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Briana Scalzo, Chief Editor

Briana's a true Wisconsin girl at heart. Born and raised in Kenosha, Wisconsin, she graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Here she studied Spanish and political science with an emphasis on international relations. She thought that one day she'd be an international lawyer. She later changed her mind.

Aching for big-city life, Briana moved to Chicago after graduation. Armed with her love of string cheese, fried cheese, and cheese curds, she ventured into the land of deep dish pizza and hotdogs topped with everything but ketchup. Chicago was going to be good for Briana.

One day while working at a Chicago Starbucks, Briana met the one and only Adam Howitt. He and Jeff decided that she'd be the new writer for WalkJogRun's newsletter. Little did she know at this time that she would later count this as being her fourth life-changing experience. Before working at WalkJogRun, the furthest Briana ran was two miles around her college campus. Now she plans on doing half marathons across the country raising money for breast cancer research. She likes her new active and healthy lifestyle, and just ask anyone who knows her, she talks about running any chance she gets.