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  • The convenient 2Toms SportShield comes in a handy roll-on stick and single-use packets.
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Blisters and chafing are the banes of both athletes and fashionistas. 2Toms SportShield is one solution to this ever-present problem. The phrases “no pain, no gain” and “beauty hurts” can be easily applied to marathon blisters or wearing uncomfortable espadrilles. Bandages and clenching your teeth aren’t the only way to power through these painful results of chafing. Products like the 2Toms SportShield keep you from having to simply grin and bear the pain caused by shoes. 

This invisible rolling travel stick just needs to be applied to affected areas, or areas at risk of rubbing, to soothe and prevent irritation. Be wary of transfer to clothing before it dries to avoid stains. Otherwise, the 2Toms SportShield is the full package. The 2Toms SportsShield is prepared to ease the pain of those on the court or runway!

Editor's Pros & Cons



Moisture Resistant

Vitamin E

Aloe Vera Extract

Cruelty-Free Formula


Safe For Sensitive Areas


Can Stain When Wet

Can Clog Pores

Antioxidants and Vitamins

Though this 2Toms SportShield doesn’t boast antioxidants and vitamins in their formula, it is almost completely made up of skin-soothing elements. Vitamins such as Vitamin E works as both an antioxidant and an agent to increase healing and diminish the appearance of scars. That is why you frequently see it in healing lotions and intensive repair products.

Free radicals are considered to be a factor in cancer and heart disease; they are molecules that come from the break down of certain foods, as well as smoke and exposure to radiation. Antioxidants are said to help to shield at-risk cells from these harmful molecules. The inclusion of them in the 2Toms SportShield can make you feel at ease that your skin is being taken care of in more ways than one.

The other two key ingredients will be discussed later but just the Vitamin E alone does some heavy lifting for this formula. The reviews found that it helped both the healing and prevention process. Without a laundry list of ingredients with ambiguous uses, you can associate the benefits directly with these natural components in the 2Toms SportsShield.


2Toms SportShield is fantastically convenient, even more so than other chafing sticks. Not only does this come as a “melt-proof” stick, but there are other, individually wrapped options for quicker on-the-go application. These individual packets of 2Toms SportShield contain a towelette soaked in their formula.

This is amazing for spot treatment or swiping between the thighs on a really hot day. If you are consistently getting nipple chafe during runs, you can discreetly use one of these towelettes to reduce the friction. 2Toms SportShield doesn’t leave a greasy residue on your hands or skin. That makes it easier to transition from activity to activity while still applying protection to your skin.

Even if you just stick with the roll-on option, it is equally convenient for more round-the-clock uses. While the towelettes are great for tucking into a waistband pocket during a run or a side pocket of a convenient hydration pack, the roll-on stick is ideal for a gym bag or keeping at the office. Anyone who is frequently changing in a pinch or extremely active has got to keep this on them for those particularly sweaty moments.


It is getting increasingly common for companies to shrug off ethics to make more affordable products. This makes it nearly impossible to shop ethically and try to keep your consumption responsible. Brands like 2Toms go out of their way to keep their conscious free from guilt when making their products.

The 2Toms SportShield doesn’t test on any animals at any point in the production of this item. Not only is the formula cruelty-free so it doesn’t directly harm animals, but they don’t use any environmentally damaging toxins either. That means this is safe for the skin as well!

Wearing this chafe-guard without concerns for the world around you and your own body will feel liberating. Compared to other similar products, this has only three ingredients, two of them being completely natural. Animal lovers and the environmentally-conscious can both appreciate this versatile and guilt-free 2Toms SportShield.

Gentle Formula

If you have sensitive skin and often find yourself getting irritated by different anti-chafing products, a formula like that in the 2Toms SportShield stick is ideal. With Vitamin E and Aloe Vera, it gently treats the skin it's protecting from chafing and irritation. If you do have skin breakage, it won’t burn and cause more pain on your raw skin.

This is gentle, that is, unless you’re sensitive to silicone. Silicone doesn’t frequently have allergies associated with it. However, it can clog pores. Acne-prone individuals may struggle with the skin-coating aspect of the silicone. 2Toms SportShield is mostly made up of soothing components but this can get in the way of those looking for a “lighter” way to protect their skin.

It is not heavy, nor will it feel it. Clogged pores can happen even with sunscreen. This is just to be kept in mind for those struggling with body acne or pore problems in more sensitive areas. Since this is perfect for even delicate areas. A large part of its incredibly gentle makeup is the fact it is scent-free and chemical-free.

This can be used under arms, in between the legs, and under the breasts. It can even be placed directly on the nipples when being irritated from running. Having a formula that can go anywhere on the body makes you have fewer products in your gym bag or purse.

Friction Reduction

Rubbing and discomfort are never cool. In sports like long-distance running, discomfort due to friction is unbearable. Certain activities are guaranteed to put a strain on your shoes and by proxy, your feet. The 2Toms SportShield helps to reduce friction not only from your shoes but also in your clothes.

Even where your shoe fits the tightest, the material will just glide over your skin when you are protecting it with 2Toms SportShield. That means that even during the toughest workout, your socks won’t become painfully stuck to your rubbed raw feet. Breaking in shoes will no longer be a cruel test of your will with a simple application of the 2Toms SportShield.

If you rely on bandages and feel that they work for you, that is awesome. However, it is worth trying a product that prevents you from pain and skin damage in the first place. You benefit from not having to deal with sticky skin or peeling bandages. Unlike physical protection that you stick on, this gliding stick won’t come off once you work up a sweat.

There are so many ways to use this to reduce friction all over the body. It can change your outlook on working out when you don’t have to dread bleeding and pain when you’re pushing yourself the hardest. It can be used daily. With all the health concerns with talc, a product like this that is fantastic at reducing friction without harmful mystery ingredients is a lifesaver, literally.


As mentioned previously, the ingredient list for the 2Toms SportShield is incredibly short. It has a total of only three ingredients. Two of them are angled only towards healing and repairing the skin. The other is silicone-based, which is responsible for the barrier created when using this 2Toms SportShield.

This simplicity makes it so there is no guessing whether the 2Toms SportShield is right for you. Instead of having to check the ingredients against possibly toxic ones, you can read it without a translator. Vitamin E and Aloe Vera extract are the two heavy-hitters in this formula that help make it so gentle and soothing.

2Toms does its best to only use sustainable ingredients. With this SportShield, you’re getting professional levels of chafing prevention without sacrificing your morals. This is an amazing product that couldn’t be any simpler.

Long Lasting

Many chafing balms and roll-on sticks claim to work for at least 24 hours. Most of these products that advertise that don’t stay put for that long. Not only is it frustrating to have to reapply anti-chafing products, but it can be nearly impossible if you’re in the middle of a triathlon or intense spin class.

Reviewers loved that this didn’t have to be constantly reapplied to keep working. Instead, they were able to put it on before a workout sans complications. Chafe reduction improves endurance because you aren’t having to push through unnecessary pain.

If you are a career athlete or regularly doing lengthy runs or practices, this definitely won’t last 24 hours. You’d be better off carrying some of the more accessible one time use packets if you’re participating in an athletic event. Reviewers said this was still longer lasting than its competitors. Just don’t fall victim to the “24-hour protection” advertising.

For retail workers on their feet all day or athletes challenging themselves, 2Toms SportShield will make previously painful tasks a breeze. If you wear skirts and often get “chub-rub” or chafing on your inner thighs, you won’t have to deal with adjustment and secretive reapplication with the 2Toms SportShield’s staying power.

Mess Free

This product calls itself mess-free but some reviewers felt a bit differently about it. 2Toms claims it won’t stain clothing or leave a visible residue, but that isn’t always true. Some reviewers who applied it very liberally noticed it transfer to their clothing. Cotton, in particular, seemed susceptible to stains, probably due to its absorbency.

If you let the 2Toms SportShield dry before getting dressed then you probably won’t have to worry about any staining at all. It dries smooth and is non-greasy. The biggest culprits of the mess it seems are overly-liberal applications or transfer to clothes after first applying.

If you can give 2Toms SportShield time to dry then you probably won’t run into any problems in terms of stained clothing. The towelettes are even less likely to cause staining because they make it nearly impossible to use too much of the SportShield.


Sometimes sticks and even gel-to-powder chafing solutions can have almost a chunky texture. The formula may not be very smooth once on and can feel more like goopy vaseline than silk. 2Toms SportShield has an incredibly silky and smooth texture.

You will get instant relief when using this for chafing. Since it doesn’t feel greasy, you can use it on your feet in sandals without feeling like you’re on a slip and slide. It feels phenomenal against the skin from the moment you put it on. Keep in mind that if you get it on your hands, however, this silky texture may cause you some problems!

It can make it hard to hold onto things. This isn’t a detriment to the effectiveness of the 2Toms SportShield. If anything, it is a testament to how well it works!


Many chafing products are angled towards one gender or one need. It is incredibly limiting when a brand decides to make a product that appeals to one demographic. The 2Toms SportShield is completely versatile. It can be used by any gender in any profession. Teachers who have to wear long skirts on hot days due to dress codes can get relief from thigh-chafing.

People with breasts that often feel red, irritated, and chafed when sweating can use this 2Toms SportShield in even the delicate skin around their chest. Those using fitness tracking apps on their phone when working out can use this as a shield to not cause unnecessary friction between the band and their skin, as well. You can use this from your head to your toe!

Bottom Line

For anyone who has ever experienced any degree of chafing, this 2Toms SportShield is an absolute must. If you’re tired of having to tend to your sore and swollen thighs or bleeding nipples after a run, this chafing stick can help. While it can clog pores and transfer to certain materials, the healing ingredients and easy application of the 2Toms SportShield make it a knock-out.

A product that works just as fantastically in blister prevention as it does in athletic chafing makes for a wonderful addition to a gym or beach bag. This convenient stick and its single-serve counterparts are the perfect addition to your summer must-haves.