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Anyone in the business of running knows that there are brands they can go to when they need to restock on gear. Adidas is undeniably one of those trusted brands. The M10 by Adidas has all the style and grace that you do, without sacrificing any performance features. For a short that is light, breezy, and flattering, the M10 is most definitely where it’s at! Runners who love stretchy materials but hate all the added fabrics of more generously cut basketball shorts will go wild for this soft, elastic pair of sleek bottoms.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Drawcord Waist
  • Mesh Panels
  • Reflective Details
  • Climalite Technology
  • Small Waist Pocket
  • Attractive Style
  • Raised Back
  • Only One Technology
  • May Run Small

Accessible Pockets

One of the bane’s of loving women’s clothing is that it usually means sacrificing your storage capacity in any given item. Love denim shorts with buttoned back pockets? Relish in the feeling of trying on a dress and discovering there are places on each side to slip your hands into and keep your phone and wallet? Then you probably have been disappointed by athletic styles for having the opposite feature. This M10 by Adidas does have a small pocket in the waistband. It is sized appropriately to fit headphones, cash, or keys, but not much else. This is perfectly acceptable for a running bottom, especially one intended for women, if only due to the lack of alternative options on the market. If you really need additional space, you may want to opt for a design specifically not concerned with reducing weight and bulk, but more angled towards adding more storage capacity. Men’s shorts can often have more pocket options, and the longer length can help to prevent chafing if that has ever been an issue that caused you discomfort. Killing two birds with one stone is always preferable!


Adidas classic three stripes are always going to turn heads. They have become such a huge trend in pop culture and athletics that you can’t help but notice when they’re being flaunted. The design of these shorts is incredibly cute. With a relatively tiny three-inch inseam, the M10 is slightly fitted and flattering, without restricting your movements. The side panels are made of mesh for practical reasons, but they create a nice and flowy appearance as well with this ultra-soft and light short. The Adidas logo can be seen on the hip, which means you can rock your preferred brand without being too flashy. This style comes in a ton of color schemes, with different contrasting lining to accent the overall color of the shorts. Black and white are an iconic combination in this brand’s catalog that looks stunning with the side stripes of this option. A nipped in waist with a risen back, above the butt, ensure there will be no gapping or slipping when wearing these, cementing the fantastic design strategy used to make them.


Polyester is fantastic for easy care and durability, and both the mesh briefs inside the short and the short itself utilize this versatile material. The M10 is a style that reviewers kept continuously coming back to. They found this pair of Adidas bottoms to hold up very well to wear and found themselves buying multiple pairs in multiple colors because they loved the style so much. Polyester can last anywhere from 20 to 200 years, so safe for ripping, the fabric is incredible resistance to degradation. If you are frequently buying more biodegradable fabrics or cotton blends and have been disappointed by their lack of longevity, a short like the M10 will be a refreshing option. This fabric will long outlast this Adidas bottom but the construction is decidedly well done. Most reviewers emphatically expressed that this performance option was made in a way that would allow them to accompany them on many, many runs.

Ease of Wear

Reviewers were absolutely obsessed with the comfort of these athletic bottoms, even during intense workouts. Nearly 100 percent of reviewers rated them at the highest level of comfort, both hard to believe and seriously impressive on Adidas’ part. Overwhelming positivity about the comfort and ease of wear was abundant across platforms. They have just enough excess fabric and looseness to make moving feel effortless, without looking sloppy or too large on. Soft fabric that is cut in a “regular fit” is perfect for running or weightlifting. Reviewers even found it was during workouts requiring flexibility, except for yoga, as some felt they were a bit too loose to get the full benefit of a yoga workout. Really light material will have you feeling like you’re floating on every run you take. It was frequently called one of the most comfortable shorts that reviewers had ever worn, making the M10 a true hit from Adidas.


There is some indecision when it comes to the fit itself of the M10. Many reviewers loved the fit and felt that it was perfect for them when going by the size chart. Others thought it was much too tight in the butt and thighs, despite getting their usual size. Adidas doesn’t run notoriously small, but since women often have hips and backsides that fill out their shorts, built in briefs can be a bit restricting. The material on the M10 is stretchy and soft, but some felt they should have sized up for a more comfortable fit. The M10, as previously stated, is a “regular fit”. This will slightly hug your curves without being too clingy. The mesh panels on the side are slightly shorter than the rest of the short which creates the appearance of a longer leg. It also lets your thighs have more room and movement in the short. This helps to reduce a lot of chafing or discomfort. Too tight bottoms do not feel good against the skin or on when you’re doing physical activities, especially running. The waist is, of course, a thicker band with ample stretch, with an added drawcord to give you that perfect fit on your waist. The takeaway here is that those with fuller hips and bottoms may need to size up due to the brief and cut, but the waist can be cinched to properly fit if you do. The cut is just right to be able to work with a slight sizing up, if necessary.


It can be a pain to maintain your favorite sportswear. It is a point of contention for many to go out of their way to launder workout gear. It can be hard to find the time, when you aren’t a career athlete, to even get a workout in. Then, brands expect you to follow very specific washing instructions as if you have the time to carefully launder your workout gear as well. The M10 takes out all the guesswork and extra effort. If you have a washer and dryer, or access to one, you’re perfectly equipped to care for this pair of shorts by Adidas. Simply throw them in with like colors in cold water and wash on gentle. Then when the load is finished, tumble dry, and you’re good to go. It really can’t get much simpler when it comes to workout gear and you couldn’t ask for easier maintenance. The polyester will hold up just as well in less careful washing, but for optimal durability, this is the recommended and surely the most effective regimen to follow.

Moisture Wicking

Moisture builds up during workouts because the average person perspires quite a big during even short durations of cardio. Sweat can cause fabrics to stick to the skin and become quite uncomfortable to wear. This is not great for performance at all, as it feels gross and will make you more mindful of each movement. The fabric on the M10 shorts avoids this by wicking the moisture away from the skin and bringing it to the outer layer of the short to quickly dry. Moisture wicking is great for chafe prevention and comfort during even the more extreme or longer runs. If you are a long distance runner, you are going to want a short, quick-drying short so that your performance isn’t hindered once you get further and further in distance.

Safety Features

It can be concerning when athletic options don’t have safety features to ensure you are seen on the road. Most runners will do a lot of their running on streets that have motorists using them. Unless you are a trail runner, which in most cases, you will probably wear clothing with more coverage than this Adidas M10, you are going to need to have some sort of visibility when running before dusk or after dawn. Adidas added extensive reflective details to ensure you will be seen and safe! Nothing is more important than your safety during an exercise, and motorists should always pose the least risk possible when on the road. This helps to make that a bit more possible for the average runner. If you are a passionate athlete and are looking for staple shorts for your roadside runs, you can feel confident in this pair of bottoms by Adidas, without a doubt. It can be nerve-wracking relying on other people to observe your presence when running on the road. Take some of the anxiety out of running with an eye-catching reflective detail like that of the M10 by Adidas.


There is very little actual technology that goes into this running option by Adidas. The little technology it does have is great, but if you’re set on getting something that has a laundry list of technological features, there are more choices out there that are more focused on implementing a lot of technologies into one product. Climalite technology is an amazing innovation by Adidas that outperforms many others in the category of moisture-wicking. Sweat is inevitable, and you want something incredibly lightweight and breezy that also helps to move sweat away from the body. The fantastic material used in the M10 goes above and beyond the standard set for keeping cool and feeling great during your run. Flowy fabric that isn’t flimsy is always a score. Climalite utilizes a looser weave with incredible endurance. Running bottoms can be a hit-or-miss due to less attention to performance details, but the M10 is a decided hit despite their lack of other technology. That isn’t to say that there weren’t features that customers loved, there were so few complaints about this pair., but it still doesn’t stack up against technology-focused options.


If you want true ventilation, the incorporation of mesh is very important. Mesh is a perforated fabric that physically allows air to move through the fabric, despite the fabrics of other technology to encourage temperature regulation. The material itself all over this short is fantastic for breathability, but the added features definitely should not be missed. The cut of this pair of bottoms encourages air flow from the leg holes, as there is a slight rise at the sides where the mesh panels are placed. The roomier style allows for more space for air to get in and circulate. With only a three-inch inseam, these expose a bit more skin than the typical five-inch style which aids in ventilation as well. Where the Adidas stripes are, there are full mesh panels that help beat the heat. A full mesh brief cuts down on any trapped heat close against the skin. This is a fantastic running short for summer. Paired with compression wear in cooler months, you could easily wear it throughout the seasons without excess perspiration, as well.

Bottom Line

Reviewers loved this short, and if you take even a glance, it is easy to tell why. With Climalite technology and full mesh side panels, you can keep cool even while running on the hottest days. Style isn’t everything, but it plays a part when you have a look as precious as on the M10. Adidas lovers and future fans will both be smitten with this runner’s option. It lacks in other technological features and may require some to size up based on their body type, but neither factors seem to be a mark against the M10, they barely are concerns. For style-savvy runners who want the best of both worlds, this is a favorite among what is currently available.