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If you’re an athlete, casual runner, gym rat, yoga master, etc, you may find that the Amazon Core 10 is the sports bra for you. It is supportive, lightweight, and strappy. The straps are adjustable, the cups are removable, and the back of the bra features a breathable mesh panel.

The Amazon Core 10 is made for women with cup sizes A-C, so the band fits small. This comes in handy for exercising, because it is more supportive. It will help keep your breasts from experiencing pain due to all of the movement.

This bra is made with eighty-five percent nylon and fifteen percent spandex. The nylon wicks up the moisture from your sweat while the spandex provides stretch and durability. The thin straps on the Amazon Core 10 are adjustable and meet in the back in a racerback style. The cups are removable for a customized fit.

The Amazon Core 10 is machine washable and comes with a one hundred percent satisfaction guarantee. It may be on the pricey side of sports bras, but it delivers what you need for your workouts. If it doesn’t, just get your money back.

Editor's Pros & Cons




Ideal for workouts


Removable cups


Itch-causing strap material

Runs small



It’s strange to think that Amazon has their own workout clothing line. The giant online marketplace has always been the go-to for random basic essentials like office supplies and home goods. However, with time, it has become a huge outlet for fashion and beauty products.

You now have the option to purchase your sports bras, leggings, workout tops, and more from Amazon themselves, via their Core 10 line. Not only is the style chic and affordable, but the line also comes in plus sizes. For other products from Amazon, check here.

Jess Bezos founded Amazon in July of 1994 in Washington. Initially, it began as a marketplace online for books. It grew to offer software, electronics, video games, furniture, apparel, toys, jewelry, and even food. Amazon is ahead of Walmart on the most valuable retailer list. It acquired, for over thirteen billion dollars, Whole Foods Market. And, their two-day shipping that is available via Amazon Prime has reached more than one hundred million subscribers around the world.


Amazon Core 10 is made with eighty-five percent nylon and fifteen percent spandex. These materials will work together to bring you the durability, support, stretch, and comfort that you’re looking for in a sports bra.

Nylon material is very durable. It adds strength and it protects your bra from tearing, bursting, acquiring damage from chemicals, etc. It also provides great air permeability. The mesh panel in the back of the Amazon Core 10 will also give a helping hand with breathability. Nylon also dries quickly, which is great news for active people and those in hot climates. If you have sensitive skin, nylon may irritate it.

The spandex used in the construction of the Amazon Core 10 is there to provide support, stretch, flexibility, durability, and shape retention. It works to give you a proper fit for longer. For other products made with spandex, check here.


If you’re an active person (or not), you know that you can’t stand it when you’re in the heat, sweating, and your clothes become saturated. This can be said of socks, shoes, underwear, pants, and shirts alike. People are typically uncomfortable in damp clothing.

Good news for you is that the Amazon Core 10 is breathable. Thanks to the air permeability of nylon and the obvious airflow allowed by the large mesh panel on the back of the bra, you’re sure to remain more comfortable before, during, and after your workout.

The nylon of the Amazon Core 10 has the capability of wicking moisture away from your skin, keeping it dry and cool. Not only will it collect your sweat, but nylon dries quickly, so it won’t stay damp hours after your workout. This also helps to protect you from bacteria and odors. For more breathable apparel, look here.


Whether you’re heavily active or not, wearing a supportive bra can have an extremely positive effect on your breast health. Supportive bras can help with posture, breast sagging, and discomfort and/or pain experienced because of excess movement.

Physical activity for any woman of any size will cause the breasts to bounce in all directions. Sports bras, like the Amazon Core 10, were created in an effort to reduce the bouncing. Even though your breasts don’t have muscles, the ligaments and skin can break down, become weak, and cause sagging. Once the damage is done to them, it cannot be reversed.

The fact that the Amazon Core 10 is a combination of compression and individual (removable cups) means that it offers the most all-around support. The racerback straps provide more support than either scoop backs or spaghetti straps can. If you experience a lot of pain with breast movement and want an additional layer of support, you could try KT Tape.


Your sports bra having a little bit of flexibility is just as important as it is to be able to offer plenty of support. Your breasts benefit from being contained and their movements limited, but they still need to be able to move naturally with your body while you’re exercising.

The spandex material that is integrated into the construction of the Amazon Core 10 will allow your bra to move with you just enough to give you comfort and range of motion. The spandex is also going to help your bra stay in its original shape after it has been stretched. If you’re looking for other stretchy apparel, check here.


You may not think too much about your sweat if you’re someone who does it a lot. It’s no big deal. It dries. Clothes can be washed. Right? Kinda. Even if you only sweat minimally during a workout, you’re still going to want to take off your sports bra as soon as possible and change into a different one. Wash it at your earliest convenience.

Yes, the nylon does wick up your sweat. Yes, it does dry quickly. However, if left unwashed or left on your body for a long period of time, the bacteria that is attracted to sweat is going to find its way onto your bra. Once there, the bacteria will feed on your sweat and produce waste. It is the bacteria’s waste that causes odors when you sweat.

Not only can you develop odors because of a damp bra, but it can lead to skin irritation and fungus as well. If you struggle with sweat, you may appreciate these items.


While there are numerous measures in place to keep you comfortable through your workout, workday, or lounge time, there are a couple of features about the Amazon Core 10 that could use a second thought.

The racerback style keeps you comfortable with optimal support, and the full-coverage style in the front is preferred by many. The mesh panel on the back of the Amazon Core 10 is there just to provide additional comfort via breathability. It is snug, so if you get the right size, it will be comfortable for those who prefer compression. Compression sleeves are great for workouts as well.

There have been consumers that have reported the Amazon Core 10 not being the best buy for them, personally. The reasons given included the straps not being soft enough or thick enough; some people experienced skin irritation from them. Also, the plastic pieces used to adjust the straps have caused people skin irritation and discomfort.


The way that any piece of clothing fits is important. For women, we know that the way your bra fits will determine how you feel during your entire day. If you’re not comfortable underneath your clothes, you won’t be comfortable anywhere.

Amazon Core 10 is built for cup sizes A through C and will, therefore, fit snugly in the band. It is recommended by Amazon and customers that you should size up for the best fit. A proper, snug, supportive fit is provided by the spandex material. You can customize your fit by adjusting the straps and/or removing the cups.

The straps begin wide, waiting to narrow until they’re behind your neck. They will then come together in between your shoulder blades. From there, the bottom of the bra will join and wrap around your chest. This will allow your shoulder blades to remain more comfortable during workouts. You also won’t have to worry about dealing with pesky straps that keep falling down. For more workout clothes, check here.


Sports bras didn’t always come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, colors, patterns, styles, etc. However, more and more people are wanting sports bras. And it’s not just athletic women. Sports bras are versatile as can be. They can be work for exercising, as originally intended. However, they’re also perfect for work, walking, bowling, lounging, and even sleeping.

The Amazon Core 10 is a racerback style, going perfectly with a lot of workout tank tops that feature a racerback. It can also easily be paired with t-shirts because the straps won’t be visible anyway. It includes full coverage allowing it to go perfectly with a low-cut top for a splash of color and/or additional coverage. The cups are removable. Keep them if you need the extra protection, support, and padding; store them away if you don’t. If you’re in need of an exercise shirt, check here.

Amazon Core 10 comes in four different colors. They are cherry, denim, black, and olive.


When purchasing clothing items, especially online (because you can’t try them on), it’s especially important to make sure your item comes with a money-back guarantee or warranty of some kind. Luckily, Amazon is fully aware of the fact that you can’t please everyone and that when it comes to clothing, you can’t fit everyone, either. It’s also hard to cater to sensitive skin and allergies.

Amazon offers a thirty-day satisfaction guarantee on their products. If you are not one hundred percent happy with your purchase, simply login to your Amazon account, go to your orders, choose the item, and select the option to begin a return.

Follow the instructions given to correctly mail out your return with the shipping label. Make sure your item is still in new condition, has the original packaging, and your packing slip is included.

Bottom Line

If you’re an athlete, a runner, gym rat, yoga expert, Zumba dancer, midnight walker, hard worker, lounger, or napper, the Amazon Core 10 has just about everything you could hope for in a quality exercise sports bra.

Enjoy moisture-wicking, quick-drying, and breathable elements thanks to the nylon and mesh materials used in the construction of this bra. The large mesh panel on the back of the bra will keep your back more cool, dry, and comfortable. The fact that there isn’t a tab label and the straps are racerback style will also bring your skin comfort.

The straps are thin and they are adjustable, which can be greatly attractive when it comes to a bra. However, some customers have experienced skin irritation due to the thin width of the straps and the plastic used to make adjustments in the length of the straps. The cups are removable, so it is up to you to decide if you want/need the extra protection, support, and padding that comes from them.

Amazon Core 10 sports bras are ideal for workouts and are very supportive. Having a tight, snug, but the flexible fit will keep your breasts where they need to be and help to reduce and discomfort and/or pain that could stem from your breasts not being properly supported.

The Amazon Core 10 may come at a steeper price than some leading competitors. But, with the satisfaction guarantee, what do you have to lose if you try it? If the fit just isn’t right for you, send it back. Amazon will understand, and you will be one step closer to finding the right sports bra for you.