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What's New in Version 4.3.9

Released: 01/23/2014
Facebook fitness data

When you share a training session on Facebook you and your friends will now see the map of your route and stats about the session (unless your session is private).

* Fixed bug with app "freezing" on the progress loader requiring a force quit
* Fixed bug where map tiles would stop displaying
* Fixed color of search bar on find routes screen
* Fixed bug preventing offline use of recently viewed routes
* Better error messages when internet connection is weak
* Fixed error when using passwords with special characters
* Fixed crash on workout picker
* Fixed crash on certain elevation charts

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Compatible with iPhone 4 or newer, iPad and iPod touch.
Requires iOS 5.0 or later.



"WalkJogRun helped me discover a new route in my neighborhood that had me sightseeing (and dodging crowds) along Broadway. It also brought me back to another route I haven't run in years."
Lauren Goode
"Three Running Apps to Shake Up Your Routine" on AllThingsD.com

"There are many apps that track where and how much you run, but not many to help you discover new places to run. Luckily, there's the WalkJogRun app, which gives you the ability to navigate through over 500,000 user-submitted map-based running trails."
Sang Tang
The Unofficial Apple Weblog

"Looking for a good route to run while on vacation? Or a new one near home? This $2.99 app taps a library of over 400,000 user-created routes. A newly added city-search feature lets you plan ahead, and you can create your own routes on the WalkJogRun site."
Rick Broida
"Four Killer iPhone apps for runners" for CNET's iPhone Atlas

"Finding a time to fit in fitness when you're traveling isn’t always easy, but this app makes it a little less complicated"
Melanie Nayer's
"Must have iPhone Travel Apps" for Cheapflights.com

"If you're a hardcore runner or just someone who likes to blaze new trails, WalkJogRun Routes is money well spent."
Rick Broida
CNET's iPhone Atlas

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iPhone Training Plans  >  10k Training App for iPhone

WalkJogRun 10k Training App for iPhone

Whether you want to walk your first 10k or run your fiftieth we've got a training app for you, created by Coach Jenny Hadfield, columnist with RunnersWorld.com and Women's Running Magazine. Every day you'll get a pop-up notification or if you're in a hurry just glance at the App Icon to see how many minutes or miles you need to Walk, Jog or Run.

If you don't have an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch you can still follow the programs on your computer. Get the 10k training plans.
Beginner 10k Training Plan App screenshot

Select a 10k Training Plan

Click "find a training plan" on the training screen and you'll see the training plan store. 10k training plans all last 20 weeks. Use the Change Dates button on a plan to set the start or end date to see when you should start (or should have started!) your training.

  • Beginners: These plans are for people who don't currently run or are just getting started. We've got plans for walkers, runners and plans that fit in the middle.
    • Walk 10k: gradually build-up your walking distance and are ideal for people who don't exercise.
    • Walk-Run 10k: mostly walking with a little running and are the next step for walkers to get closer to non-stop running a 10k.
    • Run-Walk 10k: mostly running with a little walking and are the next step for walk-runners to get closer to non-stop running a 10k.
    • Run 10k in the beginner group are for people who have progressed to the point where you are running 3 times a week and want to train for a race.
  • Intermediate: The Intermediate 10k Training Plan is for someone who has run at least one 10k and is looking to finish feeling stronger and faster than last time.
  • Advanced: The Advanced 10k Training Plan is for someone who has run several 10ks and is looking to boost race performance with speed and endurance workouts for that personal best.
Download it now!