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Map My Race: We'll map and host your race map for free!

Map My Race exampleAt WalkJogRun we want to give you all the tools you need to map your race for your next running or walking event. We know how busy you are getting ready for your event. We're the mapping experts, so let us provide you with an interactive map! This map will show your runners the start and finish of the race, as well as mile markers. They will have the option to toggle between satellite and terrain view and be able to zoom in on the turns. The status bar beneath the map lets them plug in their pace to see their estimated finish time.

What we'll need from you

If you have any materials about your route already, please send it over to us!

  1. Any documents you have including your course map (e.g. pdf maps, USATF course outline, sketches on a napkin)
  2. The start address of your race (as specific as possible)
  3. Turn by turn descriptions (if you have them)
  4. Name, date, and start time of your race
  5. Distance of race(s)
  6. Is your event listed on Active.com? If so, we can update our event database and include your course map with your event listing
  7. Link to your registration website (if still accepting registrations)
  8. Link to event website and/or Facebook page
  9. Contact phone number

What you'll get in return

  1. A hosted interactive map to share with participants
  2. Links back to your registration and event pages
  3. Some code you can place on your site to show a preview of the course
  4. Enhanced listing in our event directory if you have an Active.com listed race
  5. In 2008 the Chicago Distance Classic mapped their half-marathon with us and over 15,000 runners made use of the map in two months.

If you're all ready to send your information over, click "Map My Race" below to send us an e-mail.

Map My Race!