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USA Walking Routes - Page 1 of 2480

These are the most recently added walking routes in USA created by locals around the world. To see more routes or create your own, visit the routes page.

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Parma, OH, USA

portage park

Chicago, IL, USA


A1.3 to TC

Allen, TX, USA


A1.3 to TC

Allen, TX, USA


Mix neighborhoods (slight diff)

Newark, OH, USA

created this map because I walked "wrong" when I chose Mix Neighborhood. Just a slight difference in the beginning of the walk

Albany Park 5

Chicago, IL, USA

Peterson & Eugene Park

5K+ daily public

Virginia Beach, VA, USA

Flat, shady, safe.

Wander West Loop

Chicago, IL, USA

Foster, Hollywood and Montrose Beach 7.81 Miles

Chicago, IL, USA

7.81-mile Walk between Foster Ave Beach, Hollywood Beach, Montrose Harbor and Beach.

Albany Park/Ravenswood 4.5 Miles

Chicago, IL, USA

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