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Jeff Kenny, Co-Founder of WalkJogRun

Jeff was born and raised on Chicago's northwest side where he spent his childhood ruining his body playing baseball, basketball, and tennis. Left with tendonitis in both knees and a ruptured disc in his lower back (but who's complaining) he's now very comfortable being the walk (and bike) part of WalkJogRun team.

A lifelong passion for art and design led Jeff to attend the American Academy of Art in downtown Chicago where he used his first Mac and rekindled his love for computers. While in school Jeff co-founded his first internet design and development company in 1995. That adventure led to founding another web consultancy in 1998 which was acquired in 2001 by Duo Consulting. Three years later he met Adam and they began working together and formed WalkJogRun.

Jeff now spends his days (and some nights) working at Lakeshore Interactive where he's responsible for more things than you have time to read. He spends his spare time making WalkJogRun beautiful and fun to use (in addition to the other stuff like T-Shirts and banners and flyers and screens for the WalkJogRun Routes iPhone app). Aaaand when he's not doing that, all the running in his life now consists of chasing after his 3 amazing kids (and occasionally his wife). He doesn't sleep much.