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Fun fact. For some years since its inception, Arc’teryx Company had a different name. From 1989 up to 1991 the company was called Rock Solid. It was back in 1991 when the present name was given and it stuck. Arc’teryx. In fact, the name was derived from Archaeopteryx, one of the first ever discovered birds in history. And if you take a closer look at the company’s logo you’ll notice that the skeleton of the Archaeopteryx is even featured in the logo as well. The specimen in the Company’s logo is, in fact, the specimen found in Berlin, but it’s impressive nonetheless.

The change of name came with the change in leadership within the company and with the change of the products that were being offered. In the very beginning of operating, Arc’teryx sold primarily climbing gear, but since the change of the name began selling items like harnesses, backpacks and other products related to skiing, hiking, snowboarding, backpacking related activities.

But for now, let’s take a closer look at one of the company’s best selling items. The Cerium Jacket. What are the pros and cons of this jacket and what you need to know before purchasing it?

Well, scroll down to found out.

Editor's Pros & Cons



Packable and easily portable

Wind resistant




There are plenty of materials to list and explain here so pay attention. It’s good that a winter style of jacket has more „ingredients“. It means that it’s highly functional, practical and will serve its purpose. It will keep you warm and dry that’s for sure. Let’s start from the outer layer. The entire body of the jacket is made out of the good old nylon. The entire body, including the hood, is made out of nylon taffeta.

That nylon taffeta is quilted, but that’s just a remark from an aesthetic standpoint. What’s worth remembering here is the additional two layers of Coreloft type of insulation. The first layer has a distinct Coreloft 80 type on insulation, while the second has Coreloft 100 type of insulation. The second one is slightly denser than the first, but both add a great layer of protection from the cold. What is Coreloft you might ask? Well, in essence, it’s a multi-denier type of p[polyester yarn. It’s silicon-based and very thermally efficient. It’s very lightweight and it has fantastic loft retention on the entire surface.


You can’t really talk about comfort if you don’t include the materials and the functionality of those materials. As previously mentioned the materials are with high insulation properties and very high moisture-resistant properties. The fabrics are really the keepers of the warmth and the dryness but the sheer ingenuity plays a significant role in the comfort as well. The jacket is very breathable, very lightweight and pleasant for wearing. It can be packed tightly in its own compact packaging, it’s easy to transfer, doesn’t take too much space, and it’s also wind-resistant. All of these components really bring so much volume and heft in terms of comfort.


Again. The fabrics really accentuate plenty of things but the flexibility is definitely in the top 3 things. When you have a very lightweight model the flexibility will always be on point even with all that padding in some of the areas. That’s right. Even the collar and the chin guard of the jackets are padded with a thin layer of insulation, but that doesn’t take away from the flexibility. The movement in those areas will remain the same as before.


Versatile, slimming and very comfortable. All good adjectives that are so complimentary to this simplistic style and in fact explain the Cerium jacket best. And although the outside layer lacks any type of detailing, the minimalistic nature of the style it’s what makes this jacket so versatile and full of longevity. The amazing materials are not the only ones responsible for durability and longevity. No, the timeless and awesome minimalistic style plays a huge role. But just like the saying goes. Fashion is passable and forgettable. The style will last forever. That’s even true in specialized garments that were specially designed for unforgettable outdoor activities. Yes, the functionality is paramount but the style is very much needed as well. And thankfully in this particular model, is very much allowed as well.


Designed for the harsh cold and bleak winters, the design of the Cerium is in line with the practicality. In fact, those two things go hand in hand and help each other out in keeping the balance between the comfort and the stylish design of the jacket. The Cerium has a classic style of cuffs, lined collar, a drop back style of the hem and the much-needed zipper-pulls that muff the noise and keep your head warm at the same time.

There’s no need of wearing a wool hat or ear muffs for those cold winter days. However, those are just two small details. There are two very important improvements that were added to the finished design of this particular model that set this jacket apart from the rest of the models on the market. The first feature is the Composite Mapping of the down. It means that the down is strategically mapped and placed on the areas that require it the most.

In areas that are most likely to have a moisture buildup and when the insulation will be much appreciated for keeping the warmth way high. And secondly, the design of this particular model was improved with a much longer length of the body. What does it mean? Well, by elongating the body of the jacket, a bigger surface of the body will be covered with the insulation materials. So, the jacket will not only cover the torso but the lower part of the stomach as well.


Every single material used in the creation of this jacket is very durable. Much like with the other winter jackets that have down insulation, this is also packable and easily transportable. And because it’s easy to pack and store in its own casing you best believe that it’s also very durable. How else you’re going to last the winters to come without it? But the durability doesn’t apply solely to the fabrics and other materials. No. The zippers on the front, along with the smaller zippers on the side pockets are also highly durable as well and so are the elastic cuffs. Oh and there’s an internal pocket for security that also contains zipper and yes, you’ve guessed the durability of that small detail is quite satisfactory. This jacket is going to last for a very long time.


The Cerium has all the best qualities of a winter jacket. It’s lightweight; it has great levels of breathability, fantastic layers on insulation, and great materials in the composition. Oh and probably the best and most important features in the world. Its both wind and moisture resistant. It responds well to the harsh outdoor conditions and supports your body by protecting it from the cold and the moisture.


Yes, the company states that the fit is true to the selected size, but in fact, there has been an improvement of the fit in this particular model. The body of the jacket has been elongated in order to cover a much larger area of the human body. With the larger surface area covered with the jacket, a bigger portion of your body will be covered and therefore protected from the cold.


You’re in luck. The company offers sizes that range from S all the way up to the XXL in the men’s version of the Cerium model, while the female version has sizes that start from XS and end fit XL. However, in some of the models, you’ll have to double check the availability of the sizes, as some of them may be temporally out of stock or temporally unavailable due to various reasons. But, yes, in general, the sizes do cater to every type of body, and regardless of your height, weight, and build of the body, you’ll be able to find a jacket for you.


Just like in the size aspect, the color options are much more versatile with the male version than with the female version of this model. The male version has 6 different color options to choose from while the female version has 4. However, the one thing that’s in common with both of the versions, none of them have pronounced lighter tones or colors. All of the color options are on the darker side of the spectrum.


A delicate garment like this requires a delicate type of maintenance. Well, it’s machine washable, but you’ll have to keep the temperature on low. 30 digress will be enough not to damage the materials. Also, the company suggests that if you can to use a front load type of washing machines, and for better results use mesh if you can obtain it. The mesh will not damage the down filled layer and will keep the state of the jacket in an impeccable state. It’s best if you rinse it twice and then tumble dry it for a long period of time. Also, it’s not recommended that you use any type of fabric softener, as it could be quite corrosive to the down, and you should definitely not iron it. The outer layer is made out of nylon, and it’s not recommended that you expose it to direct heat. And last but not least, try to keep and store the jacket (unstuffed) on a dry place in your home.


While simple and minimalistic in the style, the added features (or the details) are what makes this jacket really pop. They’re the ones responsible for the practicality as well, but one thing at the time. What are the added details that complete the style and accentuate the practicality? Well, the zipper for instance. The zipper is the cherry on top of this jacket type of sundae and it goes from the mudguard of the model all the way down to the hem. The zipper pulls are corded and they also help reduce the noise when the jacket is with a full hood on. The jacket also has a very practical chin guard and insulated collar for added comfort. And speaking of the hem mentioned earlier in this section it’s a drop back type of hem.

Bottom line

If you’re in need of a fantastic winter jacket for your next hiking trip? Or maybe for your camping trip? Well, look no further. You’ve found the perfect garment for every moment spent outside. It’s versatile; it’s stylish and highly protective. Thanks to the use of nylon and down isolation it’s also water and moisture proof, and will be there for you when you need it the most.