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Roanoke Running Routes - Page 1 of 10

These are the most recently added running routes in Roanoke, VA, USA created by locals around the world. To see more routes or create your own, visit the running routes page.

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Around the park

Roanoke, VA, USA

3 mile run

Friday Run - On week

Roanoke, VA, USA

The 8 Miler to never do again.

Roanoke, VA, USA

The brush along the powerline trail next to hwy 81 was not trimmed... almost died.

Wednesday - on Week

Roanoke, VA, USA

Mondays - On week

Roanoke, VA, USA

Monday run.


Roanoke, VA, USA


Roanoke, VA, USA


Roanoke, VA, USA

First plotted 5k

4.5 denver1

Roanoke, VA, USA

Foot Levelers Blue Ridge Marathon - Roanoke, VA

Roanoke, VA, USA

April 20, 2013 America's Toughest Road Marathon http://blueridgemarathon.com

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