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Live Chat with Coach Jenny and Site Updates
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Live Chat with Coach Jenny and Site Updates

January has been such a busy month for us! If you can imagine, it's been even more busy than usual. We've made a bunch of fixes to the site, and have a ton of news to report to you. We hope you all had a wonderful holiday season, and are still thinking about your New Year's Resolution to get fit. We've made a few changes to the site, that will help you achieve your fitness goals.

Training Tips Live Chat with Coach Jenny

We're so excited to be hosting a live Q & A with Coach Jenny Hadfield. You may know Jenny as your coach in the WalkJogRun training plans on your iPhone or iPad app. We're doing a live chat to get you answers to any of your training questions. Maybe you're curious about what training plan you should pick based on your running experience. Perhaps you have a specific training question you need answered. Be sure to sign up for our live chat!

Internet Explorer & Facebook Sharing Fix

We have fixed a problem with ads getting in the way of your ability to use the site on Internet Explorer. We are so sorry for all of you who were affected by this problem! It happened as we were releasing new updates to the site. Thankfully, many of you let us know and we were able to figure it out and solve the problem!

Many of you also had trouble posting your training diary entries to Facebook. We fixed a bug and you should be able to post your entries now. We're so excited for this feature to be back up! Be sure to take advantage of it and share your training entries to your friends and family over Facebook. Try it now!

Training Plans Now Free Online

Experts say that to be successful in meeting your goals it helps to have a plan of action. We want to help you reach your training goals so we've launched our training plans on the website for free.

We've got something for everyone with 23 plans created by Coach Jenny Hadfield! For each distance we've got walking, walk-run, run-walk, beginner runner, intermediate runner and advanced runner training plans.

Caitlin is Full Time!

As of January 1st, our Marketing Intern, Caitlin, is now our full-time Marketing Associate! With Caitlin working full-time at WalkJogRun, you will get answers to your questions faster than ever. If you have a question, be sure to ask Caitlin.

She manages the Facebook and Twitter community, always finding the most interesting news related to the running world. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter to get the latest news and stay up to date with WalkJogRun. Caitlin is always looking for new members to join WalkJogRun. Her goal is to get as many people as possible using the site. Help her out by recommending WalkJogRun to a friend, or writing about us. We want to ensure WalkJogRun remains the best running website out there!

Some of her duties include the very important testing of new features on WalkJogRun. She is able to find bugs before they are released, so you won't have to :) ! If you notice a problem, we always appreciate your feedback.

Caitlin also works on growing our advertising business. As you know, WalkJogRun is free to you, but ad supported. More ad money means more time for us to make the site amazing for you. We are interested in hearing from anyone that would be interested in advertising to a great group of runners! If you know someone who may be interested, forward them this e-mail!

Get to know Caitlin here!

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Shoe Drive

We're still taking collections for the WalkJogRun Shoe Drive. If you are near Chicago and would like to donate your gently used shoes, please stop by! Check out our blog post for more details!

January Raffle

For this newsletter's raffle, we ask that you send us a high resolution photograph of your favorite place to run.

Please provide us with a description of where the route is, and why it's your favorite place to run. If you have a route mapped on WalkJogRun already, send us that as well! We want to feature your photographs and descriptions in a special section of the blog.

We will randomly choose a winner from all submissions, and they will receive a special prize! Everyone is really a winner though, because all submissions will be featured in a blog post. Email us your pictures!

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