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The site receives a considerable amount of traffic from people who exercise around the world. We can target visitors in specific cities, countries, by language, by web browser or network speed. Here are some key numbers:

  • 314,962 Registered Users
  • 3,931 new members per month
  • 1,974,729 Routes or 12,607,664 miles
  • 21,124 new routes per month

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WalkJogRun Media Mentions

We're glad to report that WalkJogRun hasn't escaped the attention of mainstream media. Below are a list of the newspaper articles and TV spots we're aware of.

If you see WalkJogRun in an article, on TV or hear someone mention it on the radio please let us know so we can add it to the list!

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Tuesday, April 30 2013- Fathom picked WalkJogRun for their 24 Best Travel Apps 2013: "Extremely accurate GPS ensures you won't get lost."

Wednesday, April 24 2013- Shape Magazine mentioned WalkJogRun in 8 Running Apps to Help You Train for Your Next Race: "the incredibly accurate GPS tracking system eliminates any chance for surprises on race day (Are you really running an eight-minute mile?)."

Tuesday, April 23 2013- FitSugar mentioned WalkJogRun as a great tool to find running routes

Thursday, April 18 2013- Battle Creek Enquirer mentioned WalkJogRun as a great app to use while training or to use in a running club

Wednesday, April 3 2013- King5 mentioned WalkJogRun as a great app that offers routes and specific map settings to choose from

Monday, February 25th 2013- All Things D mentioned WalkJogRun as a great way to access routes nearby

Friday, February 22nd 2013- The Guardian mentioned WalkJogRun as a great way to find new running routes

Monday, January 28th 2013- The New age mentioned WalkJogRun as a great way to share your workouts through social media

Saturday, January 26th 2013- Zest.com and Yahoo mentioned WalkJogRun as a great way to vary your runs

Thursday, January 17th 2013- TMC.net mentioned WalkJogRun as a great app to track speed.


Thursday, December 20 2012- TUAW mentioned WalkJogRun as a great way to find safe exercise routes

January 2012- Men's Fitness UK listed WalkJogRun listed WalkJogRun as the finest running routes site on the net

Wednesday January 18, 2012- The Mirror listed WalkJogRun as great way to stay fit in 2012

Friday January 13, 2012- CNET listed WalkJogRun as a great fitness gadget

Wednesday January 4, 2012- World Wide Travel Guide featured WalkJogRun in an article about Healthy Apps for London Visitors

Tuesday January 3, 2012-Examiner.com The Indianapolis Running Examiner wrote about WalkJogRun as an app to help you with your New Years Resolutions


August 3rd 2011-Laura of College Candy featured WalkJogRun in the “Cool Stuff” section

Frackulous did a video app review of WalkJogRun’s iPhone app

May 30, 2011- WalkJogRun was featured as the website of the day on StuffWeComeUpWit


50 Best Websites 2010 LogoAugust 2010 - TIME magazine staff named WalkJogRun in their "50 Best Websites 2010 list".


June 2009 - Better TV featured WalkJogRun on their syndicated national TV show. Adam was interviewed by Ereka Vetrini.

December 2nd, 2009- Sang Tang from Tuaw.com wrote an article on how our app helps people find new places to run

May 7th, 2009- GeekSugar chose WalkJogRun as the website of the day


April 2008 - The Guardian listed WalkJogRun as one of the ten best ways to spend your lunch break

March 2008 - Martyn Casserly at WebUser Magazine included WalkJogRun in his "Marvellous Mashu-ups" piece in Issue 182, page 33.


Thursday July 5th 2007 - Sree Sreenivasan at WNBC in New York featured the site as part of a mashup roundup!

Tuesday May 1st 2007 - Lennie Magida at The Washington Post wrote a great article describing how to use WalkJogRun before introducing some other tools.

Wednesday January 3rd 2007 - Nancy Loo at Fox News Chicago featured the site! Check out the YouTube video.


Thursday January 26th 2006 - Lifehacker covers the site.


Monday September 19th 2005 - Mike Pegg wrote about the site on GoogleMapsMania

Monday December 19th 2005 - Jessica E. Vascellaro at the Wall Street Journal wrote about WalkJogRun driving over 3,000 unique visitors to the site. [PDF Backup]