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What's New in Version 4.3.9

Released: 01/23/2014
Facebook fitness data

When you share a training session on Facebook you and your friends will now see the map of your route and stats about the session (unless your session is private).

* Fixed bug with app "freezing" on the progress loader requiring a force quit
* Fixed bug where map tiles would stop displaying
* Fixed color of search bar on find routes screen
* Fixed bug preventing offline use of recently viewed routes
* Better error messages when internet connection is weak
* Fixed error when using passwords with special characters
* Fixed crash on workout picker
* Fixed crash on certain elevation charts

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Compatible with iPhone 4 or newer, iPad and iPod touch.
Requires iOS 5.0 or later.



"WalkJogRun helped me discover a new route in my neighborhood that had me sightseeing (and dodging crowds) along Broadway. It also brought me back to another route I haven't run in years."
Lauren Goode
"Three Running Apps to Shake Up Your Routine" on AllThingsD.com

"There are many apps that track where and how much you run, but not many to help you discover new places to run. Luckily, there's the WalkJogRun app, which gives you the ability to navigate through over 500,000 user-submitted map-based running trails."
Sang Tang
The Unofficial Apple Weblog

"Looking for a good route to run while on vacation? Or a new one near home? This $2.99 app taps a library of over 400,000 user-created routes. A newly added city-search feature lets you plan ahead, and you can create your own routes on the WalkJogRun site."
Rick Broida
"Four Killer iPhone apps for runners" for CNET's iPhone Atlas

"Finding a time to fit in fitness when you're traveling isn’t always easy, but this app makes it a little less complicated"
Melanie Nayer's
"Must have iPhone Travel Apps" for Cheapflights.com

"If you're a hardcore runner or just someone who likes to blaze new trails, WalkJogRun Routes is money well spent."
Rick Broida
CNET's iPhone Atlas

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WalkJogRun Routes iPhone Application

Frequently Asked Questions

We've tried to answer some common questions below to make it easier to use the application.

If you don't find an answer here, visit the app help section for more answers.

Why are there no routes at my location?

We'd love to say every square mile of the earth has a running route but as it stands we have over 1.6 million routes around the world. If you are somewhere without routes you can visit WalkJogRun.net next time you are at a computer and map out a route in the area.

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Will it work in {name your city}?

It will work, and there will most probably be routes there but you can make sure by visiting WalkJogRun.net, enter your address and it will move the map to that area. If you see routes, they'll be available on the iPhone when you get there!

How do I find my own routes?

Click the login button at the bottom of the iPhone screen when you have the application open and enter your email address and password then click login.

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How do I create routes?

Visit WalkJogRun.net next time you are at a computer and map out a route in the area.

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Who created all these routes?

People just like you! Walkers, Joggers, Runners, Cyclists, Kayakers, In-Line Skaters, really anyone just looking to stay healthy. You don't even need to have an account. Just head over to WalkJogRun.net and begin creating your own routes right now.

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How are calories calculated?

Our version is based on a mathematical formula to get calories burned based on your weight and the distance you covered. Speed isn't taken into consideration because the difference between a 190lb person walking a mile and that same person running the distance is extremely insignificant. Speed only plays a bigger role at the faster end of the scale e.g. about 6 minutes per mile when wind can play a bigger role. We also don't include "after burn" calories in our calculations so while it is a known fact that after running your body burns calories at a higher rate for a period after exercise, very little information is available on how to characterize the difference, let alone put it in a formula.

All that said, to use our calorie counter correctly you need to ensure you are using your own weight and not the default for the distance. For example, if you never entered your own weight in pounds, the calories burned for the route you pick is based on a 190lb weight. To change this you can either click the calories row on the details screen of any route or go to the Settings app on your iPhone and scroll down to WalkJogRun where you'll see a listing for your weight.

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