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If you’re an active person, you know that what you wear on your feet is one of the most important parts of staying comfortable. Shoes are extremely important, but so are what you have on underneath. Quality shoes need to be backed up by quality socks. The Adidas No Show Socks will bring you everything you need to keep your feet going all day. 

360 degree cushioning is provided to give you the ultimate experience in durability and comfort. The Climalite technology that is integrated into the Adidas No Show Socks will work tirelessly to keep your feet dry, cool, and comfortable by wicking away moisture from sweat. Enjoy extra support and stability with a compression band at the arch.

The low-cut will make it easy to hide your Adidas No Show Socks under your tennis shoes for a barefoot look without the barefoot feel and stench. Suitable for men who wear shoe sizes six through sixteen. There are many options for colors, ranging from white to grey to black, with varying emblem styles. Adidas No Show Socks are machine washable and are made from polyester, nylon, spandex, and latex.

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Not for sweaty feet

Some prefer thicker


Adolf and Rudolf Dassler’s mother’s home served as the spot where the Dassler Brothers Shoe Factory got its start. In 1924, Adolf started the company, later joined by his brother, Rudolf. In the beginning, they worked on improving the design of spiked running shoes to be used in athletic events. They did this by replacing the heavy metal spikes with rubber and canvas ones.

The 1936 Summer Olympics served as the marketing platform for Dassler’s handmade spikes when Jesse Owens wore a pair to compete. The games successfully grew the Dassler’s business. However, a falling out in 1949 left them going their separate ways. Adolf went on to create Adidas, while Rudolf created its rival, Puma.

Adidas has roots in Germany, but it has grown exponentially to become a global company that serves people all over and employs over fifty-seven thousand people. The global headquarters, in Germany, employs people from about one hundred different nations. Every single year, there are more than nine hundred million sports and sportswear products made, including Adidas No Show Socks. Some other Adidas items can be found here.


Ninety-five percent of the construction of the Adidas No Show Socks is polyester. This is a synthetic fiber that is petroleum-based and finely woven. It comes with benefits and disadvantages that you’ll want to consider.

Polyester lasts longer, the colors fade slower, and it dries quicker. However, it is also no eco-friendly, breathable, or absorbent. When cared for properly, polyester can be more durable than cotton. If you’re typically tough on socks, this is good news for you. If you’re an active person, you’ll appreciate having something as durable as Adidas No Show Socks.

There may not be any bright color choices available, but there are different shades of white, grey, and black. Because they are made mostly from polyester, these colors will stay true to their original hue for a longer time.

Even though polyester isn’t as breathable as cotton is, it does have the ability to dry more quickly. When the Climalite technology wicks up your sweat, the polyester fabric is going to be able to dry quicker than cotton would. It’s a team effort.

Small portions of the Adidas No Show Socks are made of nylon (two percent), spandex (two percent), and natural latex (one percent). Some people prefer cotton socks because they’re either what they’re used to, they’re what suits their needs, or they find them more comfortable. If you’re looking for socks that have cotton in them, try these.


It is common for people to look at what something is made of and immediately make up their mind that they don’t want it. This is true of polyester clothing items. Typically, this decision is made because people know that polyester isn’t very breathable. However, there are measures in place to counteract this disadvantage.

The Adidas No Show Socks feature Climalite technology that will work to wick away the moisture from your feet to keep them dry, cool, and comfortable throughout the day. Polyester dries quickly, so the moisture won’t just sit on your socks all day long. The Climalite also sends the moisture to the surface of the sock so that it can more easily evaporate.

Because the Climalite will keep your feet dry, they will also be protecting your feet from odor-causing bacteria. Sweat attracts bacteria, which feed on it and create waste. It is that waste which causes foot odor.

If your feet were left to walk around in dampness all day, then they would slide around inside of your socks and eventually cause skin irritation and even blisters. Blisters can become very sore and uncomfortable quickly and will make for a miserable day if they’re not treated promptly or, ideally, prevented altogether. If you struggle with blisters, try these.


No matter your activity level, there are countless people out there who can benefit from supportive clothing. If you live with any kind of condition that causes you discomfort and pain in your feet and/or legs, you may be surprised what you can get out of a little bit of support. Adidas No Show Socks have support in the arch area.

This supportive compression can help relieve symptoms felt by people who suffer from arthritis, diabetes, plantar fasciitis, injuries, and other conditions. If you don’t give yourself a solid foundation with your socks and shoes, it’s easy to cause yourself unnecessary additional pain and discomfort. Ideally, you want both to be supportive, so if you are in need of a good, supportive pair of shoes, check here.

The additional support given by the Adidas No Show Socks will also bring you stability. The balance boost will even be enough to help improve your posture. Sufficient stability and support will work together to improve your pain and discomfort.


No Show socks are designed to give the illusion that you’re not wearing any. That doesn’t mean they slack on their performance, though. Even though Adidas No Show Socks are hidden, they still consistently work to keep you comfortable with a supportive and secure fit.

Men who wear shoe sizes that range between six and sixteen should be able to comfortably wear these. The compression in the arch area of your foot will give you a secure and supportive fit. It isn’t too tight that it doesn’t allow your foot to have the freedom to have more range of motion. The low-cut will also give you more freedom to move. If you’re looking for a higher-cut sock, check here.


During the entire design process, comfort was in mind. The materials, the fit, the style, and the details were all carefully considered for optimum comfort. This is brought to you by the softness of the cushioning, the tightly-woven yarn, the arch support, the low-cut, and the Climalite technology.

The targeted cushioning will bring you extra padding and support where you need it most. The arch support will give you just enough support and security to keep you comfortable and in line. And the Climalite technology will wick away your sweat, push it to the surface, and keep your feet dry and cool.

If you’re an athlete, an active person, a laborer, desk clerk, leisurely walker, or lounger, you’ll appreciate a good pair of socks to keep you comfortable from beginning to end. The Adidas No Show Socks can do just that for you. If you’re looking for socks that are perfect just for lounging, check these out.


Whether you’re exposed to warm weather, an active lifestyle, or simply sweaty feet, you’re likely to experience what it’s like to spend a day in moist socks. When this happens, your feet tend to slide around which will cause irritation to your skin rather quickly. This irritation can lead to uncomfortable spots that can turn into blisters before you know it. Once the blister forms, the rest of the day is sure to be uncomfortable.

Thankfully, the design team of the Adidas No Show Socks had this is mind. The sweat issue has been taken care of by the Climalite technology and quick-dry properties of the polyester material. The friction problem is solved by the compression fit. If you do have problems with blisters or sore spots, there are products that can help.


Most often, when people shop, they are looking for items that are going to give them the most quality for their money. It’s not very common to purchase things with the intention of replacing them in a month or two. That’s why Adidas No Show Socks are built to last.

Polyester is a durable, tightly-woven fabric that will keep going with you. The compression band in the arch will increase the durability of the sock. The Climalite's wicking ability, along with the quickly drying polyester, will add to durability. The only downfall is how the Adidas No Show Socks are not super thick. Now, if you need thicker socks, try these.


Low-cut socks like the Adidas No Show Socks are commonly worn for a large variety of occasions. People wearing loafers or boat shoes with shorts opt for no shows as an aesthetic choice. They want to create the illusion that they aren’t wearing any at all.

Athletes choose low-cut socks often as well. For some, they are a lot more comfortable. They allow more range of motion in your ankles and they don’t rise up your leg at all. For some, a higher-cut sock can feel like it is suffocating their leg. However, if you’re looking for a higher-cut, you can look here.

Adidas No Show Socks are available in a variety of colors and emblem choices. The colors available are white, grey, black, and a mix of black, grey, and heather grey. The logos available are the Trefoil logo and the classic triple stripe logo.

The low-cut style isn’t common among those who prefer to make a statement. It’s hard to wow your friends when your socks aren’t even visible. If you’re looking for a higher-cut and louder design, try these.


Adidas No Show Socks come with a manufacturer warranty that goes into effect on the date of production and stays active for two years. The warranty only covers manufacturing defects. If you surpass the two-year mark, your item will no longer be covered by the warranty. Even if it is during warranty, Adidas does not repair products, nor do they replace insoles, laces, buttons, emblems, drawstrings, or other decorative parts.

If your item is purchased from an authorized seller, you will want to return it directly to them. If the seller cannot help you, you may submit a claim to Adidas. If your item was purchased from a seller who is unauthorized, Adidas will not be able to offer you any kind of support for your item.

On average, a claim is settled within two to four weeks. If your item is deemed defective, it will not be returned to you. Instead, you will receive a store credit that can be used to purchase a replacement item of your choice.

Bottom Line

You’ll get a lot more than a barefoot aesthetic from the Adidas No Show Socks. You can also enjoy the benefits of a secure and supportive fit, cushioned comfort, no-slip and anti-blister, moisture-wicking Climalite technology, and a reasonable price.

You will also be able to ward off harmful odor-causing bacteria due to the moisture-wicking and expelling abilities. If you struggle with foot pain and discomfort from injury, arthritis, plantar fasciitis, diabetes, or other ailments, the compression fit at the arch area could help you to find some relief.

There have been consumers who’ve reported being dissatisfied due to the fact that their feet still sweat too much, even with the Climalite technology. If you do have trouble with foot sweat, you can check out these products for help. Also, some people prefer a sock that is a little bit heavier and thicker. That is simply a matter of personal preference. If the Adidas No Show Socks sound like they’re what you’re looking for, why not give them a shot?