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WalkJogRun Route Help

People-Powered Customer Service for WalkJogRun

How does it work?

Click on the map to set a starting point. Then keep clicking from point to point to draw a route. Click on any of the markers for your route and see how far this point is from the start and what the estimated time would be for a given speed.

How do I delete a route?

Click on the pin on the map for a route and you will see a link "Suggest Deletion". Click that link and complete the form to let me know. Once I have reviewed the request, the route will be deleted. If you are a site member with a login, you have the power to delete your own routes at will.

How do I change the speed?

If you are looking at a route on the map and see the status box along the bottom you can change the units, speed, pace, time or weight. Click the word change by any of these to update the value (or miles or km if you are changing units). For an example see the tutorial video.

How do I claim a route?

You can claim a route to add it to the list of routes you added. When you are done plotting your route, click on the last pin of the route (usually green) and you should see the option to "Save your route". If you are logged in it will save it with your username, if not you will have to login and then "Claim this route". To claim a route, once you are logged in, you must be looking at an area with a series of route markers. Click on the route marker for the route you want to claim and select "Claim this route". As long as the route isn't already claimed by someone else it will be marked as yours and a message on the right hand side will tell you so.

How do I print a route?

On the subject of printing - I am limited by Google since their license only allows you to print the maps from their site, not all the sites that use their maps like WalkJogRun so they make it hard to print. One way around it is to hold down the alt key on your keyboard and hit the Print Screen button usually in the top right of your keyboard). Then open up something like Microsoft Word and go to Edit > Paste to see your map inserted into the document. It's not ideal but it may help. To make the map larger, change the page orientation in Microsoft Word to landscape before you Edit > Paste.


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