-1 is just that pair! It offers excellent ventilation that keeps you cooler and more comfortable even while you’re in the middle of a tough routine. This pair has built-in Asics C1 technology which means that their quick-drying material wicks excess moisture away from your skin.

Moisture-wicking material is a must because sweat will pool inside the fabric and start to smell. Odor-causing bacteria thrive in moist environments which is why it’s important that the gear you wear helps to control perspiration and keeps it away from your skin. With the Asics Cool 2-n-1 you get the breathability needed to avoid smelly clothes and the quick-drying material necessary to avoid chafing.


When it comes to features, the Asics Cool 2-n-1 isn’t short of ideas! This pair offers reflective branding that looks incredible and keeps you safer while you’re out and about. Reflective equipment is a must in limited visibility like in the early morning or evening hours. There are lots of people who work during the afternoon and can only exercise when it’s darker outside which leaves them in more danger because drivers and other passersby may have trouble seeing them.

Most runners wear a reflective armband to increase their visibility, but these shorts give you added safety with their reflective branding. This is a handy feature that saves you having to invest in additional safety gear. Though, if you still want to wear an armband too, the Fuelbelt Armband and Nike Reflective Armband are two great options. You should also check out this guide to the best armband to wear while you run.


Asics is an acronym that stems from the Latin phrase, Anima Sana In Corpore Sano, which means ‘a sound mind in a sound body.’ This brand holds tight to its philosophy and continues to craft the highest quality athletic gear. Asics pledged to continue making top-of-the-line products and to be an industry leader in terms of technological advances.

The great thing with Asics is how they deliver time and time again. Their gear always delivers performance-enhancing features and innovative design concepts that push the boundaries. Asics is Mr. Kihachiro Onitsuka creation, founded back in 1949. Originally routed in basketball shoes, this label has since expanded to include all types of athletic footwear and apparel. They have reached their goal of becoming one of the top athletic apparel distributors in the world and continue to impress with their bold creations.


The Asics Cool 2-n-1 shorts are an enjoyable pair to wear. They offer an internal drawstring that ensures a perfect fit and prevents them from falling while you stride. This is important because some shorts just won’t stay up while you’re on the move and can slip down if you’re not careful.

This pair has a quick-drying drying fabric that keeps you feeling nice and dry while you train. No one wants to feel damp and sweaty while they run but it’s tough to stay dry when you exercise. These shorts are very enjoyable thanks to their Lightweight internal mesh that makes them more breathable and feels good against your skin.


The Asics Cool 2-n-1 is an affordable choice that offers great features! If you enjoy running then you really should invest in a pair! They’re breathable, comforting, and easy-wearing so you can focus on what’s important; powering through your previous best and reaching new heights. These shorts provide the kind of enjoyable feeling you need to perform your best and keep you nice and cool thanks to their enhanced airflow.


The Asics Cool 2 n 1 is a basic-looking pair of shorts. While there aren’t badly looking, they just don’t offer the kind of stylish appearance that draws you in. There are several colorways to choose from including Mid Grey, Dark Blue, Performance Black, and Stormy Sea, among others.

Despite the multiple colors available the overall design is basic and lacks any obvious eye-catching graphics. The colors are also very common and don’t bring anything particularly vibrant to the table. It would be nice to see some colors with more ‘pop’ that was less on the neutral side. While some people like to wear the usual greys and blacks, others like to spice things up a bit.

Bottom Line

Overall, the Asics Cool 2 n 1 is a great choice for athletic activities. It offers a breathable and lightweight structure that is ideal for running. These shorts come in a ton of different lengths and sizes so both men and women can easily find the perfect fit. They’re comfortable to wear and help control sweat while you train. This is a big deal because so many shorts just don’t offer any moisture control. Anyone whose run in sweaty shorts knows all too well how uncomfortable it is which is why the Asics Cool 2 n 1 is so popular with athletes.

A mesh interior lining lets plenty of air circulate your skin to keep you nice and cool. But, perhaps the best aspect is the internal drawstring that gives you complete control over the fit. This keeps your shorts from falling halfway through your run which is embarrassing!

Even though most Asics’ products are more expensive than similar options, this pair is an affordable choice. They offer great value and won’t break your bank which makes them a must-have piece of gear for anyone who enjoys being physically fit.