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Advertising Opportunities

The site receives a considerable amount of traffic from people who exercise around the world. We can target visitors in specific cities, countries, by language, by web browser or network speed. Here are some key numbers:

  • 314,261 Registered Users
  • 3,989 new members per month
  • 1,971,015 Routes or 12,581,355 miles
  • 21,061 new routes per month

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About WalkJogRun

What is WalkJogRun?

Simply put, it's a way to plan running routes by drawing them out on a map. It includes a distance/speed calculator and calorie burn estimator.

How does it work?

Click on the map to set a starting point. Then keep clicking from point to point to draw a route. Click on any of the markers for your route and see how far this point is from the start and what the estimated time would be for a given speed.

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Building a running community

You can save your maps by clicking on any of your markers and hit "Save Your Route" to add it to the database. Next time you or anyone else looking in your neighborhood is looking for a route, they will see your pin.

This project is constantly evolving and if you have an idea about how to improve the site or if you want to leave any comments please do so.

Many thanks to Geocoder.US for their webservice which helps provide the address look up feature for the site.

Thanks to Mark James at famfamfam for his mini icon collection

Thanks to Evan Caldwell for creating the original favicon.ico for the site (the thing that shows up when you bookmark this site)

Thanks to Mike Pegg from GoogleMapsMania - his excellent site is the standard for finding innovative new Google Mashup applications like this one.