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The Arctic Ease Cold Wrap is a great choice for those looking for some relief. If you have sore and achy muscles or joints, this might be the perfect product for you. It works wonders for sprains and strains, bruises, chronic repetitive motion injuries, pain associated with arthritis, or even muscle cramps.

The wrap is super easy to use. You simply take it out of the container, wrap your injury, and viola. There is no need to pre-cool the wrap, just wrap it and you’re good to go. It works by removing the heat energy from your body, making you feel the cold thanks to the lack of heat.

Some customers have mentioned that it doesn’t quite work the way they wanted it to, which can be frustrated. On the other hand, many consumers love the Arctic Ease Cold Wrap and have stated that it works phenomenally. The reviews on the wrap are mixed. It seems people either love it or hate it.

Editor's Pros & Cons


Latex and adhesive-free

Doesn't use menthol

No need to refrigerate


Hours of cold


Feels slimy

Can develop mold


There are a variety of uses for the Arctic Ease Cold Wrap. You can use it right out of the package, so it comes in really handy if you injure yourself or need a little relief while you're out and about. You can keep it in your gym bag, car, or at home, so you have it readily available. Everyone hopes that they'll never need the wrap, but it's nice to have on hand if you need it.

If you are experiencing any kind of muscle strain or cramps, the Arctic Ease Cold Wrap might be the perfect option for you. It will help ease the pain in your body and help you get back on track with your daily activities.

Of course, it can help with more than just muscle fatigue. Do you have bruises or sprains that are giving you problems? No worries, this wrap can help ease some of the pain. It provides you with a cooling sensation as well as compression that can help you feel better.

Sometimes, runners will start to feel aches and pains due to repetitive motions. The Arctic Ease Cold Wrap can ease some of the pain and irritation. Do you have plantar fasciitis? The wrap can help alleviate some of the pain from that.

The Arctic Ease Cold Wrap is going to provide you with temporary relief from minor muscular or joint pains that come from strains, swelling, arthritis, or sprains. Of course, you should still see a doctor if you injure yourself too badly. However, the wrap will help ease some of your pain.

How to Use

The Arctic Ease Cold Wrap is super simple to use; it is barely an inconvenience. All you have to do is take the wrap out of the package, unroll it, and wrap it directly onto your body. After you have it wrapped merely put pressure on it for a couple of minutes, to make sure the end seals, so it doesn't unravel. You can wear it for about two to three hours per use before the cooling effect starts to wear off.

When you are done with it, simply unroll it and put it back in the container for the next time you need it. Yes, the Arctic Ease Cold Wrap is reusable. There's no need to purchase a new one each time you use it.

In order to use the Arctic Ease Cold Wrap again, you want to roll it up and put it back in its original container. Next, you have to add about a teaspoon or two of water to it and reseal the lid. It will take two to three hours for the wrap to rehydrate itself before it's ready to use again.

Arctic Ease recommends only using the Cold Wrap between four and eight times before you should replace it. Any more than that it will start to lose its effectiveness and be useless for you.


There are some mixed reviews on the effectiveness of the Arctic Ease Cold Wrap.

For the most part, customers were very pleased with the way the warps worked. They get cold enough to ease your pain without getting too cold that you are freezing too much with them on. They do a fantastic job at soothing your sore muscles and joints.

Some problems customers encountered came from the stickiness of the Arctic Ease Cold Wrap. They are supposed to stick without having to tape or hook the ends. However, some customers didn't have that experience. Instead, they had to hold it closed or sit still, so it didn't unravel while they were wearing it.

Another, similar issues, consumers experienced was rolling. Even when they got the wrap to secure itself, it would still roll down on them. It didn't do much to prevent the cooling and it still got the job done, it was just a little frustrating having to deal with the rolling.

All of that said, there are a few reviewers who said it just doesn't work. They mentioned that the Arctic Ease Cold Wrap didn't work as intended and didn't even get very cold, to begin with. They were not pleased with the effectiveness at all.

The reviews for the Arctic Ease Cold Wrap were all over the place when it came to how well the product worked at getting cold and soothing your muscles. Most customers were pleased, but there was also a large number who were not.

How It Works

It may seem odd that a product like this can stay cold without pre-cooling it or using menthol, but it can. There is no discomfort from using ice packs or frozen gel, no irritation or odor from using menthol. It is fantastic.

The Arctic Ease Cold Wrap works by absorbing the heat from your body and removing it. The absorbed heat evaporates aways leaving your skin, and muscles, feeling cold.

It is not really cooling you down as much as it is removing the heat.

Your sore and tired muscles will really appreciate the cold and compression that it gets from the Arctic Ease Cold Wrap. They don't care about how it works, just that it does.


When you have a muscle or joint injury or strain, compression is almost as significant as icing it. Thankfully, the Arctic Ease Cold Wrap can offer you both the cold and the compression with ease.

The self-adhesive wrap will stay in place, for the most part, when you wrap your injury, giving you the compression that you need. Of course, you want to make sure that you are wrapping it tight enough. Otherwise, you won't get the compression. However, that should not be a problem for most consumers.

When you get a decent compression, it can help recover your muscles, making them feel better, fast. It will increase your blood flow and therefore bring more oxygen to your injured parts, helping them heal faster and feel better.

The Arctic Ease Cold Wrap is more than just a convenient ice pack; it is also a compression wrap.

Something to note, however, is that some consumers were not pleased with the amount of compression that they got with the Arctic Ease Cold Wrap. That said, most of that has to do with how tight your wrap your muscles. Sometimes people feel uncomfortable wrapping their arms or legs too tightly, as it can cut off circulation, so they leave it too loose. This means they can't take advantage of the compression benefits.


The Arctic Ease Cold Wrap is perfect for larger muscles and joints. It works great for hamstrings, quads, thighs, shoulders, knees, and hips. The wrap is 4 inches wide and has a length of 60 inches.

If you would prefer patches or something smaller, you can cut the Arctic Ease Cold Wrap down to your preferred size.

Arctic Ease does also make a smaller size Cold Wrap that is perfect for your smaller joints and muscles. The smaller one is perfect for your elbow, ankle, foot, triceps, bicep, or hands.


There are a lot of customers who are not pleased with the material of the Arctic Ease Cold Wrap.

A lot of reviewers stated that the feeling of the Arctic Ease Cold Wrap was less than desirable. It felt almost wet and gooey, which they didn't like at all. They stated that it felt slimy and slippery. Some even said the goo on the wrap could ruin clothing if it came into contact.

Another problem with the wrap some reviewers had was with the stiffness of it. They said that it feels a little stiffer than they expected right out of the package, which just got worse over time. After the Arctic Ease Cold Wrap started to dry out it stiffened up a little more. By the time the customer removed the wrap, they had said it was almost cast like.

As for the materials that make up the Arctic Ease Cold Wrap, there is not a lot of information. It is unclear what the wrap is actually made of.

One thing that we do know, however, is that it does not contain any menthol and it's completely non-toxic. Additionally, the wrap is latex and adhesive free.


The Arctic Ease Cold Wrap comes in a couple of different colors. It doesn't matter to a lot of consumers, as it is just a wrap to help them feel better. However, there are some customers who like having fun colors, it helps lift their spirits.

The Arctic Ease Cold Wrap comes in the standard blue, or pink.


The problem with the Arctic Ease Cold Wrap is that it isn't the most durable. It is not going to fall apart on you or anything, that isn't the issue. The problem is that it won't last you as long as you would expect from a reusable product.

The packaging states that you should be able to use the Arctic Ease Cold Wrap between four and eight times before you need to replace it. The problem is, some customers are only getting one use.

So, what's the problem? The Arctic Ease Cold Wrap will start to mold if you put the wrap back in the container with some water, as per the label directions. They opened the container the next time they wanted to use it and found the wrap covered in mold, therefore, unusable.

No all customers had this issue, however. There were a few customers who said they get a lot more than eight uses out of their wrap.


The Arctic Ease Cold Wrap doesn't have a high price tag at all. In fact, it is very reasonable. The problem isn't with how much it cost. The problem is whether or not it is worth purchasing.

There is a great deal of customers who would answer yes. They love the product, and it works wonders for them. Most consumers had no problems at all with the Arctic Ease Cold Wrap.

However, there are also a large number of customers who would say no, it is not worth it. The wrap didn't work for them, or it developed mold. These consumers believe they wasted their money on the product and wouldn't recommend purchasing it.

Bottom Line

If you have has sore and tired muscles, plantar fasciitis, strains, bruises, or sprains, then you might want to consider the use of the Arctic Ease Cold Wrap. It helps relieve these ailments and more.

The Arctic Ease Cold Wrap provides you with both cold and compression to give you the ability to heal and feel great. Both compression and cold therapy are fantastic for sore and achy muscles, having them both together just makes it better.

The Arctic Ease Cold Wrap cools instantly, no need to pre-cool. You just take it out of the container, wrap it, and you are good to go. You can use it for up to three hours at a time. The best part, it's reusable. Each wrap should be able to be used up to eight times.

It's the perfect addition to your gym bag, first aid kit, or car. It is something that you will want to keep in hand, just in case.