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The AL3+ Freedom Series is one of the best wireless sport headphones on the market. This award-winning design offers the Original MIIEGO Fit that stays securely in place no matter how intensive the sport may be. Its lightweight build is perfect for athletic activities and is easy to wear for longer periods of time.

Maximum comfort and clear, crisp sound are the driving force behind the craze. These headphones are a top contender and continue to impress with their multitude of incredible features.

Its innovative fit won’t block out the world around you so you will be safe while you train. This is important for city living because of all of the dangers you face while you pound the city streets.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • MIIEGO Fit
  • Sound Quality
  • Secure Neckband
  • 11 Hour Playback
  • Expensive
  • Durability Issues


When it comes to sound performance there are tons of headphones that fail to impress! But, the AL3+ Freedom isn’t one of them! This pair delivers a crystal-clear sound that will impress you right from note one. It’s no wonder that these have won several international tests and product awards with the kind of crisp yet powerful playback they offer.

The great thing is that they don’t isolate your ears or drown out the world around you. Instead, you’re still situational aware which means that you’ll be able to hear sounds from your surroundings. While this might not be ideal for everyone, especially if you like to crank it up and block the world out, it’s better for your safety. If you can’t hear anything around you how will you be able to know when there’s traffic or other passersby that you could have an accident with?!

While you’re wearing the AL3+ Freedom headphones the sounds will be in the background but at least you’ll still be aware of your surroundings. Even still, some people just want to drown everything else out, in which case, these headphones aren’t the best choice.

Battery Life

One thing I absolutely love about this pair is its incredible battery life! Designed for up to 11 hours of playback per charge, these won’t quit in the middle of your workout. There are so many options out there that just don’t last long enough and have to be charged all throughout the day. This is a total hassle and can really have a negative impact on your gym time.

The AL3+ Freedom headphones have a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and micro USB charging that makes for a smooth flow of power. The universal charging cable is great because you can easily replace it if it wears out and you probably already have a spare lying around your house.

Wireless Range

The AL3+ Freedom operates a Class 2 wireless range. While this is standard for this kind of equipment it would have been better with a Class 1. The wireless classes determine the kind of connectivity range that you get and Class 2 is a substandard compared to the first.

Class 2 wireless range can connect up to 10m/33ft, whereas Class 1 can reach up to 100m/300ft. That’s quite a difference! Though if you use the kind of device that stays close by then this won’t be an issue. Many users report less interference with Class 1, but most people don’t run into too many issues with Class 2.


When you’re serious about your workouts, nothing can keep you from sweating it out. That’s where the AL3+ Freedom Series really shines. These headphones are sweat, snow, and even heavy rain proof! This means that no kind of weather can keep you from you’re routine!

The secret lies in the NANO-sealed protection that shields each component for weatherproof durability. This innovative design feature is perfect for serious athletes who aren’t going to let a little rain or snow slow them down.

Having a pair that’s sweat-proof is a must when you exercise because all that sweat will ruin the material. Odor-causing bacteria thrive in moist places like your sweat-soaked headphones. If the material isn’t resistant the odor will ruin your gear and the moisture can destroy its components.


When you’re in the middle of a sweaty workout the last thing you want to do is stop to answer your phone! Handling your device will be tricky at best and will often end in disaster if you’re not overly careful. These headphones have a built-in microphone so you don’t have to remove them just to answer a call.

This feature is very handy, especially for athletic activities that make it tough to grip your phone. But, it’s not just for workouts though, this feature is perfect for professionals who are constantly chatting and need a convenient way to toggle between calls.

The mic offers clear sound on either end and enhances your voice for better communication while you’re on the move. This is ideal for life in the city because the background noise can make it tough to hear one another and can lead to miscommunications if you’re not careful.


One thing that everyone knows about MIIEGO headphones is that they fit pretty great! Whether it’s the ultra-secure hold or lightweight wear, there’s just something about these products that really feels great. Having a pair that fits perfectly and feels nice and comfortable like this one is such an important aspect, especially if you’re going to be training while you wear them.

Simply slide on the AL3+ Freedom headphones and you’re good to go! No sliding or slipping off your ears so you can move whichever way you choose. Being so unrestricted while you exercise lets you push it to the max and train as hard as you can without any issues.


Wireless earphones are the best design for athletic activities! They’re simple to use and don’t have any cords that tangle while you train. This is ideal for sports that keep you on the move because you can twist, turn, bend, or stride all without having to worry about your cords.

Everyone enjoys listening to good music while they exercise but lots of people don’t because their headphones are just too irritating. Well, that won’t be a concern while you’re rocking these! Their effortless enjoyment makes this one of the best pairs for all your sporting needs.

The fact that it has no earbuds means that your ears won't hurt even after long hours of wear. Most headphones have those uncomfortable ear tips that you have to jam in your ear. But, the AL3+ Freedom ones have a smooth surface that simply sits over it so there's no discomfort!


MIIEGO is a Scandinavian brand that has won numerous awards for their designs. Specializing in wireless sport headphones, these products are perfect for everyone from beginners to professional athletes. Their headphones sell worldwide and have gained some serious notoriety over the years.

Athletes have come to love the comfortable designs and stay-put wearability that comes with every MIIEGO product! If you’re shopping for a pair that won’t move around when you do then this is the brand for you. Every pair offers an iconic MIIEGO Fit that includes an ultra-secure neckband that keeps them right where they should be.


While the sound is extremely high-quality, the AL3+ Freedom headphones themselves aren’t that great. Some wearers had issues after just a couple of times while others found that with moderate use they often stopped working. This issue will resolve by doing a soft reset of the device but who wants to be doing that all the time?!

While most people are satisfied with how long the earphones last there are several customers who were unimpressed with the overall durability and rated them quite low because of this.

If you don’t push it too hard when you exercise this pair will hold up just fine. But, if you go hard on a regular basis you should weigh the longevity of this pair before you make your purchase. For other, more durable options, check out the PowerBeats3 Wireless and Jaybird X3.


While you expect to pay more for high-quality products, the AL3+ Freedom is overpriced considering its durability. Many users reported having issues with the longevity of this model and had issues after just a few uses.

While the sound quality is excellent and the way that this pair fits is one of the best available, the price is a drawback for shoppers. The best thing to do is to weigh the positive aspects against the few negatives and decided if the pros are greater than the cons, which they are.

Bottom Line

Overall, AL3+ Freedom headphones are a solid choice for athletic individuals. They offer excellent sound quality and crystal-clear delivery that separates them from the competition. A great aspect is that it keeps you connected with your surroundings and won’t fully block you off from the world around you. Being able to hear your surroundings is a must in the city because it will make you safer. Being isolated from the world it puts you at risk to be hit by a car.

The battery life with this pair is incredible! You get up to 11 hours of continuous playback off just one charge. This is pretty amazing for wireless headphones. The universal USB charging cable is super convenient because you can easily replace it if yours wears out.

One thing I’m not crazy about is the Class 2 wireless range which gives you up to 33 feet of connectivity. Class 1 is much better but if you like to keep your device close by it shouldn’t be a problem for you.

The water and sweat-proof material are perfect for athletic use because it keeps your gear smelling fresh and working its best. If you sweat a lot it’s easy to ruin your earphones because they’ll start to stink. The built-in microphone is a gift especially if you like talking hands-free!

The price is too high for how long the AL3+ Freedom headphones will last but the sound quality outweighs the hefty price tag. I would recommend this product to anyone who likes mild to moderate exercise because anything too strenuous will wear them out faster than other options.