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Apple unveiled the first Apple Watch model back in April 2015.

Understandably, not that long after the initial release, it became an instant hit with the consumers. And 4 years later, Apple is already selling Series 4, while the 1 and 2 are now long gone in history. Yes, it’s still early to talk about the latest series 4, but we’re here for the next best thing. Series 3 of Apple smartwatches. And although it’s out in the stores since September of last year, series 3 is still one of the best options to buy.

So, what makes the Series 3 Apple watch so interesting? What are the pros and cons of buying an Apple watch and especially one form the Series 3? Let’s dive into the specifics, the style, the details and everything in between. Let’s take a closer look at the Series 3 and Apple watches and their specifics.

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Editor's Pros & Cons

Battery life that lasts 18 hours

Nice bright display

Exercise tracking has been improved

Nice sleek design


Comes without LTE roaming


There’s hardly a person that doesn’t know what Apple is. It has an Apple on the Company’s logo of course. Plenty of the apple products are already familiar to most of the modern day consumers, but the smartwatches are some of the latest offerings. Introduced for the first time in April 2015, the first series was a revelation. Although it sold in more than 4 million units’ worldwide and became a best seller in the wearable items section, it did come with plenty of flaws. However in the years that passed, Apple improved the next series and now with the series 4 already out, the company can report that the Apple smartwatch is one must-have device.


Before we dive into the advanced, notable features that are a novelty in Series 3, let’s look at some of the basics. Yes, the Series 3 comes with your standard 1M Magnetic type of charging cable. That applies to both of the version, but the 5W USB adapter is offered solely to the model that has GPS and date, it’s worth mentioning that this particular model has an emergency SOS button. It’s designed and put there to give you emergency help everywhere in the world. That applies to emergency medical, fire and police services all at the touch of one button. It’s really a handy basic feature that will be there for you in your hour of need. You can basically trigger this button by two simple methods.

By sliding the button to your right side, and by holding the side button of the watch for three seconds. After those three seconds have passed, you’ll notice a countdown and an alarm will be triggered. That particular alarm will set off a distress call to your local 911 operator. There’s even a great feature here in which you can add a list of emergency contacts for you to call on such occasion. And just like with that SOS button, that list will also come in handy. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll notice the walkie-talkie that’s been featured in the Series 3, and of course like the ability to send SMS texts and to make calls. It basically makes the iPhone obsolete, and you can just leave it at home.

Notable Features

One of the best and most interesting features found in the Series 3 model is the introduction of the 4G type of connectivity. That’s right. This particular model has 4G in both versions of the smartwatch. In the GPS version and the version that has GPS and cellular, and it has a brand new and built-in type of NFC chip that offers amazing data/ voice communication and streaming of Apple music’s wide selection. Secondly, it has a great LTE modem, which offers a fantastic LTE type of connectivity, and plenty of more interesting watch faces. That’s right you can choose a lot more fun, functional and interesting faces for this particular series, and that goes both for the GPS version and the one that has GPS and Cellular. But this particular model offers notifications for your heart rate and informs you when your heart rate is a way to how or way too low.


You can thank you lucky stars for this! Or thank Apple whichever works best for you. Why? Well, because the design of the Series 3 is one of the sleekest, most elegant and amazing watches in the entire product line. What makes it beautiful? Well, it has a futuristic, shiny, silver-toned aluminum case, accompanied by a silver sport band. The aluminum case comes in two different sizes (in 38 mm size and in the larger 42 mm size), while the sport band has an S/M lengths and M/L lengths depending on the thickness of your wrist.

Of course, the sport bands from the Series 1 and 2 fit perfectly on the series 3 and you can easily swap them if there’s some damage done to the sports band on this particular model. One interesting thing that separates the GPS and the one that’s has a GPS and cellular feature, well… the second version has a very pronounced red dot on the digital crown. While it does clash a little with the grey-ish and silver dominant colors of the entire structure, the digital crown is on the side and it’s not very noticeable. It doesn’t interfere with the stylish minimalistic design and clean silver tone.


Ok, the weight varies depending (of course) on the size and version, but that’s what makes it more fun. The 38 mm aluminum case that has GPS and Cellular weighs 28.7 grams while the 42 mm aluminum case that has both GPS and Cellular features weighs 34.9 grams. It’s a vast slimming improvement from the previous series 2 models, despite the fact that there are some additional features in the design and the specifications.


Having much-needed improvement one the svelte sleek stylish design that we’ve been given with the series 3, the sheer brilliance of the product is the actual fit. The ability to hide all the additions and get away with it with a much slimmer and thinner final product works wonders for the fit of the smartwatch both on the face and on the band’s part of the design.

Yes, the face of the watch is still quite bulky (despite all the ingenuity and effort to make it smaller and more compact), so the fit does get quite compromised in that area. It’s an area of the watch made out of aluminum, and the material itself is heavier. Especially in the 42 mm version, which is slightly bigger. However, the band fits nicely on the wrist, without adding too much pressure, without pinching or discomfort of any kind. And yes, the band does domes with several different sizes, so that makes things a lot easier.


The fit and flexibility go hand in hand here, and that’s what’s great about it. Made out of special fluoroelastomer-style of rubber, the flexibility of the band is fantastic. In fact, the flexibility and the fit are some of the best-reviewed features from the entire watch. The band’s silver color blends in with the rest of the structure, comes in different sizes, is easily adjustable and the width and the weight of the band doesn’t steal any of the beauty in the aluminum case. Yup. The flexibility is quite spectacular here, despite the fact that the aluminum case comes with two separate dimensions. He 38 mm and the slightly bigger 42 mm.


When talking about the key features in Series 3, there’s absolutely no way we couldn’t mention the upgraded software and hardware in this particular model. In fact, let’s start with the hardware. This particular series uses the S3 processor. It’s a dual core processor and it has a lot more speed, compared to the predecessor. In fact, it’s 70% faster than the processor of the previous S2 model, and it enables solid voice responses by Siri.

Moving on the software. If you thought that all the previous information’s were cool, check out what’s coming ahead. Starting with watchOS 4 type of software update. It includes a special Siri face that tracks your preferences, your routines and your activity throughout the day. The Apple music app is also improved with the watchOS 4 software update and it also awards your challenges on a monthly basis. Yup. It sets up your monthly challenges and gives your well-deserved achievement awards. All that hard work will not go unnoticed that’s for sure.


Yes, in the essence this is a watch. But, much like the name suggests, this is a smartwatch as well, and it’s up to use it in the best and smartest possible way. As mentioned before, aside from telling the time, listening to music, you can access Maps, make calls and send out SMS text messages. But the great thing about it is that you can actually use it as your personal fitness trainer. It gives you great motivations, and the apps that are featured in the software are there to give you motivation, to track your fitness progress and to guide you through your daily workouts.

It has a strong alert system and warns you when you’ve dropped your pace when your balance is off. The wired style connection ports are lacking, but if you’re thinking of using it while you’re swimming or scuba diving, you’ll have to be careful. Apple warns that although the model is very appropriate for activities that are localized in shallow water areas, it’s not suitable for use in areas that are below the shallow water point. Water that has a high-water type of velocity is not particularly recommended and could come to severe damage if the smartwatch is used in such conditions.


Owning an Apple watch, and especially one from Series 3 is not so much a matter of prestige. OK, it kinda is, but given the fact that’s also highly practical, it will probably make you less inclined to carry your smartphone with you and opt for a smartwatch as well. It’s sleek, beautifully designed and it comes with the different dimensions. There’s the smaller 38 mm version and the aluminum case that comes with 42 mm dimensions. And although it’s still thick and slightly chunky (well compared to the predecessor), it doesn’t feel way heavy or bulky on the wrist. The standard casing is made out of the good old aluminum and comes in several color options. The grey version is the most demanded and sought-after by the consumers, the gold and silver are also wanted by the customers as well.


You best believe it. Although it’s not as pricey as the previous series, the series 3 is still quite expensive to purchase nonetheless. The official website states that the 38 mm version costs 279 dollars while the larger 42 mm version can go up to 309 dollars. However, if you choose one of the e-commerce type of platforms you can easily find a smartwatch of this particular series that costs as much as 229 dollars. It’s truly a bargain price for a smartwatch that will prove to be an invaluable part of your daily life.

Bottom line

Yes, it’s expensive. Yes, it’s considered a luxury item and one that goes on your wrist. But if you’re looking for a great smartwatch that has cool and amazing basic and advanced features, then look no further. You’ve found it. With a great operating system, great apps and sleek stylish exterior, the Series 3 is truly a fantastic find. And a great purchase as well.