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WalkJogRun Press Kit

The WalkJogRun Story

WalkJogRun started in 2002 when Adam was talked into training for the Peachtree 10k and, being a nerd, needed to know how far he was running so he built the site to save gas driving around the neighborhood to measure it. Adam moved to Chicago in 2004 and began working with Jeff. In 2005 Adam and Jeff rebuilt the site with Google Maps and the site as you know it was born.

WalkJogRun.net has been a passion for Adam and Jeff, developed in their spare time, and funded out of pocket. Between February 2009 and May 2009 Adam spent 200 hours working late nights and weekends building the iPhone application and, with the help of Jeff, finally released the app on May 5th.

Since then the site has grown to support users from around the world adding over 1,000 new routes and 1,000 new sessions every day. Completely bootstrapped, the company remains committed to delivering the best and experience to meet the needs of every walk, jog or runner around the world.

Media Inquiries

For more information, or to schedule an interview, please email press@walkjogrun.net

General Contact Details

WalkJogRun Headquarters:
711 Atlantic Ave, Lower Level,
Boston MA 02111

Co-Founders: Adam Howitt, Jeff Kenny

Blog enquiries: Bianca Strzelcyzk

Press enquiries: Natalie Rizk

Support requests: Support