A List of 5 Lipstick and High Heel Matches

5 Lipstick And High Heel Matches A List of 5 Lipstick and High Heel Matches www.walkjogrun.net

There is no better way to accessorize than with a perfectly painted lip. Everybody knows that a full-face of makeup could never be complete without a lippy that pulls the whole look together. This rings true for your whole look, however. It’s the little touches that shine the brightest, especially in photos. Have you ever wondered how photographers seem to pull together a flawless composition in every session? While there is a lot that goes into their education and training, there are also a few little tips that can help you bring your own photos to the next level.

We’re all looking for that Instagram glam, after all. I promise you that these combos are a surefire way to make yourself look fly AF without even trying. Every single lipstick is one that I myself have tried and can attest to the quality of. I’m somewhat of a lipstick connoisseur (although I haven’t put that on my resume… yet!). This list is full of buttery, smooth formulas that’ll give you long-lasting color without drying out your lips. But don’t take my word for it, because there are many, many reviewers who are saying the same, exact thing.

Let’s get right to it because I am just dying to give you the skinny on these fabulous match-ups between makeup and fashion.


LBD Approved


Lovirs Stiletto Pump
  • Lovirs Stiletto Pump
  • Price: See Here
Revlon Super Lustrous
  • Revlon Super Lustrous
  • Price: See Here


Why We Love This Lipstick: Aside from the deep, dark black that we’re swooning for, the formula itself is fantastic. Rimmel London is a brand known for providing high-fashion results for a drug-store price. This is a lippie from their Super Lustrous line, and it’s every bit as luscious as you would think it is. It can be so, incredibly difficult to find a good shade of black, but Rimmel has blown me away with their answer to all of our gothic prayers.

Why We Love This Heel: There is literally no silhouette more stately and stunning than this classic outline. The pencil-thin stiletto will make even the most petite lady feel like a woman in absolute control. Lovirs is a great brand for finding the perfect fit for your every need. Step into this sexy stiletto, and steal the show every single place you go.

Why We Love Them Together: The highly pigmented lipstick is a perfect match for almost any powerful look you’re going for. We love a dark lip paired with pale skin for a vampiric vibe. There’s something effortlessly sexy about a black-on-black outfit… After all, everybody loves a black widow, right?


A Little Va-Va-Voom


Allegra K Lace Up Heel
  • Allegra K Lace Up Heel
  • Price: See Here
Sephora Mini Cream
  • Sephora Mini Cream
  • Price: See Here


Why We Love This Lipstick: It’s Sephora. Need I say more? Actually, yes, I do, because if you don’t know how good their line of lipsticks is, you need to know now. Sephora is the go-to place for beauty mavens everywhere, with a marvelous selection of wonders like you’ve never seen. Among these products are their very own creations- some of them better than their sometimes very exp

Why We Love This Heel: I think the real question is: What’s not to love? This is a flashy statement piece, perfect for your next night out. The heel features a layered look which incorporates the thin ankle strap into the front of the shoe, as well. It’s crisscrossed in a helix, making it as safe as it is sexy. Your foot will have moderate coverage and will be less stressful on your feet than a traditional heel might be. Did I mention it’s also cute AF?

Why We Love Them Together: The lipstick speaks for itself, honestly. It has a creamy, rich texture that’ll get you through the night with minimal touch-ups. As for the heel? Sometimes you need a shoe that’s fun, flirty, and flashy. We all have a favorite pair we reach for when you need to make a statement. You just thought of your pair, didn’t you? Personally, I pictured the pair above, which are now on my wishlist. Go ahead and make my dream your reality, however! The shoe and lipstick both come in at a bargain price, after all.


What Rhymes With Purple


Heel's Charm Low Heel
  • Heel's Charm Low Heel
  • Price: See Here
Nyx Butter Gloss
  • Nyx Butter Gloss
  • Price: See Here


Why We Love This Lipstick: Alright, I know this is technically a gloss. However, I wanted to incorporate something a little more sheer for an everyday look… and this little number is a great way to do it. Nyx is a famous name with a cult following. Almost everybody has heard of them, and the make-up giant has their fingers in almost every corner of the market. Right now, however, we’re going to focus on their Butter Gloss line, in the color Sugar Plum. It’s a non-sticky formula that gives you just the right amount of color. Although there are very vibrant purple shades out there, I figured this one should be a little understated. After all, most people aren’t going to rock a loud lip on the daily.

Why We Love This Heel: The above options are both pretty intense. They have sky-scraping heels that put a lot of strain on your feet… and really shouldn’t be worn by anybody but those learned in the art of walking in heels. This Heel’s Charm design is a smaller, but just as cute, style you really can wear at any time. It’s also a lot easier on your feet since it has a little kitten heel instead of a stiletto. The minimalist design is very “in” right now, and will probably never go out of style.

Why We Love Them Together: Your feet don’t need to feel the heat in order for you to strut your stuff. It’s just as easy to pick out a kitten heel that packs a big punch in a small package! It wouldn’t have made any sense to pair this with a deep purple, so I chose a sheer shade, instead. They work together to liven up your outfit without stealing the show completely. If you need a fun match-up for office life, then this is the match-up for you.


Perfectly Pink


Dream Pairs Oppointed
  • Dream Pairs Oppointed
  • Price: See Here
Zuzu Luxe Truth Or Dare
  • Zuzu Luxe Truth Or Dare
  • Price: See Here


Why We Love This Lipstick: Zuzu Luxe is not a brand I have a ton of experience with, but what I have seen has impressed me. This soft, sheer shade is lovely, hydrating, and so very pink! It’s a versatile color that can be matched to most outfits since it’s on the lighter side. This shade is titled “Truth Or Dare”, and with good reason. It’s soft and girly enough to remind me of childhood sleepovers, where we’d play the game by that very name for hours.

Why We Love This Heel: Quite frankly, this might be my favorite pair out of the bunch. It’s a dreamy Mary Jane with a caged back and pointed toe. All of these design features come together in a gorgeous, sleek heel that I’m simply dying to buy. The color is absolutely my favorite part, but the whole design is just darling. This heel seems like the perfect fit for a late Saturday brunch with a mimosa in hand.

Why We Love Them Together: Soft pink shades are the most underappreciated on the color wheel, I think. Often people will pass them off as childish and girlish… both of which may be true, but what’s wrong with either of those things?! We all love thinking about our daydreams about princesses when we were little, and now it’s time for us to live those fantasies. We are adults, after all, and we can do what we want. So, suck it up, buttercup. We’re going to rock our childhood dreams loud and proud!


Be True, Be Berry


Thalia Vanessa D'Orsay
  • Thalia Vanessa D'Orsay
  • Price: See Here
Bobbi Brown Berry Shimmer
  • Bobbi Brown Berry Shimmer
  • Price: See Here


Why We Love This Lipstick: Is there anybody in make-up bigger than Bobbi Brown? … Alright, that’s a little dramatic. Of course, there are many competing brands that are just as big. However, Bobbi Brown is well known for crafting gorgeous colors in high-quality formulas which have become a hit across the board. I’m a huge fan of the brand, myself! This sultry shade reminds me of a deeply flushed face, and I’m sure we all know what imagery that leads to. Want a bold, sexy color but have skin too blue for red? Berry is the answer to your cool complexion.

Why We Love This Heel: d’Orsay is one of the best silhouettes out there (in my humble opinion). This shoe in particular, however? Their very berry suede has my heart all a flutter! The closed toe and heel give a stark contrast to the cut-out style on the sides. On top of this, Thalia chose to add a snakeskin-printed synthetic leather backing, which adds beautiful texture.

Why We Love Them Together: Some people just can’t pull off red. I, in fact, am one of them. Although I have tried (in vain), sometimes you have to know when you’ve lost a fight. Luckily I didn’t lose the battle, as berry looks far better with my complexion. This last entry is for those of us who love deep shades without wanting to look sickly. Berry is fantastic for flattering out those undertones and keeping you looking fresh.

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