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Fingal Running Routes - Page 9 of 32

These are the most recently added running routes in Fingal, Ireland created by locals around the world. To see more routes or create your own, visit the running routes page.

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Howth, Fingal, Ireland

healthpro Leaner Fitter Stronger Campaign 9th February 2011

Howth, Fingal, Ireland

Group 1 will complete two laps of Offington at pace. Group 1 will work together, travelling in pairs and using Fartlek style training. Group 2 will complete one lap at your best pace. Time to limit too much talking and work on your pace & stride!!

Howth Triathlon Run Route (Provisional)

Howth, Fingal, Ireland

Olympic Plus Provisional Run Route = 2 laps Sprint Provisional Run Route - 1 lap

Howth Triathlon Bike Course (Provisional)

Howth, Fingal, Ireland

4 laps Olympic Plus - approximately 40.68 km 2 laps Sprint - approximately 20.28 Km

Howth Triathlon Transition Area (Provisional)

Howth, Fingal, Ireland

Transition 1 and Transition 2. All triathletes will enter on the Scout Den Side and Exist via Ivans.

Howth Triathlon Olympic Plus Swim Course (Provisional)

Fingal, Ireland

Swim from Ireland's Eye to Claremont Beach

healthpro - Leaner Fitter Stronger Run Route 5th Feb 2011

Howth, Fingal, Ireland

Think pace, think strong on the hill, think loose upper body, think power.

healthpro Leaner Fitter Stronger Campaign 2nd February 2011

Howth, Fingal, Ireland

Fartlek Session. Warm Up: Down the West pier from the Deer Park Hotel to the green lighthouse at the end. Head straight back up to the road to the yacht Club here is where your laps begin. Lap 1 from that turn run down to the yacht Club through the gap in the wall and run back to the pier start via the promenade. Lap 2: As fast as possible. lap 3 easy. lap 4 Hard. Jog back to the Deer Park.

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